I’m sorry bellas, it’s going to get heated here on the blog today so if you have a problem with that, I’m sure you know how to close your browser. If you want to know the reason for my unanticipated and abrupt outburst, then keep on reading.

Time and time again I see posts on social media warning consumers about the concerns regarding fake makeup. The price, the quality, the ingredients and the side effects. Sure, some people take heed but what about those who aren’t privy to that information, the ones who buy naively and are so trusting of the next person. Even today, I see posts about purchasing from AliExpress and eBay instead of verified and reputable resellers or directly from the companies themselves. Emma from Rosy Disposition wrote a lengthy post on it here and Luzanne over at Pink Peonies wrote a very thorough and informative post here. Now here’s my side of the story.

I’ve fallen VICTIM to that. Nope, let me clear that up. I was STUPID! Stupid not to have asked my fellow bloggers and friends. Stupid enough to not do my research. Stupid enough to not have read reviews. Stupid enough to throw every ounce of logic I have out the window. I’ve said it before here on the blog and I’ll say it again. If something is too good to be true, it probably is.


So what sparked this sudden outrage you ask? An event I attended on Saturday. Yep, four days later and I’m still seething with rage.

On Friday, my sister sent me an ad from Facebook, introducing a new third party seller to the game. She was having an opening launch where the items could be viewed. She was also offering a mini makeover and extras to the first 20 ladies to RSVP to the event. Knowing I was a fan of international makeup brands, my sister and I decided to go. I added the owner to Whatsapp after I could not find the FB ad or Instagram account and the owner assured me that she was the one purchasing the products herself and we made our appointment.

While driving to the event on Saturday, I was telling my sister about how difficult it is to find reputable third party sellers because there are so many fakes being distributed around. I told her how products contained rat droppings, lead, mercury and other chemicals that could cause adverse reactions to the eyes, skin and mouth. When we walked through the door, I was greeted with my worst nightmare. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush Kits, The Balm Apples 3 palette and an Urban Decay Naked 8. I grabbed my sister so hard she gave out a yelp. When she saw my face she started laughing and I immediately wanted to talk to the owner but she was doing makeovers on the other guests. We said we were in a rush and wouldn’t be needing the makeovers because God alone knows what those products were made of and I didn’t want it anywhere near my face. Kylie lipkits were going for R250, ABH Shadow Couture palette for R400 and ABH Lipsticks for R300. ‘Launch prices’ they said. MAC kajal pencils, retro matte lipsticks and palettes with the original MAC logo were lined up on the tables. I felt as if I was the only one that knew they were fake. Hell, I’m sure I was.

What ticked me off though, were the prices and the other guests. They were aunties looking to buy for their daughters. Girls who don’t wear much makeup but were supporting their friends. Unsuspecting women that were putting their full trust in this endeavor to support a young woman trying to start a business. The lady forked out R550 for a FAKE NYX Contour palette. Clicks is selling it for R395 and this was definitely not real in my opinion. The colours were off and the packaging looked different than the one I have owned for months and used almost daily. THIS NEEDS TO STOP.

And now I speak to you. Yes YOU! All of you with the audacity to sell fake makeup. The one importing international brands from China and the likes for next to nothing and then prying on the unknowing and unsuspecting to fill your pockets. Price point is a huge factor. How can you be selling an item for less than the conversion price in USD? I’m an idiot for believing you. I am sick and tired of hearing that every time someone questions your actions, you say that they are messing with your livelihood. That you’re doing your best. You’re trying to look after your family. You’re trying to make a living. B*LL$H*T! It’s not an honest living to deceive people. You think it’s OK because I am the one willing to fork out my money to buy your products. I see your prices, they seem to be on par with other sellers. The pics you post have been taken from the internet. I give YOU the benefit of the doubt because I think you have integrity. But you’re nothing but a THIEF. Do you think I pluck money from a tree so you can take it from me without a second thought? I worked hard to earn a living and provide for my family I do not appreciate to be robbed. I am sick and tired of seeing you benefit because if someone asks for a refund, you say it’s used/swatched or you block them from contacting you. They have to then throw their money down the drain or in the dustbin. THIS STOPS NOW.

