Clinique Free Gift with Purchase

Clinique Free Gift with Purchase

I’ve always been a fan of Clinique products. I used their moisturisers religiously for many years to assist with my dry skin. I inherited a couple of blushes from my mom and I still reach for them every now and then. I swore by their Anti Blemish Gel for treating spots and getting rid of them overnight. Until the prices started rising. I just had a baby and I could no longer afford buying their products. It’s been years since I purchased something from Clinique (excluding a couple of gifts I received) so when I purchased the Beyond Perfecting Foundation I featured in my July favourites here, I opted to get a cleanser as well. That’s when they added the free gift to my bag.

You receive the bonus pack when purchasing two products from Clinique, one has to be a treatment though.


In hindsight, I shouldn’t have purchased the cleanser since their is a mini one included in this box. I should have checked and chosen a makeup item instead because they state foundations count as treatments as well. I love boxes like these that include deluxe sized samples so I know what’s worth splurging on since Clinique doesn’t come in cheap. Sure, it’s more affordable than a lot of skincare products and it lasts a really long time but I have purchased a R400 moisturiser from them before and it made my face break out. I ended up giving it to my 80-year old aunt because she used it daily and it was fine for her.

I’ve had a chance to test out all the products and here are my thoughts on them.

Liquid Facial Soap Mild – R280 for 200ml (15ml sample)

What they say: “Step 1 in Clinique’s 3-Step Skin Care System. Gentle, effective, cleansing for dry combination skins. Leaves skin feeling fresh, clean, comfortable. Use twice daily”

Boy do I regret buying the full size one. It feels great on the skin, taking out dirt and grime from the pores with a subtle minty smell. It doesn’t leave the skin tight at all BUT it burns my eyes like a m*****f***** (pardon my french). It stings so badly I actually started crying the first time I used it and I didn’t even open my eyes. It says it’s mild but there should be a definite warning not to be used near the eye area. I’ve resorted to using it on my decolletage and I’ve noticed the skin being clearer and less prone to breakouts.


Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ – R495 for 125ml (30ml sample)

What they say: “Dermatologist-reformulated. Delivers all-day hydration and improves barrier strength. Makes skin more resilient. Silky texture penetrates quickly. Spread twice daily all over face/throat, or where needed. Perfect for Very Dry to Dry Combination Skin Types.”

Coincidentally it was the original formulation of this cream that made me break out. I was skeptical about even trying this out and applying this to my face but I figured since my skin has changed from being dry to oily combo over the last year, I might not have the same effect. Luckily, this time I didn’t break out but I didn’t see any difference while using this cream. If anything, I found my skin thirsting for more nourishment. I find the texture is quite thin and absorbs into the skin quickly but it also doesn’t have a built in SPF which I prefer in a moisturiser.

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum – R725 for 30ml (7ml sample)

What they say: “Create your best looking skin ever. Our new serum offers repair for the damage you see… and even the damage you don’t. 37 patents. Visibly addresses uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles, or firming. Use twice a day.”

This serum knocked my socks off. I finished the tiny sample in just a few days but I saw the difference. After suffering from acne, this lightened the scar marks remarkably and my skin tone looks more even. I don’t have any wrinkles, even though I’m hitting 30 in less than a month, but it did make my skin look plumper on my forehead and by my smile lines. It feels refreshing when applied and boosts my skin’s radiance.


Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Eye Treatment – R580 for 15ml (5ml sample)

What they say: “New advanced eye treatment visibly addresses eye-area brightening, crow’s feet, firming,. Hydrates and comforts, too.”

I find this is too small a sample to notice much of a difference and I used it up within about a week. The consistency is quite thin and absorbs into the skin without feeling tight. I did notice a slight tingling each time I applied it but it went away quite quickly. This treatment is packed full of ingredients said to help target eye concerns but with such short use, I didn’t notice anything worth mentioning.

High Impact Mascara – R275 for 8g (3.6g sample)

What they say: “Clinique’s must-have accessory for lashes. Kicks up the volume of each and every lash for a look that’s plusher, longer, bolder. Pure, deep colour only adds to the impact.”

While this mascara does add volume and separate the lashes beautifully, it didn’t wow me. It lengthens slightly as well but you need to curl your lashes beforehand. I can think of cheaper 10 drugstore alternatives off the top of my head that this mascara couldn’t touch in terms of performance.


High Impact Lip Colour – R130

What they say: “High on colour, long on comfort. Dressed-up colour wears beautifully for 8 hours. And lips enjoy every minute. In highly moisturising shades that continually smooth, soften, comfort.”

I’m not sure if this product has been discontinued since I don’t see this packaging on the shelves anymore. The formula is long lasting and comfortable on the lips. The shade Flamenco is a bight red that’s wearable during the day as well. It’s very moisturising and has a glossy finish.

Aromatics in White Perfume Spray – R715 for 30ml (4ml sample)

What they say: “A confident interplay of serene woods, transparent petals and warm amber notes that leaves a long trail of intrigue.”

I’m no boffin when it comes to perfume. I haven’t purchased a bottle of perfume for myself EVER yet have received more as birthday presents to last me a lifetime. I know I prefer floral scents over the fresh, earthy, sporty ones I’ve tried before. So when I spritzed this on myself the first time, I was enchanted. The floral aroma enveloped me with hints of musk and underlying whiffs of a milky bath. The fragrance lingers throughout the day and I’ve gotten quite a few complements whilst wearing it.


I found it quite fun to experiment with so many new products and there are definitely ones I’d be willing to save up for and splurge on.

P.S. Always wait a week before introducing new products into your skincare regime so that in case you have an adverse reaction, you know exactly which product to attribute it to.

Clinique products are available at counters nationwide as well as online here. The Clinique free gift with purchase is available until the 20th of August or while stocks last.

Have you tried Clinique products before? Which ones are your fave?