Roaccutane Update – Month 1 {Graphic – Not for sensitive readers}

Roaccutane Update – Month 1 {Graphic – Not for sensitive readers}

Hiya bellas,

So it’s been exactly one month since I started taking Roaccutane to clear my skin. I’m doing this update to show you the progress (or lack thereof) and just talk about what I have experienced in the last 30 days. If you would like to see my skin in it’s initial stages when I started on the course, you can read my previous post here.

Roaccutane update month 1

I mentioned previously that I had not done much research when I began taking Roaccutane because I had heard such horror stories about how you can feel moody, depressed and even suicidal. I didn’t want anything to deter me because it was my last resort against this disease. When I did eventually start researching it further about two weeks ago, I was surprised at just how long the side effects list was. Everything from mild symptoms such as dry lips, nosebleeds and dizziness to the more severe ones like seizures, kidney failure or even a stroke. Taking Roaccutane is no joke. Here is a comprehensive list I found of the numerous side effects if you are interested. If even the slightest sign of one of the severe side effects to contact the doctor IMMEDIATELY.

In any case, I’m happy to report that the only issues I have had is dryness. Which in turn doesn’t sound so bad but it’s everywhere. My hands looked like they have aged 10 years even after I have applied hand lotion. My eyes itch and water throughout the day from the dryness and it’s not even possible to wear my contacts at any given time. My bodily skin is not as bad, it looks dry in some places but no flaking, scaling or any peeling.

The worst I have to admit has been my face. One of the side effects I mentioned in my previous post is that there is a chance of inflammation and breakouts before the skin starts to clear. In the last couple of weeks, I have never had such bad breakouts ever in my life. No amount of concealer could hide the huge, painful volcanoes ready to burst on the surface. Sorry that was gross but that’s exactly what it looked like. I did take photo’s but there is no way I’m posting it on here. I love my readers and don’t want to take the chance of scaring them away forever. The blemishes in the pics below are exactly how it looks today and even though I have had huge and painful breakouts, none of them have left any scarring or holes behind.

Roaccutane update month 1 Roaccutane update month 1 Roaccutane update month 1 Roaccutane update month 1 Roaccutane update month 1

I am still continuing with the Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser every morning along with the extra items I mentioned in this blog post which is helping to minimise the breakouts and their frequency.

I also saw my GP recently for something unrelated and I mentioned that I was prescribed Roaccutane. He said that I shouldn’t be dissuaded from completing my course because even though it is a lot to go through, it will be worth it in the end. Also that I shouldn’t expect to see any results until month 2. I did also mention that I was placed on the Roaccutane 20mg pill to be taken once a day and if after the 3 month course there are still no satisfactory results, then it will be upped to the 40mg dosage.

And so continues the waiting (and praying) game in the hopes that someday soon I’ll have clear, blemish-free skin so I can start taking lots of selfies again.

* Please excuse my hairy face. I am not allowed to wax or thread and I’m scared that shaving will disturb the breakouts.

Until next time…


Nisa xoxox

Belle BluSHH