Why you should attend the upcoming Ultimate Workshop by Lutfiya Shaik

Why you should attend the upcoming Ultimate Workshop by Lutfiya Shaik

A couple of months ago I attended the first Ultimate Workshop hosted by the beautiful Lutifya Shaik. What started as an initiative for women empowerment soon became that and so much more.

About Lutifiya

Lutfiya, a flight attendant for Saudi Airlines, is truly a remarkable woman. At first glance, she seems pretty normal. Once you start scrolling through her Instagram feed, you see her zest for life, her love for travel, her friends from around the globe and her best friend/husband who supports her through it all. Sounds amazing doesn’t she? I’ve chatted to her over the phone and eventually met her in person, and I can honestly say she’s one in a million. Her poise, her charm and her benevolent ability to always see the best in people shines through.

I was privy to all the backstage drama and gossip that went on for months throughout planning the event. At stages, had I been in that position, would have told the next person to fly a kite. Lutfiya kept her composure, her dignity and handled each situation remarkably. Each person that was a part of that group, be it sponsors, vendors or speakers, felt the same and I think we all admired her even more for it.

You can check this interview with Lutfiya by fellow blogger Nabeelah Ghood.

The Ultimate Workshop

The actual event was amazing. Hosted at a private home in the south of Joburg, guests were greeted to a setup fit for royalty. Welcome drinks, snacks and goodies lined the tables. Most of the food was prepared by The Great EsCake and boy was everything super yummy.


Outside, the tables were decked for the high tea after the event featuring ‘the prettiest and most petite vintage décor I ever did see’ (I imagined saying that in a Southern drawl).

All the while, the vendors were set up to entice those looking to splurge a little bit on themselves. Some of the amazing vendors included La Boutique, Glambox, Red Ruby Abayas & Got2Get to name a few.

The standout for me was the beautiful flower wall encompassing the logo to be used as a backdrop for photo’s and selfies.

Benazir Akbar, who is both beauty and brains, is a former MAC makeup artist who studied medicine and holds a science degree. She was the makeup artist for the day and her techniques were easy and simple for all the guests to follow.

There were also a few speakers with topics ranging from women empowerment to beauty as well as touching on sensitive issues such as depression.

Last, and probably best of all for the guests, were the goodie bags. Apart from the mirrors, they practically got to keep everything else as well as having additional goodies sponsored by kind hearted vendors wanting to support and assist in this wonderful endeavour.

I wanted to contribut so I sponsored my makeup brush holders so each guest got one of those as well.

Something truly important to know about The Ultimate Workshops is that it is not a money making scheme. It has become an event to bring women together, to see the best in each other and a large portion of the proceeds are donated to the Crosby Women’s Forum and The Zeenat Home which house and care for destitute and neglected women.

Upcoming Events

The next Ultimate Workshop is around the corner and the tickets sold out super fast. I decided to share this with you today because they just released another batch of tickets and I guarantee you,it is not something you want to miss. If you can’t make it, then you can always check out The Ultimate Market, bringing you your favourite vendors under one roof. Entry is free and you can check out their Instagram page for all the details. If Lutfiya has any hand in it, it’s going to be spectacular. Hope to meet you there.

A huge thank you to Lutfiya for allowing me to be a part of The Ultimate Workshop team and to Benazir for recommending me.

* Images were taken by me unless watermarked. Photographer at The Ultimate Workshop was 60 seconds of love