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ColourPop Lippie Stix, Ultra Matte & Ultra Satin

ColourPop Lippie Stix, Ultra Matte & Ultra Satin

As many ColourPop items I have acquired over the last year, I still can’t really say I’m a fan of their products. Some of them have been absolutely amazing, like the eyeshadows I reviewed here and the blush that even made it on to my April favourites post here. The lip products on the other hand, have been touch and go where some days I want to reach for them and other days I wonder why I wasted my money on them. I have a few different types to share with you today, along with some gorgeous swatches and let you know how they fared for me.

ColourPop Lippie Stix – $5

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Lumiere, Brink, Bitchette, I heart this & Flawless -

These were the first lip items I purchased from ColourPop and I got five different shades. The packaging is quite unconventional compared to the regular bullet lipsticks or the lip crayons we’re used to. The white sleek tube almost resembles a pen/marker and has a retractable twist mechanism to control the actual product. The ends are marked with the name and finish of the lippie stix and the coloured bases make it easy to find in even the messiest of collections.

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Lumiere, Brink, Bitchette, I heart this & Flawless -

I picked up four matte finishes and one satin. The matte finishes look very dry when you unwind the top but it applies smoothly and creamily on to the lips. It doesn’t dry completely once applied so it is prone to transferring and fading. It is very comfortable on the lips and definitely looks matte to the naked eye. It has the same wear time as a MAC matte lipstick so you have to reapply after eating or around the 4-5 hour mark. These matte lippie stix don’t bleed past where I apply them so a lip liner isn’t neccessary but ColourPop do have matching lip liners for almost all the shades for those who prefer them. The satin shade is also very creamy and comfortable on the lips and has a shine once it’s applied. It doesn’t last as long and I find the satin can bleed if you apply more than one layer which shouldn’t ideally happen since it’s super pigmented with just one swipe.

Colourpop Lippie Stix Swatches in Lumiere, Brink, Bitchette, I heart this & Flawless -

L-R: Lumiere, Brink, Bitchette, I Heart This, Flawless

Overall it’s a great product from ColourPop and I would recommend sticking to the nude, matte shades as they performed the best.

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip – $6

A year ago I purchased 3 Ultra Matte lipsticks from a third party seller on Instagram. To say I was excited to try these raved about lippies was an understatement. As soon as I received my package I started swatching the lipsticks and wore them for 5 days straight. When you try as many different lip products as I do, you start getting a feel of what works and what just doesn’t soothe the soul. The more I wore them, the more I disliked them. When someone tells me something is amazing, I try my utmost to like it and will never reject a product without fully testing it first. So with everyone still raving about how amazing these lipsticks are, in my opinion, they are utter crap as far as liquid lipsticks go. Let me tell you about the pros first tho because you should know what’s good about them.

Colourpop Lippies in Pacific, Succulent, Limbo, Echo Park, Frick n Frack & Mess Around -

The packaging is gorgeous. The sleek, clear tube looks very stylish with the silver twist off top and it makes it easy to spot the shade you’re looking for. It has a standard doe foot applicator that picks up enough product to cover the lips without having to dip back in for more. The colours are beautiful when swatched and are fully pigmented with one swipe. It dries completely matte once applied within a minute or two. And that’s as far as it goes.

As for wearing it on the lips, there are less cons but these are way more important as far as I’m concerned. I usually apply lipstick as my final step in my makeup routine. If I make a mistake with these lippies, trying to clean it up with makeup remover or concealer makes an even bigger mess. So I started applying it slowly and that’s just a waste of my time in my opinion. No lipstick should be that hard work. Minor setback but OK. The deal breaker for me was that after an hour, the formula started flaking and creating patches on my lips. Not a pretty site I tell you. Since it was completely matte, trying to add another layer to mask the problem made it very drying on the lips and felt uncomfortable. It was even more horrible after I ate or drank anything. Needless to say, a year later and I have hardly used it. Until last month that is. I tried wearing Limbo to complement an outfit I was wearing and it looked BANGIN’ (pardon my choice of word there). As the day wore on though, it started its nonsense again and I ended up reaching for another lipstick in my handbag.

I have read reviews of people having the same experience and this is definitely one product from ColourPop I would not recommend.

ColourPop Ultra Satin – $6

Now these I love. I would definitely recommend getting a few shades of these for your collection. I picked up three shades and while I love the formula, the selection of colours just didn’t work for me. I chose them in a hurry at the Eid Festival and there were limited shades so I didn’t get to Google the shades or swatch them beforehand.

Colourpop Lippies Ultra Matte & Ultra Satin applicator -

The packaging is the same as the Ultra Matte lippies, with the only differentiator being the name etched on the side. This can become a problem if you have a large collection since the lettering does start to fade the more you use it. You’ll have to familiarise yourself with the names and finishes before that happens or else it will be a lucky packet of turmoil at the end of it all. Like I mentioned before, the formula of these are right up my ally. They are very pigmented and leave a shine on the lips and while they don’t dry down completly, they are very comfortable. They do transfer while eating and drinking but it’s more of an edge of the cup kind of stain rather than the colour being removed from the lips. They are long lasting but do need to be reapplied after about 4-5 hours. Multiple layers do not crack or cake up and there’ is no flaking whatsoever.

Colourpop Lippies in Pacific, Succulent, Limbo, Echo Park, Frick n Frack & Mess Around -

L-R: Ultra Mattes in Pacific, Succulent & Limbo and Ultra Satins in Echo Park, Mess Around & Frick n Frack

With ColourPop having such an affordable price point, there’s no harm in trying all of them to see what works for you. ColourPop do offer shipping internationally but they charge $25 per shipment. I’d suggest rather using Aramex which is way cheaper. I recently purchased the metallic lipsticks from ColourPop and shipping was only R175 ($12). I also struck it lucky because my $66 order incurred no customs charges even though I usually incur customs on packages valued over R400 ($28).

My suggestion is if you’re looking to buy three or less products from ColourPop, rather opt for a reputable third party seller since there will be no surprises for shipping/customs and you usually get your order within 2 days if they have stock. If you’re looking to start a collection though, you can purchase directly from ColourPop here and you can get a $5 discount voucher for signing up.

Have you tried any ColourPop lip products before? What do you think of them?