Catrice Treasure Trove Collection

Catrice Treasure Trove Collection -

The latest limited edition products to hit the promotional shelves at Dischem is the Catrice Treasure Trove collection. Boasting an array of thee most gorgeous drugstore packaging EVER, Catrice have even trumped their previous packaging in the Kaviar Gauche collection which I reviewed here and was absolutely breathtaking.

Sparkling Gems. Opulent jewellery, elaborate sequin embroidery and iridescent lurex materials crown the winter holiday season. The new designer collections are extremely glamorous with bejewelled and lavishly decorated clothing. A festive, feminine make-up look is the ideal match for the unique fashion highlights. The Limited Edition “Treasure Trove” by CATRICE presents the most important beauty pieces for this style. The limited must-haves are matte or shimmering and greet us in elegant champagne-gold, warm brown and beige shades as well as contrasting apricot or red.

Catrice Treasure Trove Collection -

I only picked up a few items from the collection because even though Catrice is so affordable, once the items start adding up I usually get a heart attack when I get to the tillpoint. I swatched the lipsticks and blush in store but decided to skip out on them. The blush is very pigmented and quite bright so I think it’s more suited for medium to dark skin tones but will work for fair skin if you have a light hand. The lipsticks, as stunning as the colours were, had a satin, creamy finish and the most beautiful tiny stars on the packaging. Had I been in the splurging mood I might just have buckled and picked them up.

Catrice Treasure Trove Collection -

The highlighting powder is my favourite from the collection. Embossed with stars just like the blush, it’s rather the formula that impressed me most. The soft, buttery texture is finely milled and applies a popping glow much like the higher end brands of highlighters that I’ve tried. It’s a champagne golden shimmer not like the large glitter chunks you would usually find in drugstore highlighters. A lot of people have tried to dupe it against Becca’s Opal without much success and the closest I could get was Summer Opal Beauty Powder from the MAC Bao Bao Wan collection I’ve reviewed here. It’s similar in texture and finish with the MAC powder leaning more pink. The Catrice packaging is made of plastic so be careful if you’re travelling with it but the pan is quite large so this highlighting powder will last for a while. If you’re on a budget and looking to get a highlighter then I highly suggest this one. I just hope it not’s too late because even though it only got released two weeks back, I picked up the last one in my Dischem. The Catrice Treasure Trove Golden Powder in Golden Grace retails for R79.95.

Catrice Treasure Trove Collection - Catrice Treasure Trove Collection -

The liquid eyeliner has been so frustrating to use. I love adding a bit of extra colour just above my wing and I’ve got everything from blue, to green, to purple, to turquoise and bronze liquid liners in my collection already. When I saw the gold I just had to have it. The colour is a stunning, bright gold and looks amazing on my tan skin. The packaging, with it’s white container and gold writing is pleasant on the eyes as well. The brush applicator is super thin and while that sounds great, it’s actually what irks me the most. The brush is so sparse, it doesn’t apply any product if you touch lightly and the minute I apply a bit of pressure, either the bristles flay everywhere or the plastic edge deposits a large line of product along my lid. As many times as I’ve tried, I’ve now resorted to decanting a little bit of product onto my palette and applying it with a proper brush. Not only does this mean I’m wasting product but it’s kinda time consuming as well. I have the Catrice eyeliners from the permanent line and I don’t have the same problem. I think I might have just gotten a dud brush because other people don’t seem to be having the same problem. The Catrice Treasure Trove Liquid Eyeliner in Golden Grace retails for R52.95.

Catrice Treasure Trove Collection -

Lastly, I picked up the eyeshadow palette and whilst I’ve used it numerous times, I’m very on the fence about how I feel about it. The packaging is again breathtaking with the large, plastic, white palette strewn with gold stars along the front. Inside is a full size mirror and I’m very impressed with the clarity and quality of it. There are 8 neutral shades ranging from champagne to brown and a mix of 5 shimmers and 3 mattes. I’ve been very impressed with the Catrice eyeshadows I reviewed here in the Absolute range and these just fell way short of the mark for me. The texture of some of the shades are very dry and chalky and not as pigmented as I expected them to be. This also meant it applied patchy and the darker colours are hard to blend if you load up the brush too much. The colours don’t transfer to the lid as they look in the pan and they had a bit more fallout then I’m used to. It’s not a bad palette and I’d like to say you getting what you pay for but the more affordable Catrice palettes performed better in my opinion. I’d say give this one a skip unless you’re in it for the packaging then the Catrice Treasure Trove Eyeshadow Palette in Blaze of Glory retails for R140.95.

Catrice Treasure Trove Collection - Catrice Treasure Trove Collection -

Overall I think the Catrice Treasure Trove collection is pretty awesome with the exception of the eyeshadow palette. I would have been much happier adding the blush or lipsticks to my collection but I’m not gonna know if I don’t try, right?

Did you pick up anything from the Catrice Treasure Trove collection? Which product is your fave?

  • I swatched the palette and felt the same way…chalky and not very pigmented. I definitely felt R140 was not worth it for the quality. I have a MUA palette that at first glance looks very similar to this one plus other palettes…I didn’t feel this would add anything to my life.

    The highlighter is definitely the star of the collection 🙂 The packaging of the collection is very pretty though.

  • Wow! The eyeshadows look SO different on your skin tone… I wore the palette on my eyes yesterday (I attended a beauty launch) and 2 people asked me what I had on my eyes. 🙂 The blush and highlighter are my 2 faves in the collection. xo

    • Belle Blushh

      Hahaha this is so funny. I read the comment in my notification bar and it didn’t show who commented so I was thinking to say head over to Pink Peonies to see how it looks on light skin. And now when I came to reply I saw that it was you. The highlighter is definitely the star of the show, pun intended ?