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Brand Focus: LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation, Strobelite, Primer, Powder & Setting Spray

Brand Focus: LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation, Strobelite, Primer, Powder & Setting Spray

Okay so I know this post is loooong overdue. I shared a pic on Instagram of the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation and Strobe Lite Strobing Powder in Feb and frequently get asked what my thoughts are on it. I decided to gather a few other LA Girl items I’ve not yet featured on my blog just in case you were interested. There are reviews on the Eyeshadow Bricks which so closely resembles the Urban Decay Naked palettes. The Matte Lipsticks which I still enjoy to bits and the Concealers and Correctors which are essential for any makeup artists kit.

LA Girl for me is a mid-range drugstore brand. They’re not the cheapest nor are they the most expensive. In saying that, I’ve had both hits and absolute fails with some of the products. Then there’s others that are just meh. They’re not bad per se, they just get the job done without burning a hole in your pocket. So grab a drink and let’s get to it.

LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation – R175 ($10*) 

So I know I’m supposed to save the best for last but today this is front and centre. The LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation made it into my top 5 favourite drugstore foundations list after using it just a few times. It has a dewy finish so it’s more suited to drier skin types. However, as an oily/combo girl, I’m happy to report it works just as well on my skin. The coverage is pretty full but can be sheered out using a denser brush. When I apply the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation with a Beauty Blender I don’t need to colour correct or conceal beforehand. Most days I skip the undereye concealer and this covers the darkness sufficiently.

LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation, Strobelite, Primer, Powder & Setting Spray -

Another thing is that a little goes a long way. I find a single full pressed pump is too much for my entire face.  The most important part for me though, due to having combination skin, is that I cannot wear the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation without setting it. I usually opt for the RCMA No Colour Powder but whatever I use it doesn’t ever make the foundation look cakey. The LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation is also very long lasting. It doesn’t fade as the day progresses but I do have to blot certain areas that look shiny when it’s hot. Now that it’s winter time, I don’t get the slightest bit greasy and the foundation tackles my drier patches as well.

The packaging is reminiscent to the Makeup Forever HD foundations and very chic. The pump also makes it hygienic and leaves very little room for mess. There are 15 available shades in the LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation all the way up to Dark Chocolate. I’m in the shade Sand which matches my complexion perfectly when applied (click here for a list of my other foundations). I did notice slight oxidization on certain days so test it out and let it dry in store before you purchase it. They also have a White shade which can be used to lighten any of the other foundations that might be too yellow or too dark.

LA Girl Strobe Lite Strobing Powders – R149 ($9*)

Here’s another product I’ve been impressed by. Not mainly by the formula but because there are 12 different shades available. That’s a first I’ve seen for drugstore highlighters.

LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation, Strobelite, Primer, Powder & Setting Spray -

•120 Watt – A Pearlescent, silver toned highlight.
•110 Watt – Champagne tone, perfect for fair skin.
•100 Watt – Champagne coloured with yellow undertones.
•90 Watt – Pink champagne tone for fair to medium skin.
•80 Watt – Peach tones for medium to tan skin tones.
•70 Watt – Pink coloured for fair to medium skin.
•60 Watt – Burnished gold tones for olive skin.
•50 Watt – Olive to golden skin tones.
•40 Watt – Dark peach for dark skin tones.
•30 Watt – Deep pink for medium to dark skin.
•20 Watt – Terracotta pigmented for dark skin tones.
•10 Watt – Orange undertones for deep skin tones.

LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation, Strobelite, Primer, Powder & Setting Spray -

The formula isn’t the best I’ve ever tried but it’s pretty darn good. It has stunning shimmer without being glittery which I prefer. You can also layer it for a more intense and popping highlight. It can emphasize fine lines and pores but I just use my Beauty Blender to melt it into the skin.

The packaging is impressive with the gold edging giving a luxurious look to it. When you hold the compact though you feel the lightweight plastic and it brings you back to reality. It clips tightly shut so it should be safe during travel. I have the shade 80 watt which is a bright white gold. There was a huge stripe the first time I applied it because I went in with a heavy hand. I always use this brush to highlight since it is fluffy and I can control how I dust it over the high points of my face. This is definitely the best drugstore highlighters that are permanently available right now. You get 5.5g of product and if they seem a bit steep in price, I assure you it’s worth it.

LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation, Strobelite, Primer, Powder & Setting Spray -

LA Girl Pro Prep HD Smoothing Face Primer – R60 ($7*)

Gosh I bought this so long ago I don’t even know if it’s stocked anymore. It’s silicone based and feels like the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser primer. I haven’t used it in a very long time but I tried it again recently and it didn’t go so well. This primer is great for drier skin types. It fills in pores and smooths out any imperfections. However, it is slippery so makeup tends to shift around and not last as long. This is one of those products that need to be used in conjuction with a powder or setting spray to help it work. As much as I love the texture and finish it gives to the skin, it just doesn’t work for me. I did a post on many other primers I’d recommend here.

LA Girl Pro HD Setting Powder – R60 ($7*) 

When taking these pics I realised that I’ve practically used up all of this powder. There’s perhaps enough left for one or two more applications. I bought this because I read it was a dupe for the MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing Powder which used to be one I reached for quite often. At a third of the price, I thought why not. I have to be honest and say it’s almost exactly the same except this is a bit more drying under the eyes. It’s finely milled, silky to the touch and barely leaves a white cast when dusted off.

The biggest downfall to this powder is the horrible flashback in photo’s. It can leave you looking ghostly and patchy which is not a pretty sight. This is perfect for everyday use and when you’re talking selfies with no flash. If you’re gonna be in the limelight, back away slowly and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation, Strobelite, Primer, Powder & Setting Spray - LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation, Strobelite, Primer, Powder & Setting Spray -

LA Girl Pro HD Setting Spray – R90 ($7*)

This setting spray claims to have a long lasting matte finish. Whilst I do agree with the long lasting part, it doesn’t mattify any part of my face when using it. This holds your makeup in place for around 4-6 hours which is about the same as other drugstore setting sprays. I’d say skip on this one and opt for the Essence one instead. It performs the same but you get 50ml of Essence for R60 and here you getting 30ml for almost double the price.

LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation, Strobelite, Primer, Powder & Setting Spray -

That’s my roundup of LA Girl products. For an affordable brand, I’m surprised at how much I actually like the products I have from them. LA Girl products are available at Dischem or directly from the LA Girl website. You can click here to read all my posts and let me know which products worked for you.

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