Trying out some new Morphe brushes

Trying out some new Morphe brushes

I’m not normal. We all know that but some people don’t understand it. Hell sometimes even I don’t understand it. Let me explain. I am a makeup addict, junkie, fanatic, user and abuser. Whatever term you’d like to use I don’t really care. The crux of it is that it’s my drug. I get high when using and I get rushes and thrills when I see, touch or smell it. The best part is I don’t think anyone has ever been hospitalised using too much of it. Sure the odd occasion of a not so pleasant reaction when you get a bad batch, or getting beat up while using too much and someone mistaking you for someone else. That’s probably not going to stop me anyways. Just like every other addict, I spend most of my time, money and energy thinking about where I’m going to get my next fix from. If you’ve been around for a while you’ll know I have no hesitation splurging on high-end, limited edition, not easy accessible products which most often tend to break the bank, my head and my wallet. But for some…very…odd…reason, I just don’t feel the same way about brushes.

I’m a miser when it comes to spending money on makeup brushes. I have 2 MAC and 1 Sigma brush of which I only actually bought one myself. The other two were gifts. And I decided to spend on the MAC one because there wasn’t an available dupe for it in stock or available in SA. For me, 100% of the time I can do just absolutely fine with the cheap brushes if I can achieve the look I’m going for. I prefer spending my money on sets because there’s so many more brush types to try and at the same time, I am the worst procrastinator ever. I practically use all my clean makeup brushes, even though I might prefer another one, just because I’m too lazy to clean it. I don’t see the point in spot cleaning the brushes, I’d rather take my time and give them a deep cleanse. It’s takes a while plus drying time hence I’d rather put it off for later.

I’ll be honest, sometimes more expensive brushes can be better because cheaper brushes have scratched my eyelid and poked my eye during application, but other times, such as in the instance of the Real Techniques brushes I own and reviewed here, quality is impeccable and affordable too. I know a lot of people say you can never have too many makeup brushes but I disagree. I HAVE TOO MANY MAKEUP BRUSHES. So bad that I ruffle constantly through them before I find the one I’m looking for. I know I would die without my makeup brushes because I cannot stand to get my hands dirty with makeup, it’s just too messy, but having the CORRECT brushes for what you want to achieve, well that just makes my life easier too.

Morphe Brushes -

So in adding to my already large makeup brush stash, I selected a few Morphe brushes I wanted to try but didn’t already have the same in my collection. I’ve only been using them for a short while but I’ve been using some of them unconventionally to what they’ve been produced for. I’m hoping to share and get some feedback from you lovelies so I can decide whether to continue or change up the way I’ve been using them. Let’s get in to it before I ramble on any further.

Right now I’m all about that glow, so I picked up 2 Morphe brushes that could do the trick. First is the Morphe G23 Gun Metal Fan Brush ($9) which I chose purely because my Cala Fan brush that I’ve had for a year now is sort of worse for wear and looking a bit frail. The G23 is exactly the same size but with many more synthetic bristles and more densely packed. It softly deposits a fair amount of product on the cheekbones so you don’t get any harsh lines or streaking. My qualm with the size and shape of this brush is that it’s difficult to highlight my nose and cupids bow as precisely as I’d like which is why I chose this next brush. The Morphe M501 Pro Pointed Blender ($8) is made of sable hairs and meant to be an eye blending brush but after Jaclyn Hill named it as one of her favourite highlighting brushes, I immediately added it to my wishlist. The bristles give way quite easily so it deposits a banging amount of highlight with the ability to blend seamlessly using the side of the brush. I use the tip of the brush for my nose and cupids bow and take it above the arch of my eyebrows as well.

Morphe Brushes - Morphe Brushes -

I’ve wanted the Morphe M438 Pro Contour ($9) ever since I saw it on the DressYourFace channel. It’s meant to contour out the cheekbones but I love using it for setting my undereye concealer. It is made from sable bristles as well and tapers to a perfect edge to reach into the inner corners to prevent creasing. The size is quite versatile so I can use it for contouring or highlighting depending on my mood.

Morphe Brushes -

The E27 Pro Round Blender ($7) is supposed to be a dupe for the Sigma E40 ($16). It’s a fluffy and feathery brush with synthetic bristles. It’s great to go in with afterwards to blend out any harsh edges above the crease or to apply any transition shades. I love using it to blend out my nose contour which like I said, I use these unconventionally.

Morphe Brushes -

Lastly, the Morphe G30 Flat Contour ($15) is not actually new to my collection. I acquired it a couple of months back from Muse.SA because everyone knows I struggle with my contour. It’s a flat, densely packed brush made with synthetic bristles and it picks up a lot of product. The flat edge does make it easier to contour but because I wear full coverage foundation, I find this brush moves the layers beneath it sometimes leaving my makeup looking muddy. I hardly reach for this brush anymore but I’m super impressed with the new ones I have.

Morphe Brushes -

I ordered these from a third party seller but waited months for it to arrive. If you’re looking to get your hands on anything Morphe, you can order from them directly or enquire from Muse.SA.

Have you tried any Morphe products before?

  • I’ve heard so many amazing things about the morphe brushes!! I would love to get my hands on them

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • Simone Cameron

    I am also dying to get my hands on Morhpe brushes…. like you, I’m quite cheap when it comes to my brushes. I see the Urban Studio brushes at Dischem and they’re R100 each…I’m like, no ways, my CALA brushes and RT brushes do the trick. The Cala fan brush for me was a total dud…hate it. Literally the most useless brush I own.

    Shaaanxo’s brushes look amazing, especially the fan brush. I wouldn’t mind those if I can ever get myself to splurge on brushes. ha ha

    These Morphe brushes look awesome!

  • karen Lacheiner

    It is really worth watching the Jaclyn Hill video on her favourite Morphe brushes. I also dislike spending money on brushes, but I guess that is why I never get the expected results…This November I am treating myself to some decent brushes that are function-specific.