MAC Good Luck Trolls now online!

MAC Good Luck Trolls now online!

Happy MAC Monday bellas,

I can’t think of a better day for MAC to release their new collection on our shores. It’s been less than 2 weeks since the MAC Good Luck Trolls collection got released overseas and I am truly shocked at how fast it got here. It comes way ahead of the upcoming movie which is only set to release in November.

I remember growing up almost everyone had at least one troll doll to play with and I always liked the ones with the bright pink hair. I know I thought of them as being quite strange, since troll usually has a scary connotation and their long, wild hair can seem a bit freakish. But it was the slight smile and fat stomach that made me feel at ease. The MAC Good Luck Trolls collection is a celebration of the wild haired, rainbow-tufted, bejeweled bellied creatures.


MAC Good Luck Trolls Eyeshadow – R230


MAC Good Luck Trolls Lipstick – R230


MAC Good Luck Trolls Lipglass – R230


MAC Good Luck Trolls Beauty Powder – R400


MAC Good Luck Trolls Glitter/Reflect/Pigment – R370


MAC Good Luck Trolls Chroma Craze – R240


MAC Good Luck Trolls 187 SH Duo Fibre Face Brush – R620

The MAC Good Luck Trolls collection is now exclusively available online at

So which crazy-hued, 90’s themed item are you collecting?