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Clere-ly a much needed makeover

Clere-ly a much needed makeover

Hiya bellas,

Today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet, just like what my family thinks of me. If they only knew *inserts evil laugh*.

Jokes aside. I wasn’t planning on writing a dedicated blog post for the new Clere lotions because it’s basically just some of their old products in new packaging and with a few more fragrances. However, I felt I needed to because trying out these products, has completely changed my perception of things. Let me explain why.

Disclaimer: My intent with this blog post is not to offend or discriminate against anyone. I’m just sharing my views on the brand and product.

Growing up, Clere has been a brand I have noticed hundreds of times on the shelves whilst shopping. Have I ever purchased a product? No. Have I ever tried a product? No. Why not?

This is probably an ignorant thing to say, but I never thought to purchase their products because of their advertising. It was always geared towards the African community and perhaps in some way still is as per all the images on their website. They’re not the first brand to do so and I’m sure definitely not the last.

I recently got invited to the Clere launch where we were introduced to the new formulations and new scents available in the range. We got sent home with a very generous goodie bag containing 3 lotions and 3 creams to test out. The day I got home, we each chose our favourite scent that became ‘ours’ to use. 

Pampering Body Crème – R27

I chose the Vanilla Honey Cream Crème because of my love of sweet scents. This was a double whammy because I also suffer from extremely dry skin on my body and this one is specifically formulated to assist with that. My favourite part about it, it that unlike other rich creams, this one is non-greasy.

Clere Body Crea and Lotion review -

My daughter chose the Powder Fresh Crème purely because the jar was pink and my son settled on the Argan Butter Crème which is a mix of fruity and sweet scents. They no longer suffer from dry skin or itchiness which was a huge problem for us when winter began. Daily use has made all of our skins supple, soft and moisturised. Oh, and his favourite colour is red too.

Clere Body Crea and Lotion review -

Luscious Body Lotion – R19

Hubby enjoys using the lotions because they’re lighter in texture and absorb quickly into the skin. I can see myself reaching for this more during summer because it is so cooling once it hits the skin.

Clere Body Crea and Lotion review -

See, I’ve sidetracked talking about the products and didn’t get to properly explain my point.

If I was not invited to the Clere event and given their products to try out, I probably would have been none the wiser and continued spending my money on other products. I love the new rebranding of their products because it features women of all colours and they have exciting scents and textures to suit all preferences. One of the main factors I like about this product is its affordability. I spend a lot of money monthly on body products and I’m glad I found something I have no problem purchasing over and over again. The scents and the price coupled with the fact that it actually works to combat dry skin.

Do me a favour, if there’s one thing you pick up next time shopping at Clicks, let it be one of these. You won’t regret it. Otherwise, if you want to take a chance, you can enter my giveaway over on Instagram where one of these babies is included.

Have you ever tried Clere products before?

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