I am tired of sitting by and watching people fall into the same hole over and over again. I am a horrible person for allowing it to happen in the first place. I was brought up to look out for the next person. And that’s exactly what I am going to do. I am going to name and shame each and every person that attempts to sell fake makeup from here onwards. If I see so much as a Naked 3 brush set on your picture roll. I will call you out. I am educating myself to know the truth. I know your items are fake because ABH and UD don’t manufacture the brush sets you sell. I don’t care who thinks I am doing something wrong because ‘how can I judge the next person’ and ‘it’s not my place to say anything’. This is my blog where I can air and express my opinions.

How to spot a fake Naked 2 palette -

I write to share my knowledge and information. I did a comparison post here on how to identify a fake Naked 2 palette. To interact and befriend like minded people and I will always do my best to protect those I care about. I care about my readers, my followers, my friends. So this is for you guys. Before you attempt to buy anything from anyone, come have a look at this list here. It will entail who I trust and who I have bought from before.

There is absolutely nothing wrong if you’re selling dupes or replicas for brushes and that doesn’t contain anything harmful so long as you are honest with the consumer.

If you have had any similar experiences and would like to add to the list, either comment below or email me at to stay anonymous. I will be doing my own research to verify your claims.

I know this post was all over the place but I just needed to get it off my chest. Again I apologize if I offended any of my readers but this needed to be said.

Thank you for listening! I love you guys…


  • Linell Nyakutsikwa

    what the f*(!¿…. i am victim too bought some black opal fakes and mac fakes its really a bad and these people need to be exposed!

  • Ndapewa Laudika Iithete

    I can’t thank you enough for doing this post. I haven’t had the courage to call out some of the sellers of obviously fake makeup products (but I see them on your list. I’ll definitely share). I got dupped and I’m still so angry …at myself mostly. I should have known better.

  • I wish people would realise it’s not worth it. Some people however don’t want to listen and buy the fake sh1t anyways. Very bold of you to come out with this, especially with it being so close to home.

  • Really disgusted here about people just taking advantage of others, sies man! Fully supporting your list.

  • Shana Press Abrahams

    OMW…….. Finally someone has said it properly…. I applaud you for doing this….Loved the post…..

  • Lucinda Singh

    Thanks 4 sharing Nisa! I feel the same way… im also so wary of buying from 3rd party sellers that are not well known or new. There are tons on Instagram now! Your posts are def helpful coz i cant tell between fake and real… we learn something new everyday xo

  • I totally agree! That is why I never buy from third party, I rather buy directly from the international website or wait till I go overseas. Good One!

  • Rayne Toni Alexander

    I totally feel you!!! I was an idiot a few years back and thought I would be so cool to buy fake Benefit in Thailand. Now as an avid buyer/supporter of the brand I would NEVER spend a cent on anything less than the real deal. And because of loyalty to the BRANDS, let alone the chaos it could do to your skin!!

    Cringing to myself as I type this confession….

  • Great blog Nisa!! I hope such honest post will bring some shame in people! Thanks for being voice of many of us ?

  • Karishma Ramdev

    Oh my goodness I had no idea Shoe lala and makeup word were fake ??? thank goodness I’ve never bought from them. Also I’ve bought my modern Renaissance palette from Makeup Bowtique and she is superdeeduper awesome. It’s not fake. Xx

  • Karishma Ramdev

    essentialsnet sells super fake stuff

  • Nabilahk

    I feel that if you have the ordasity to offend me on the internet instead of telling me this to my face like the “honest” Muslim you portray to be then you should check again. If you had the decency to ask me about the authenticity I would have gladly told you. I was sold the products at a high price and attempting to cover my costs not “scam” anyone! All those aunties that asked us about the authenticity of the products were told! If they were willing to pay online costs the would have! It’s very easy to hide behind your screen and type things about someone with no bad intentions, I’m sure there are people that have scammed others but I am not one of them! So before you feel like venting or ranting at your computer base some of this crap on facts. Degrading people’s work ethics and belief structure isn’t the very “Muslim” thing for you to do.

