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Catrice Week – Le Grand Bleu Collection

Catrice Week – Le Grand Bleu Collection

I do want to apologise to all my readers as I did intend to post way more over the last two weeks but thanks to our service provider, Telkom, our internet has been down with no word as to when it will be fixed (customer service my a**). Sorry but I had to get that off my chest.

My week is starting on a Tuesday because we had a public holiday yesterday and will be having another one on Friday (two long weekends in a row. YAY!) This week I’ll be featuring all of the Catrice products I have accumulated over the last couple of months. I’ve split them up as there are quite a few of them and I’ve already spoken about the Catrice primers here. I hope you guys enjoy and let me know your thoughts, likes and dislikes or suggestions in the comments section below. Happy reading!

After seeing another South African blogger, Azraa from Prettifulblog, feature the Catrice Le Grand Bleu Collection on her site, I couldn’t wait for it hit our nearest Dischem. Much to my dismay, a month later it still hasn’t but I managed to get my hands on them browsing in Rosebank one day.


Catrice Le Grand Bleu Matt Lip Cream

This gorgeous, vibrant red is housed in an unconventional square-rather-than-round tube (can I still say tube?) with a silver lid and lining. Not the most flattering packaging but it was the shade of red that caught my eye. I, unfortunately, after trying on numerous red lipsticks, still have not found ‘The One’, but I enjoy trying out new shades until I fall in love. The Catrice Le Grand Bleu Matt Lip Cream has a soft, doe foot applicator that picks up enough product and makes it easy to apply to the lips. The formula is creamy and opaque but no matter how long I waited or blew between my lips (yes that’s how retarded I dry my lipstick), it was just not matte at all unless I blotted using a tissue. It held the same satin finish but it had great staying power on the lips. Although it does transfer a bit when I eat or drink, it does not come off patchy or bleed whatsoever. It has a subtle sweet smell that I like and I usually don’t mind frangranced cosmetics. I think it is a great product but Catrice should of tested it’s matteness before naming this product. While it does apply moistly, I found it didn’t offer any real hydration. The shade is called ‘Never Leave Coral Reef’ because the Catrice Le Grand Bleu collection has a mermaid themed inspiration. Price R80 ($7)

le_grand_bleu_lip_swatch le_grand_bleu_02

Catrice Le Grand Bleu Eye Shadow Pen

I picked up two of the four available shades. The copper shade was sold out and was gorgeous whilst the peach shade didn’t really tickle my fancy. Both the pink ‘Underwater Laugh’ and blue ‘Mermaiday Mayday’ eye shadow pens from the Catrice Le Grand Bleu collection are creamy and have a solid, metallic finish (I just can’t deal with these names though). The eye shadow pens are long lasting but I found it did crease and smudge a bit when I didn’t use an eyeshadow primer. I rather prefer to wear this eye shadow pen underneath the inner corner of my eye for a subtle pop of colour. Just a warning though, with its retractable capacity and super creamy consistency, it’s really easy to snap off a huge chunk of pen whilst using it, so keep it sorta peeking out at the top during use. Price R70 ($6)

le_grand_bleu_eye_shadow_pens le_grand_bleu_swatches

Here are the other items of the Catrice Le Grand Bleu collection that I skipped out on.


Available from Dischem stores.

Which products do you like in this collection?


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