Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette – First Impressions on this Limited Edition

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette – First Impressions on this Limited Edition

Happy FriYAY bellas,

Today I’m going to share with you my thoughts on the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette I received earlier this week. I had ordered it from LaBoutique last Monday and was only expecting it around the 18th October. When Ayesha from LaBoutique said I could come around to collect one night, I was shaking with excitement. I can’t explain it but my hands were literally itching to get the palette. With the latest palette releases like the ABH Mario palette and Lorac Pro Mega 3 also on my wishlist, they sat aside while the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette took the spotlight.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette -

I squizzed at the palette before putting it on the passenger seat beside me. The shadows looked so soft and buttery, I almost thought they would crack before I reached home. Thankfully they made it in one piece. I swatched a few shades with my fingers and just a dab transferred the most gorgeous pigment I’ve ever seen before retiring to bed.

First thing in the morning, I took photo’s for my blog post and started playing. I created three different looks trying to incorporate and use all the shades while testing them out. You can see those at the end of the post. By the time I was done, I did not expect to feel the way I did. Let me run you through the palette and explain why.


The outer packaging of the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette is breathtaking to look at. It has Huda’s signature eye logo that is mesmirizing to say the least. I like that they added the gold eyeshadow to give the graysacale image a pop of colour.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette - Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette -

The inner container was a bit disappointing. It is made from black cardboard which is slim and lightweight. It has a clear plastic lid which allows the shadows to be seen while closed and reminds me very much of a Z-palette. As pretty as this is, I don’t think it’s practical. The palette is not fragile but at the high price point I would have expected metal packaging like Tarte, Too Faced and Urban Decay palettes, along with a mirror for travelling.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette -

Shade Selection

The shade range in this palette is not unique. It contains 18 eyeshadows that include the essential neutrals along with pops of colour. The eyeshadows can be used for everyday looks as well as functions. As I was using the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette, it reminded me of how many Indian bridal looks I had seen with these colours. It is perfect for makeup artists working on any complexion or skin tone.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette -


The Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette contains three different types of formulas in the palette.

There are 6 Metal 3D textured shadows which are like pressed, foiled metallics. They are soft and very creamy and remind me of the ColourPop eyeshadow formula. Apart from Fling and Blessed, they are damn near impossible to pick up with a brush. They have large chunks of glitter hence the name textured shadows. I did side by side swatches with a finger swatch on the left and the brush swatch on the right of each shade. (If you want to see what equipment I use or how I take my swatches click here)

Dubai – Smoky bronze with olive green undertone
Fling – Sparkling cranberry
24K – Lavish yellow gold
Rose Gold – True rose gold
Trust Fund – Clean copper
Blessed – Vintage gold

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette - Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette -

There are 2 Pressed pearl shadows which are creamy with fine shimmer. They do not have a lot off fallout and easily blendable. Looks great when used as a subtle inner corner and brow bone highlight.

Angelic – Duochrome pale pink with gold shift
Moon Dust – Champagne gold pearlescent shadow

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette - Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette -

And the rest of the 10 shades are what is described as deep mattes. They are not dry and chalky but some do feel different. Flamingo is grittier and not as finely milled. ManEater is patchy and does not blend as easily. Black Truffle is not as pigmented and Henna leans more pink than brown when applied to the lid.

Bossy – Maroon clay
Flamingo – Bright, soft pink
Shy – Dusty pink
Bae – Light cream
Black Truffle – Black
Suede – Medium-dark gray
Coco – Bark brown
Maneater – Mulberry red
Henna – Warm reddish-brown
Sandalwood – Deep tan

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette - Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette -

Performance & Longevity

As I mentioned, the foiled shadows are impossible to apply with any brush regardless of density. The point of these is to apply it with your finger directly on the lid. If you have long nails or hate getting your fingers dirty like I do, that’s a bit of a problem. I found that with Rose Gold, the shadow would stick to my finger and not transfer to my lid unless I smeared quite hard. Most of the matte shades are very pigmented and very easy to blend. They are of those build-and-blend kinda shadows that turn out beautifully the more work you put in to them. There is minimal fallout but I would suggest doing you eyeshadow first before the face. The glitter can flake out of the textured shadows during blending.

All the shadows are long wearing and didn’t crease even though I expected the foiled ones to because they were so buttery. The only shade that stained my skin was Maneater but it came off quite easily with an oil-based makeup remover. I also use a few of the shadows wet and they are even more gorgeous and vibrant, especially the black.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette -


The Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette retails for $65 on their website. Each pan contains 1g of product making it $3.60 which is quite high in comparison to other popular palettes. It’s on par with the likes of Viseart and the Lorac Mega Pro palettes. It’s also made in Italy which I think also pushes the price up a bit. Being limited edition though, this palette has already sold out twice since it’s launch.

Overall Thoughts

I don’t think the cost of the palette is unreasonable for the amount of product and selection of shades that you get. I do however think that you could pay less for a better performing palette. I love shimmer eyeshadows and the buttery Lorac shades are my favourite formula to date. However, these take soft to a whole new level. I’ve used my palette about 5 times now and the textured shadows apart from Fling and Blessed are practically mush. I expected WOW and all I got was a struggle and a whole lot of mess. If you’re willing to use your fingers for application I think this is a palette that could work for you. I on the other hand am too stubborn for my own good and will probably be making use of the mattes from this palette most of the time. My favourite shades are Fling, Henna and Flamingo.


I used an array of shades in these looks to test out the palette and I really like how the red and gold ones came out.

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette - Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette - Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette -

Just for Me

If I had to go back in time, I would skip on this palette and rather buy the Kat Von D Metal Matte palette which I heard is amazing.

Thanks for reading bellas. Hope you have a great weekend and if you’ve tried this palette, let me know what you think of it. Lotsa love.