    • I did ask and the lady that was ‘helping’ you said it was original. You said she brought most of the items even though I have a whatsapp message from you stating you were the one selling the items. I asked you directly about the price being so cheap and it costs x on the suppliers website and you said it’s one day only launch prices. I’m no saint but you lied to me straight to my face thinking I was an idiot. Never once did anyone mention that it was not authentic nor did you have any display sign stating so. If I didn’t know better I would have walked out with a fake NYX palette at R550. Why would you sell it at that price if you yourself know it’s fake?

      • Nabilahk

        You are an idiot! Ur degrading someone else based on ur assumptions! The NYX was not fake educate ur self please! Clicks doesn’t even stock that range of NYX! So before you came to know the authenticity of a product by looking at it like ur some makeup guru who didn’t even bother to test the product but you have the nerve to say it’s fake? I don’t need to justify anything, I’m disgusted at the nasty, rude and uncultured people you get out there! If you had bothered to ASK what was original and what wasn’t you would have easily avoided your little hissy fit

        • Call me what you want but you seem to be the uneducated one. I own an original NYX palette that I’ve had for months that I use daily so I know exactly what it looks like. Clicks in Cresta and Eastgate currently have stock of the contour palettes for R395 which I went to see after I left your house. Maybe you should do your research before making statements you can’t back up

          • Nabilahk

            Arguing with a fool isn’t going to get me anywere, I’m sure ul get very far by spreading ur false facts, and basically out right calling me a thief, I did not force anyone to purchase any of my items and when I asked asked about authenticity of spasific items like the naked pallets and Mac which most people asked about I told them it wasn’t original! The bottom line is ur a nasty person with no backbone to confront someone face to face! It would take no skin off your back to do so, that was the decent thing to do and perhaps I would have had the opportunity to assure you that my intentions is not to steal or lie to anyone! Yes there are people out there that are selling things and claiming they are original but u didn’t even bother to ask me! Yet you have the nerve to directly be vulgar and agressive? Sorry girl ur social media bullying isn’t welcome here. Have the decency to confront someone instead of hiding and if I had to lie and say it’s all original then by all means, but to slander someone else’s efforts to consume your free time is horrible!

          • I tried to talk to you on whatsapp to show you I’m not scared of you. Since you blocked me here is my response:
            So why didn’t you say it’s fake when I asked you about the lip kits? Why did you say it’s launch prices? I took it to social media because speaking to you doesn’t solve the problem. You’ll just continue to sell fakes. And don’t make it seem like I’m the only one. I’ve had lots of people that bought from you think the items are authentic. Why didn’t you tell them? It seems I’m not the problem here. I know I’m no saint and I’ll be punished for my sins but at least I can open some people’s eyes to the truth. Don’t bother responding, your last message said it all. I’ll be making dua for the people falling victim to your lies

          • Nabilahk

            U made it clear that any one can say any crap on social media, so I will reply! Are you representing them all? They can feel free to contact me directly IN THE FIRST PLACE not after the insident! Scared lmao this isn’t high school and ur not winning a popularity contest! Why should I bother chatting to u in private over whatsapp when you have already made this public? I did not lie to anyone including you! I made mention that it was launch prices in an attempt to converse with you because you only have a big mouth over social media! All it would have taken was for you to ask if it was fake finish! I would have said no any you would have left on your Mary way

          • But that’s exactly my point. You want people to ask if it’s fake cos then it’s not on you when they realise and it’s too late. Or if they don’t why should you worry becos you have the cash in your pocket. The people that purchased from you only realised because of this blog post. It’s not about likes or popularity but exposure and education. If you are honest with your customers then why don’t you mention it’s fake when you post a product? Why must people ask if it’s real or fake? Why must you be so shady?

