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Catrice Pulse of Purism Collection

Catrice Pulse of Purism Collection

It’s been just over a week since the new Catrice Pulse of Purism Collection hit the shelves at Dischem. Now you know I’m a sucker for pretty packaging because this and this Catrice purchases were all about that. My favourite thus far has got to be this one, it’s the most stunning of all time. So when I received the press release about the launch, I mentally added most of the collection to my wishlist.

Subtle Elegance. Pure sophistication as a statement. The Limited Edition “Pulse of Purism” by CATRICE unites subtlety with unobtrusive luxury. The palette of colours combines greyish shades like cool blue and elegant mauve with a fresh hibiscus tone. The highlight of the edition is the Pure Radiance Glowrizer, which gives the complexion an elegant glow. Painted in the spring colours of 2017, the nails are given an edgy finish with the “Brushed Metal“ Top Coat or the golden Nail Stripes. Plain Clarity – by CATRICE.

Here let me show you what’s available.

Pure Radiance Glowrizer – R99.95
Powder Blush – R79,95
Pure Metal Palette – R94.95
2-Tone Lipstick – R79.95
Brow Pomade Stick – R69.95
Nail Lacquer – R59,95
Top Coat – R59,95
Nail Stripes – R59,95

I then stumbled across the collection in Dischem last week and got to swatching in store. I didn’t pick anything up because the queues were wayyy to long but I’m going back for it.

The pure metal eyeshadow palettes are mini baked domes that pack a punch of pigment and are oh so sexy.

The lipstick was too glossy for my liking and the blush was too pink. I was however super impressed with the shade and consistency of the brow stick. Just the fact that it’s so large makes me nervous that I might ‘colour outside the lines’.

The glowrizer was my favourite. The dispenser crushes the light-reflecting pearls into a smooth base that illuminates the skin. Up close you can see the small specks of glitter dotting the skin. It’s perfect as a primer or can also be worn alone.

I don’t wear any nail polish but these shades are just to die for.

Where to Buy

The Catrice Pulse of Purism collection is exclusive to Dischem and will be available from April to June 2017.

Will you be picking anything up?