July Favourites

July Favourites

OMG can you believe it’s August already. I don’t know where this year is flying to but I just can’t keep up. I already feel like there isn’t enough hours in a day to get stuff done and now not enough days in a year. It feels like everyday is such a rush and we don’t properly get to enjoy what’s happening around us. I feel in some way this blog grounds me. It gives me a chance to sit down, think and write about what I love. So without any further ado, here’s the products I’ve been loving for the month of July.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer – R480 ($27)

This was another ‘YouTube made me do it’ purchase after watching Nicole Guerreiro use it in a few of her videos. When I swatched the shade in store and tried it on I was sold. After still recovering with post acne pigmentation, full coverage is definitely my selection of choice when shopping for a foundation. This foundation is medium to full coverage but what sets it apart is it’s large doe foot applicator. The applicator is one of the main reasons I picked up this foundation even though I did question whether it’s the most hygienic option. Since I purchased it just for myself (and not intending to use it in my makeup kit) I decided to take the plunge. I was very disappointed to say the least. The applicator doesn’t pick up enough product so I did have to dip into the bottle a couple of times. What I did like was that I could use the applicator to sweep the foundation across my face and then use the tip to spot conceal once blended out and not worry about shade matching all over again. I find the coverage is quite sheer when using my Swiitch Beauty oval blending brush but looks amazing when pressed into the skin with a Beauty Blender. It does take some effort to blend in the foundation but a little goes a long way. It leaves a semi-matte canvas behind that dries completely to the touch within a minute or two. It did cake up when I applied powder over it so I’ve been wearing it sans powder and just blotting later in the day. It lasts the entire day without transferring and holds up the coverage amazingly. Apart from the applicator, this is a great foundation for my combo skin and a perfect shade match in 18 Sand.

Available at Clinique counters nationwide or online at Sephora.

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The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation – R275 ($25)

I’ve had this foundation for a while now and only started using it recently. By the name I assumed it would be a light coverage foundation and while it is more on the sheer side, it’s buildable to a medium coverage. What I like about this foundation is the natural, glowing finish it leaves while still being very hydrating and comfortable on the skin. If I am only wearing foundation and mascara for the day, this has replaced my BB and CC creams for a quick out the door fresh face. It contains English Rose Water and Aloe Vera for moisture and an SPF15 which makes me feel a tad bit safer even though I do wear an SPF moisturiser as well. I have the shade Sicily Amber 050 which is a perfect match for my skin tone right now but once summer hits I might have to use my shade adjusting drops to rematch my tan.

Available from The Body Shop.

Avon Infinitize Mascara – R135 ($10)

This is probably the weirdest mascara wand I have ever tried but it’s super crazy awesome. I picked up this mascara by chance when ordering from Avon with a friend and they were having a 3 for 2 sale. I recently started using it and I love it. The wand lengthens, curls and lifts my lashes for a wide awake look and lasts the entire day without smudging. It’s also sweat-proof so no running below the lash line. I’ve read it’s a fibre lengthening mascara but I don’t get that heavy, tube-like feeling or poking in my eyes when I wear this mascara. It also looks very natural because I chose the shade brown/black and now it looks like I have super long lashes that are my own. If you’re looking for volume though then this mascara isn’t for you.

Available from Avon representatives nationwide.

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser – R75 ($6)

I have wanted to get my hands on something like this for so long. I am very lazy when it comes to applying body lotion when I step out of the shower and I have the crocodile skin to prove it. Well had anyways. Since I picked this up it takes me seconds to spray on my legs and arms and I can even spray my own back. I bought two variants, the Cocoa Radiant which smells so yummy and the Deep Restore which has no distinct smell. The formula is non-greasy and absorbs into the skin very quickly. The nozzles also dispenses the product over a larger surface area so it’s lotion on the go. Definitely check it out whether or not you’re as lazy as I am.

Available from Dischem.

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Dirty Works Micellar Cleansing Water – R90 for 250ml

I have been fan of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Waters for months now and I’ve already repurchased them about 8 times already. So when I saw the Dirty Works Micellar water in Clicks a few months back, I sniffed it, checked the price, shook the bottle and decided against purchasing it. Then my aunt bought it for me and I decided to try it out. It does exactly the same thing as the Garnier Micellar water but I find I only need half the amount to achieve the same results. I usually soak two cotton pads with the Garnier Micellar water to get rid of any leftover traces of dirt or makeup after double cleansing my face and I’ve only been using one cotton pad with the Dirty Works Micellar Cleansing Water. It has a subtle, fresh scent and I stick to only using a little bit because it lathers on my face if I use too much. It’s not as gentle as the Garnier Sensitive Skin Micellar Water so it can sting the eyes if you are not careful when removing eye makeup. I’m enjoying this now but once it’s done I’ll go back to using the Garnier ones as they are more affordable for the amount of product you get (R80 for 400ml).

Available from Clicks.

Glamglow Thirsty Mud – ($13 for travel size)

With the last two weeks being absolutely freezing cold, my skin has been craving moisture and the GlamGlow Thirsty Mud has been my saviour. I featured it in my ‘Quest to conquer dry and dehydrated skin’ post a while back and it’s still one of my favourites. I have just a little left so I need to start saving up to purchase it again. The full size retails for R1300 ($69) which is quite steep but worth every penny.

Available from Muse.SA or online at Sephora.

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Benzac AC 5 Gel – R200 for 40g

This is intended to be a spot treatment for acne and breakouts but I’ve been using it in a more unconventional way for the last two months. This is my second bottle and it has helped clear my skin up so much and lessen the amount of breakouts and pimples that usually pop out of nowhere. I mix a pea-sized amount of the Benzac gel in with a pea sized amount of Aloe Vera gel and apply it to my face after cleansing morning and night, after my serum but before my moisturiser. During the day it acts as a barrier so the makeup doesn’t clog my pores and at night fights oil production to lessen the effects of inflammation. I’ve really been loving this combo and it’s not too harsh or drying on the skin since it does contain benzoyl peroxide. Dischem is having a special at the moment where the 40g tube is R175 and even though I just repurchased a new one (it will last me about a month or two), I’m definitely considering stocking up right now.

Available from Clicks, Dischem and your local pharmacy.

L’Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Masque – R85

I finished my tub off this weekend and I’m off to Dischem after this post to buy a new one. I’ve been using this masque once a week and it has decreased my hair fall and breakage considerably. It’s specifically targeted at fragile hair prone to breakage and contains Arginine and Protein to reinforce the hair follicles. It’s very thick and creamy, but washes out completely leaving the hair light and grease-free. I have a lot of split ends and my hair tends to tangle quite a bit but after using this my hair has become more manageable. The conditioner also has a fruity fragrance so it leaves my hair feeling clean and fresh.

Available from Clicks, Dischem and your local pharmacy.

July Favourites - http://belleblushh.com

So that’s what I’ve been loving for the month of July. What have your favourites been?

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