          • Nabilahk

            ag grow up man, everyone that bothered to talk to me and ask about the products was told, you didn’t even bother…like you said as soon as you walked in your mind was made up, you should have just turned around and left in that case, you don’t know a thing about me to accuse me, the only thing uv exposed is what an internet troll you are…good luck and goodbye…my risq is set out and no matter what you or anyone does nothing will change that becuse unlike you I don’t have a dirty heart…did you expect to me to put signs all over saying fake makeup lol good luck keep fighting the cause??

          • Nabilahk

            Oh btw if anyone was unhappy with thier purchase I will without hesitation give them a full refund, I’m not here to rob anyone dispite the accusations made

          • If you think what you’re doing is right then keep on doing it. I can’t mess with your risq and we all get what Allah has set out for us. I know what I am doing is right and I will continue fighting for it. I might have handled it against your liking but I’m not here to please you. Read all the comments on social media, people hate what you and so many others are doing. You think I’m worried that your feelings are hurt in the process of exposing harmful chemicals and overflowing pockets? Not in the slightest

          • Nabilahk

            Using me as ur platform to voice your frustration is disgraceful! When u make ridiculous comments like I’m a thief? Why don’t u go stand with a bill board outside China mall since ur so passionate, next time ur voicing shit say it to my face not behind ur screen thanx, EVERYONE on insta sells some fake and maybe even some authentic, i don’t need to go around saying hello it’s fake bacause if they wanted the original and they were willing to pay for original they would go directly to the websites! Ur rant was unnessasary and should be directed at the people trying to scam not the people who are honest

          • Chewy

            You really should not be arguing here. You are selling fake products. There’s nothing more to it. You are responsible. Your clients should not have to ask you if your products are authentic, it’s your responsibility to make it clear if they are fake products. YOUR responsibility. Not your clients’. Either stop selling fake products or at least make it clear to consumers that its not an authentic product, they can decide for themselves if they still want to purchase.

    • Sue

      So she didn’t even have the decency to come to you when she had the opportunity but decided to turn it so ugly is shameful it’s a cry for attention
      Human decency teaches you in life you don’t deliberately hurt people by saying what you want to behind a pc
      You didn’t give the girl a chance to even tell you about the make up
      Also saying your religion doesn’t teach you certain things well dear your religion teaches you not to expose people’s flaws but to help them if your intentions were as pure as u claim then you would have went to the people and not gone about it in such a cheap manner

      • Nabilahk

        Nope! She flat out just said “f%#@ you and your fake makeup” lol…. Without bothering to ask me if the products she was curious about was authentic because nowhere did I mention it was all original because my intention was never to mislead people. Yet she finds it okay to call me a thief….

      • Hi Sue, thanks for your feedback.
        Had the decency to go to her and say what? Is the Kylie Lip Kits sitting next to the Naked 8 original? Are the ABH lipsticks sitting next to the MAC Kohl pens authentic? One fake item in your collection gives me cause to doubt everything else.
        Whether it was her or someone else at the pop-up store, this post was to inform my readers about the issue and point out those questionable people so they know to ask before they purchase.
        My blog is my platform to voice my opinions and everyone who doesn’t agree with it doesn’t have to read it. The sellers have no problem posting their fake items on the internet for the public to see so I don’t know why it’s a problem for me to make it public as well.
        I agree my religion teaches me not to expose people’s flaws and that is why I never named her specifically in this post, she implicated herself by responding and confirming that the items were not real. This is a practice that has to stop regardless of who you are as a person.

