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Benefit Cosmetics Haul + First Impressions

Benefit Cosmetics Haul + First Impressions

If you’ve read my previous Wishlist Wednesday post, you would know that I was super excited for Benefit Cosmetics to be finally brought back to South Africa. On top of that, I found a select few of my favourite beauty bloggers were allowed to host a VIP experience with 5 guests at the Sandton City launch on social media. I entered two of the competitions, one being the Friday night before the official launch on the 11th July and the other being the Sunday after. When I got the message that I was chosen for the Friday night launch, I think I might have floated a couple of inches off my chair. Not only were we going to be one of the first to shop at the new Benefit counters, but also had the pleasure of avoiding the rush and having an amazing time learning about the brand.


The Benefit Cosmetics counter is almost like any other beauty counter at Edgars. Similar size, same height. But what really stands out is the gorgeous pink that makes it look like a rose between the thorns. Changing it up from the usual black or white, Benefit’s counters are a total eye catcher. Which is great cos it makes you want to try everything and truth be told that’s exactly what we did. After being introduced to the other guests, we got a bit of a brand talk by Lauren Engelbrecht, Benefit’s National Training and Education Manager before choosing between a brow service or mini makeover by their amazing team. I decided on a brow service because Lauren E says, “A bad brow will ruin a good girl!” Whilst I think it is a great endeavour and has good potential since there are no other brow services in Edgars, I think R145 for a brow wax is a bit steep. I’ll rather tweeze myself and save that money to buy more makeup.

Afterwards we got to play around and test the products. Obviously I had an armful of swatches even though I had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted to buy as per my wishlist. I was so overwhelmed and impressed by the products, that I literally had to tear myself away before going overboard. Each of the ladies received a goodie bag of samples so I got the chance to try a few more products in the comfort of my own home. We all received a sample of the world renowned Porefessional primer, which I reviewed in my Primer Pandemonium post but I learnt that it is the fastest selling primer in the world. To prove how great it is, they’re giving out free samples to all customers.


So first up is skincare. I’d just recently run out of a couple of essentials and thought what a great way to try out the Benefit skincare range. I purchased a full size Instant Comeback Facial Serum which is a must for my dehydrated skin routine. I use the serum twice a day and it feels a bit more watery than previous serums I used. It doesn’t sound like a bad thing since my skin does need water, but it feels as if it’s evaporating instead of seeping inwards. The large 30ml bottle will definitely last me a while but next time I’d rather try something else for the R585 I spent on it.

I then apply the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion each morning followed by the Total Moisture Face Cream (morning and night) which we got in our goodie bag. Now these two magicians I would sell my mama for. The Triple Performing Facial Emulsion hydrates, comforts and protects with its SPF 15 sunscreen and the Total Moisture Face Cream gives my skin a boost of hydration and my skin immediately feels plumper and looks more radiant. I’ve noticed less lines on my forehead since I started using these two products and it definitely feels like it’s doing good to my skin. The deluxe size Triple Performing Facial Emulsion retails for R75 (8.9ml), R395 for full size (50ml) and the Total Moisture Face Cream is R525 for 48g.


Then I found two new holy grail items I just cannot live without. Firstly the Benefit Girl meets Pearl (12ml) soft pink, liquid highlighter. With strobing being the new ‘IN’ thing right now, just one pump of this liquid magic mixed in with any foundation or BB cream, gives my dull skin a gorgeous, subtle glow with a dewy sheen. Ok so it’s more of a twist because you turn the bottom for the product to snake itself out the top. I find mixing it on the back of my hand to be easier then trying to get all the product off onto my paw palette or a mixing plate. It contains raspberry & chamomile, known for their soothing properties and sweet almond seed extract known to help improve skin firmness & smoothness. Who doesn’t want makeup to double up as a treatment, I know I do! I also picked up the Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter (9.4g) and boy does it up the wattage on rocking that glow.

benefit_haul_impressions_highlighters-02 benefit_haul_impressions_highlighter_swatches

This champagne stick has a cream to powder finish and suits all skin tones. The tube of this is very funky with winding up the product on one side to apply and then popping of the diamond cut shaped lid on the other side to reveal a short, stubby applicator brush that softly blends the product after application. Both highlighters can be used to accentuate the high points on the face… browbones, cheekbones and bridge of the nose, but I keep it away from my forehead as it can accentuate pores when I use a lot #highlighterfreak. At R375 a pop it’s a bit on the pricier side but definitely worth it because both products give a gorgeous, pigmented glow that lasts the entire day and will last a while cos in this case, a little goes a really LOOONNNGG way.


The second holy grail product is hands down the best mascara I have ever used. EVER! Benefit’s Roller Lash has been my go to mascara ever since I picked it up. I also received a sample of the Benefit They’re Real Mascara and even though this one claims to be for short, straight lashes, the Roller Lash outperforms it by miles. After curling my lashes with a heated eyelash curler, just one coat of the Roller Lash mascara makes it look like I’m wearing a pair of falsies. It does curl my lashes more than other mascaras but not enough for my liking. The length it gives to my lashes is unbelievable. The consistency of the mascara is not runny, but thinner than the They’re Real mascara as it contains Provitamin B5 and Serin, ingredients known for their lash-conditioning benefits. It claims to be water-resistant, but I find it takes a couple of minutes to dry so I smudge it if I shut my eyes too quickly and I find it does flake if I rub my eyes throughout the day. Both mascara wands separate the lashes  and while the Roller Lash lengthens, the They’re Real creates loads of volume for fuller looking lashes. Both retail at R295 for full size products but the They’re Real is available in a deluxe sample size for R145.


Lastly I picked up a deluxe sized sample of the They’re Real Push Up Liner in Black for R145. Unlike any other liner, this has an angled tip made from Accuflex, a soft, rubber-bordering-on-sponge material from which the product oozes out from when the base is turned. The bendable tip allows for the most precise, lash hugging application and ensures that the product never dries out. The eyeliner dries matte but not as black as other gel liners. The staying power of the eyeliner is amazing. It is completely waterproof and I struggle to get it out even with oil-based eye remover wipes. The only thing that removes it, and I mean witnessed before my very eyes it melt the eyeliner off, is the Benefit They’re Real Remover which removes any waterproof makeup. I would have liked to purchase this as well but I was on a strict budget.

I do find Benefit products to be more on the pricier side and I’d much rather spend that much money on medicated skincare from a dermatologist, but I can promise you if I find any mascara or liquid highlighters better than the Benefit Roller Lash or Girl Meets Pearl, you’ll be the first to know.

benefit_cosmetics_sa_edgars_sandton_01 benefit_cosmetics_sa_edgars_sandton_02 benefit_cosmetics_sa_edgars_sandton_03 benefit_cosmetics_sa_edgars_sandton_04 benefit_cosmetics_sa_edgars_sandton_06 benefit_cosmetics_sa_edgars_sandton_05 benefit_cosmetics_sa_edgars_sandton_07 benefit_cosmetics_sa_edgars_sandton_08 benefit_cosmetics_sa_edgars_sandton_09 benefit_cosmetics_sa_edgars_sandton_10

Benefit Cosmetics are available at selected Edgars and Red Square stores nationwide as well as Red Square online. Click here for their first rollout of store listings.

Until next time Bellas!


Belle BluSHH <3