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A relaxing day out with Oh My Gloss

A relaxing day out with Oh My Gloss

Happy Monday bellas,

To be honest, it’s actually quite awesome to be at work today. And for the most absurd reason on top of it. Electricity. Yep, you read that right. Since last Thursday we’ve been on a 4/5 hour rotation of no electricity. Thanks to vandals, in their attempt to steal cables, they managed to break something as well. We’ve been notified that it will take at least 14 days to repair, so this weekend has been a lot of technology downtime. It wasn’t all bad though since we spent quality time together and bonded over board games and trivia. I honestly didn’t realise just how dependent we are on power cos I felt like a cavewoman not being able to communicate with the outside world. Even the cell tower was down so we had to drive to get food instead of ordering in. It really was eye-opening for me.

Now that I’m back in the land of the living for a few hours (it’s back to a dark house until 9PM when I get home), I thought I’d share one of my recent experiences with you. A couple of weeks ago I attended a makeup class hosted by Sadia from Oh My Gloss. She hosts makeup classes from her home in Linden once a month. Sadia is a qualified psychologist but chose to follow her passion as a makeup artist. I’ve known Sadia for a good few years and always admired her work on Instagram so I was interested in finding out for myself just what goes on in those makeup classes.

Oh My Gloss Makeup Class -

Makeup classes are hosted on Saturday mornings from 9AM until around 2PM. The classes are very intimate so there are a maximum 7 spaces for each session. I arrived to a beautifully decked out table with a little bite to eat for breakfast. I was stoked since I woke up late and didn’t manage to eat before I left the house. There was also a table of hot and cold drinks for anyone who wanted to help themselves throughout the class. The class was hosted outside in the patio area and it was a tad chilly so we were given throw blankets to keep us warm.

Oh My Gloss Makeup Class - Oh My Gloss Makeup Class -

Once everyone arrived, we began going through the manual that Sadia had compiled. It’s a comprehensive guide about makeup starting from the basis of skincare. We discussed each section until everyone understood before moving on. It took us around 2 hours to complete the ‘learning’ part of the program before we moved on to the actual application.

We were all provided with different makeup brushes and sponges to use in the class from the selection. There was a table decked with the multiple types of makeup and we decanted as we needed as we went along. My only issue was the sharing of items such as powders and mascaras without the sanitising of items in between each use. Sadia has since gotten disposable wands and will sanitise the makeup with alcohol between uses.

Oh My Gloss Makeup Class - Oh My Gloss Makeup Class -

So the main factor for me that sets this class apart from other beginner classes was the actual application. Every class I have attended before always has a model on which the MUA works. Then the attendants have to copy as they go along. In this instance, while Sadia did have a model, she also paid attention to what each individual needed. People asked questions as we went along and we didn’t move on until everyone was on the same page. It was very chilled and informal, like getting together with your friends for some fun. Everyone was very relaxed with each other and no one was shy to ask for assistance.

Hence the reason I have to apologise for the lack of before and after photos. We were all so comfortable that many of us who wear scarves ditched it within the first hour of being there.

Another thing I do want to mention that was amazing was the food. I don’t consider myself a serious foodie but I do love to eat. Our lunch was catered by Radia from I Cater For You and I was in my element. There was an array of treats for each of us and each one was super delicious. Tomato soup, Middle Eastern skewers and Mini Savoury Tarts with chicken. Just thinking back is making me salivate.

Oh My Gloss Makeup Class - Oh My Gloss Makeup Class - Oh My Gloss Makeup Class -

The makeup classes hosted by Sadia are great for those who are just beginning to experiment with makeup and even better for those who want to learn where to begin. It’s centrally located in Johannesburg but there are ad hoc classes held in different places every now and again. You can check their Instagram page to see where the next class is being held. Sadia also does group classes on request so if you want to hang out with your besties for a relaxing day out, contact Oh My Gloss!

Oh My Gloss Makeup Class -

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