  • great post , my friend. I think it’s about time some makeup sellers stop their ‘eBay ‘ antics. i have never had an experience, but I once saw a mum and daughter buying fake MAC products and it broke my heart because they wasted their money. Highway robbery from some third party sellers is not something I appreciate either. Nabilahk and Sue, take several seats, a bench and a jungle gym! Her post was to educate and if the cap fits? you know the rest. Well done , Nisa xoxo

    • Nabilahk

      The offense was taken becuse she had the opportunity to say this directly to my face! And I would have openly told her wat was original, the nerve to call me a thief and a lier isn’t acceptable on any platform, I even told my clients please return it of u feel u don’t like the product because it is different from the original as she held the Mac pallet! And you think it’s still fine for her to come here badmouthing me directly? When there’s thousands of people claiming their makeup is authentic, yet she can slander me? Lol I find so justic there, and to top it off she was in my face, bearly said two words to? If she was so angry and frustrated based on fake makeup should she have not asked? And then seen that I gave everyone there full disclosure concerning the products! In all fairness she had no right to put me in the firing line as I was it dishonest to her or anyone!

      • U are seriously admiting to selling fake stuff? why are u making excuses for selling fake things? Nabilahk, please, all I want to offer is advice. Please don’t make selling fong kong stuff your livelihood. it is a crime. You are better than that. If you think there is a legitimate market, please do not engage with that. I know you are angry and emotional right now, but think about the ramifications for you now. It’s not pretty. Please, I urge you, leave it be now, start selling legit stuff and keep it clean. You will earn the respect of others, I promise you , you will. Just believe in yourself and you can do it. I def don’t want to see you or anyone else go to jail or anything like that. Please, I would be very unkind to wish that on anyone. Please now, leave it be.

  • Makeup Remastered

    A list of Instagram sellers that sell fake would be appreciated or covertly those that sell authentic-thanks

  • Sue

    This article was more about the writers ego than informing anyone
    I believe that inner beauty is way more important that the outside and this article is a clear definition on he type of person
    Fake or reall it’s the manner in which things were done
    People need to empower others not bring them down
    If people are selling fake stuff be decent contact them directly and tell them that not after u write a trashy article to gain attention and followers then try to talk to them if this make up investigator stated was really pure at heart and had good intentions she would not be so vile
    The whole point is that this and her Instagram was handled in the wrong manner no matter how u want to look at it
    Mother Theresa of make up faulted by being a grade bitch

    • you know what Sue, if inner beauty is so important to you, why are you buying/selling makeup? Manner? this is her blog and you are being a cyber bully and turning this into a sh%^$it show! ‘If people are selling fake stuffbe decent contact them directly and tell them that ?’ You are lucky, Nisa didn’t go to the cops. No one should be selling fake stuff at ALL! What would you have said after? ‘Yes, I’m selling fong king goods?’ Is that on your Insta page? Do you think people will STILL buy from you with that disclaimer? Do not defame Mother Theresa, keep it clean.

      • Sue

        Listen lady I didn’t reply to your first comment cos u r irrelevant I’m glad you standing up for ur buddy but pls get your facts right I don’t sell make up also I didn’t say selling fake make up was right I said the manner in which she is voicing this is wrong esp by swearing people lastly as ur buddy said if u don’t like what u reading close ur browser u can do the same I am not a bully and that’s y I was upset by her rudeness lately pls stay in your lane and let Nisa talk for herself this isn’t high school and its terrible esp with real issues in the world
        Bye Felicia

        • I would like you to say that to my face . . . anyway . . . i will roast u in a mo, i have real things to do. Nisa, do what i told you in the first place and call the cops. This is getting silly, shut it down my friend. Let the law deal with them. You have the irrefutable evidence. xxxx

        • Now that I am done with my meetings, Sue, I believe u think u r in High School Musical, because sure behave like a Disney character, and I’m not talking about Princess Jasmine You will be surprised at how relevant I am. I know you want to protect your sister, it is understandable. Because I am defending my friend, I know how you feel. As a grown woman, like you are, I have neither the time nor conviction to justify illegal activities. It does not matter how or when this issue came to light. Would you ask burglars if they are going to rob a house? No, you just report it to the cops. Now, let’s leave it to the cops because this is becoming ridiculous.

  • Vanessa Christiane

    Thanks for the heads up! Shocking?

  • Jenna O

    Thank you for sharing this!