Wishlist Wednesday – Gerard Cosmetics

Wishlist Wednesday - Gerard Cosmetics - http://belleblushh.com

So yesterday Gerard Cosmetics launched a new range of lip pencils. If you’ve been part of the Belle Blushh family for a while then you know I love Gerard Cosmetics products. Their lipstick formula and shades are some of my favourites and their star powders are just dreamy. The range consists of 4 shades claiming to be ‘ultra pigmented and creamy but with the longevity you need’. There are four pretty shades that will suit many skin tones. I’d most like to try ‘Nude’ and ‘Peachy Keen’ and whilst each pencil retails for $16, they have a bundle available with all four shades for just $59. It’s not so much the formula or shades that enticed me, but rather the sleek gold packaging. As usual it emits regality in the true sense of the word. Who wouldn’t wana whip gold pencils out of their makeup bag?

Wishlist Wednesday - Gerard Cosmetics - http://belleblushh.com

And then I’d really love to try their setting sprays. If you follow me on social media you’ll know I’m a setting spray junkie too. The Gerard Cosmetics Slay All Day Setting Sprays come in 5 different variants, namely: Peach, Lavender, Jasmine, Green Tea and Lemongrass. They claim to ‘lock in your makeup look and look flawless for hours with our cooling, oil control mist that increases the look and longevity of your makeup’. They retail for $22 each and I’d most like to try Peach, Lavender and Jasmine. Gerard Cosmetics really know how to make you spend money cos they also have a setting spray bundle at $89 for all 5 scents.

Wishlist Wednesday - Gerard Cosmetics - http://belleblushh.com

Gerard Cosmetics are available directly from them here and while shipping is free and you can be charged up to 50% customs duties on arrival, I still think it’s way cheaper than buying from their retailers here in SA.

Have you tried any of these products? What’s going on your wishlist today?

* Pictures sourced from the Gerard Cosmetics website

  • wow 🙂 I still have not tried any of the Gerard Cosmetics as yet. I have been wanting lipsticks ever since reading your reviews. I certainly have to add to that wishlist, as these looks totally amazing.

  • I’ve ordered more of the hydra matte liquid lipsticks and two setting sprays. But I ordered before the lip pencils were released. Bleh. I have all but one star powder.

  • I haven’t tried any Gerard Cosmetics products but they do sound great! xx
    Rivania | The Glam Unicorn