How to spot a FAKE Kylie Lip Kit – Dolce K

How to spot a FAKE Kylie Lip Kit – Dolce K

Happy Friday bellas,

Today I decided to show you the differences between the real and fake Kylie Lip Kit in the shade Dolce K. You can read my post on the fake Mary Jo K Lip Kit here but since there were additional differences, I decided to do a separate post. Kind of a part 2 if you’d like. You can go read all the fun and gory details over there first before I show you how to spot a fake Kylie lip kit by looking for these additional clues.

Packaging Front

Apart from the difference in colour, the front of the box is very similar. You’ll notice the text colour on the fake box is lighter than the deep black on the real box. Also, the lettering is closer to the bottom on the fake box.


Packaging Back

As you can see, Dolce K on the fake Kylie lip kit box is more a reddish-brown whereas the real packaging is a caramel-brown.


Looking at the back of the box, I noticed the difference in Kylie’s Tips. One had just one line, exactly like the Mary Jo K and the other had 2 lines of instructions. My immediate reaction is to assume that the one with 2 lines is fake. After doing extensive research though, I found out that the 2 lines are in fact real Kylie Lip Kits. Whether this is the new or old packaging I’m not sure. If you do, let me know in the comments below.


The text on the fake box is much lower than the real Kylie lip kit. Also the trademark information is much thinner than the fake one.


Packaging Top

The text on the fake Kylie lip kit is broader than the real one.


Lip Liner Front

The end of the real lip liner is lighter and looks like a deep-beige colour. The fake lip liner is a deeper brown.


The fake lipliner is much shorter than the real one. The actual colour of the lip liner head is much lighter on the fake one.


The text on the fake lip liner is larger and has more spacing between letters than the real one.


Lip Liner Back

The text is larger on the fake lip liner and the real lip liner has a serial number imprinted on it.


Lip Liner Swatches

The fake lip liner is very dry and not pigmented at all. It is also much lighter in colour than the real one.


Liquid Lipstick Front

The fake lipstick text is higher and less bold than the real one.

fake-kylie-lip-kit-dolcek-lipstick-tube fake-kylie-lip-kit-dolcek-lipstick-front

Liquid Lipstick Back

The dead giveaway of a fake Kylie lip kit is the exact length of two of the drops when turned over.


Liquid Lipstick Swatches

The fake lipstick is watery and sheer.

fake-kylie-lip-kit-dolcek-lipstick-swatch-no-flash fake-kylie-lip-kit-dolcek-lipstick-swatch-flash

Liquid Lipstick Bottom

This was another blatant difference. The fake lipstick has a clear sticker on the bottom with no additional details.



The fake liquid lipstick has a chemical smell whereas the real one smells like candy.

So as you can see the differences between these lip kits are much more visible compared to the Mary Jo K ones I compared before. If you want to know where I got the lip kits for comparison, you can check this post here.

Did you spot any more differences?