Hi bellas and WELCOME to my blog

I’m Nisa. A 29-year-old South African city girl who is absolutely smitten with everything makeup and beauty related. Growing up I was always one of those people who thought wearing makeup was a sign of snobbishness and vanity until I broke out in severe hormonal acne with my second child. Makeup was my savior in covering up and diverting attention away from all those nasty blemishes I wanted to hide. At the moment my main focus is to transform myself until I love the person that I am and feel comfortable in my own skin (with makeup if needed).

Since giving birth to my daughter in 2014, I have come to embrace and love all things PINK (I can hear all my friends laughing at me saying that) and my passion for makeup has transformed into an addiction. I spend hours online looking at beauty blogs and cosmetic websites and have spent a whole lot of money in the process which inspired me to start my own blog. Now I know what you’re thinking, there are thousands, if not millions of girls doing the same thing, maybe even better. My blog is simply a way for me to put into words the sheer joy and pleasure of trying out new products and to create a community of fellow beauty lovers to accompany me on my journey and share their views and ideas. All products are purchased with my own money unless otherwise stated in the post.

I work full-time as a SAP Certified Associate, am a wife of 10 years and have two beautiful kids aged 1 and 3. Apart from blogging, I have experience in marketing, promotions and event co-ordination as well as dabbling in graphic and web design.

It is very important to me that you enjoy this site, so please comment or inbox me your feedback. If you wish to share some of your tips and tricks and would like it to be featured on the blog, please pop me an email or complete the form on my contact page (credit will always be given where due).

Hope you have fun.