Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case – A must for every babe on a budget

Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case – A must for every babe on a budget

Hiya bellas,

So today I’m introducing you to the Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case. A palette containing 12 creamy and pigmented shades that can be mixed and matched to make any kind of makeup. Yes, you heard right. ANY kind of makeup. Everything from foundation to eyeliner to blush to highlighter. So let’s break it down.


As I mentioned, the Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case contains 12 different shades and is housed in a clear, sturdy, plastic palette. It is a more affordable, replica palette of the Makeup Forever Flash Color case ($95/R1279).

Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case - http://belleblushh.com

The shades are:

  • Pure Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Leaf Green
  • Vibrant Yellow
  • Bright Blue
  • Fuchsia Pink
  • Bright Red
  • Light Turquoise
  • Pure White
  • Vibrant Coral
  • Metallic Yellow Gold
  • Metallic Silver

Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case - http://belleblushh.com Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case - http://belleblushh.com


This palette is meant to be an all-round multitasker leaving the artist in control. If you love mixing and experimenting with colours then you’ll love this one. The shades are basic so mixing them together can create an array of effects and variations.

Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case - http://belleblushh.com


The formula of the Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case is creamy and pigmented. Thick enough to offer full coverage yet thin enough to not make mixing a hassle. It does feel ‘greasy’ to the touch so any work done with it needs to be set down with powder. Even with an eyeshadow primer, I did experience some creasing if I didn’t go over with a powder eyeshadow. Similarly so, the foundation needed to be set as well as the eyeliner.

Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case - http://belleblushh.com


So far there has been talk of a Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case guide to show people who own this palette the uses and ideas on what to mix with what. I’m still waiting for it because I’m useless. I’m not really into getting my hands dirty but I had a lot of fun when I received this palette trying to come up with new ideas on how to use the palette. I sadly fell short and just stuck with the basics.

Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case - http://belleblushh.com

Here are the swatches of what I came up with.

Peach Corrector – I mixed the coral and white to create a soft peach shade to cover dark undereye circles.

Green Corrector – I mixed the white with a little bit of leaf green to create a light green shade to counteract the redness around my nose.

Foundation & Concealer – I mixed white, brown, coral and yellow to create a foundation to match my skintone. It did take a while to do this since using only yellow did not look right against my skin. I eventually added a bit of coral and got it to match perfectly in the end. Then used the same shade as concealer and it looked amazing.

Eyebrow Pomade – I mixed the brown and white shades to create a colour that would not look too harsh on my eyebrows.

Eyeshadow Base – I mixed the blue with a little bit of white to create a blue base to match the eyeshadow I wanted to use. It worked much better than using a white or nude base and made the eyeshadow vibrant and long lasting.

Eyeliner – I used the turquoise shade with a little bit of silver to create an eyeliner to contrast against the deep blue shade.

I then dabbed a bit of the coral to act as blush, brown to contour and gold as highlighter. On a disposable wand I used black as mascara and added some red to the lips to finish off the look.

Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case - http://belleblushh.com


Using the Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case can turn into a hot mess quite quickly. If you try to use your fingers you risk accidently mixing colours together and leaving behind unsightly fingerprint marks of the other shades. I prefer to use the following tools to make the job easier.

Palette – Mixing on a flat surface, such as the Swiitch Beauty Mixing Palette or the Paw palette, makes combining the colours much easier to manage.

Spatula – Instead of digging my fingers into each pan, I simply scoop out a tiny amount or as much as I think I’ll need and drop it on to the mixing palette. I wipe the spatula clean before dipping into the next colour.

Earbuds or Q-tips – I prefer using these to mix the colours as you can control just how much of the product you are mixing at a time. I add the colours I need in a wide circle on the mixing palette, and use the earbuds to pull the amount of colour I need in to the middle.

Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case - http://belleblushh.com


The Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case retails for R250 and I think that’s a steal with the amount of product you get. Not to mention the amount of different uses it has. I don’t reach for it often but after watching the following videos, I’ve been inspired to try it out more.

Don’t forget to enter my EPIC GIVEAWAY if you want to get your hands on one of these or you could just get it over at SwiitchBeauty.

What do you think of a multi-use, multi-purpose palette like this one?

  • Vanessa Christiane

    Awesome thanks Nisa, budget definitely! Its my wisfvto be made up like one of the beauty blogoers, I can’t believe how make up has changed. Worked in Corporate for most of my life now we live in a village without robots and one four way stop. Until I had won the tablet I am on I barely had PC access, and to see how a pretry plain lass made up do gorgeously is unreal! I always thought I had long eyelashes, not until I have seen that do many ladies use them now… I am honestly shocked at how the beauty industry has changed, it’s quite unbelievable! I am so fascinated by beauty bloggers and their live tutorials! Its just amazing, rememberin I used a bit of blush, mascara, and lipstick and that was me for the day, eyeshadow was only for evening outings or special occasions. … now every woman I see that blogs is BEAUTIFUL.

  • Zeenath Adam

    Awesome review,just had to read it again!

  • Chantal Esterhuizen

    I am throughly impressed with the multi use of this palette! Especially as it can be used as an eyeshadow or as you mentioned, a green and peach corrector or even a convealer or foundation! Love it! 🙂

  • numreen hoosen

    Ive been using this palette more for correctors as i feel the foundation blends it out nicely… i wanted 2 use the colours as liners but not sure how to set them…. overall its good value for money…i think once the guide is out you can do soo much more..

  • I saw Kandy Kane use this as well and I was shocked that what looks like a kids makeup palette has so many uses.

    Thanks for the tips… I’m definitely going to get one of these IF I don’t win it in your EPIC giveaway. I’m dreaming about it….lol. seriously. ..cannot deal with how fabulous your giveaway is!!

  • Aarifah Mohamed

    I’m still learning to use my flash case but your tips are awesome. Never thought of using it as a base for powder eyeshadows..

    • Nisa

      Thanks hun. Enjoy having fun with it