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DIY Rose Gold Decor

DIY Rose Gold Decor

Hiya bellas,

I don’t usually write short posts here on the blog but I thought I’d share this quick hack with you cos it’s so awesome.

With the recent redecorating of my beauty room, I just wasn’t feeling some of the items anymore. Instead of getting rid of it or throwing it in a draw somewhere, I thought I’d repurpose it and turn it into rose gold decor to match my other stuff. 

DIY Rose Gold Decor -

Now if you’re a fan of rose gold items, you’ll know one of these three facts shopping in SA. Either all the Rose Gold items are the highest priced compared to the other stuff (even at Mr Price Home, Typo and Checkers). They’re almost always sold out first because they’re so popular and everyone is living for rose gold decor these days. And lastly, if you’ve ever wanted to DIY it yourself, it’s kinda impossible to find rose gold spray anywhere. Rustoleum is the only brand in SA that has rose gold spray but every Builder’s Warehouse I’ve been to didn’t have stock.

Then I found this Spraymate can shopping for my kids stationary and decided to try it out. I figured it wouldn’t look the same as the other rose gold decor but it’s better than black and white sometimes. 

DIY Rose Gold Decor - DIY Rose Gold Decor -

What you’ll need

Spraymate Metallic Natural Copper Spray Paint
Rubbing alcohol or spirits
Items you want to spray

First clean items with cloth and alcohol to remove any residue, dirt or stickiness. Take apart any items that have grids or loose pieces.

Place item on a large piece of newspaper (preferably outdoors because of the smell )

DIY Rose Gold Decor -

Spray in bursts from left to right holding the can at least 15cm away from the item to avoid droplets from forming

I went it with a single layer, waited for it to dry, then went in again each time until I was happy

Then let sit for at least 20 mins before turning over and doing the other side

Note: I noticed the plastic parts on the trolley didn’t catch the paint as well so I needed to do that sections multiple times. Just be patient and don’t rush or you’ll smudge it.

DIY Rose Gold Decor - DIY Rose Gold Decor -

It’s also really affordable at just R73 per can. I managed to do 5 items but I could have done more had my kids not gotten hold of it and decided to spray the floor and stones with it. #momlife.

I was really surprised at how well it blended in with my other rose gold decor (which also have their own varying shades dependant on where it’s bought.

DIY Rose Gold Decor -

The Spraymate paints are available at most stores but browsing online today I found another Rustoleum No Rust Rose Gold spray available at Builders Warehouse for R140. The store close to me has stock so I might also pick that one up to do a comparison.

Would you DIY your own rose gold decor using the method above?

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