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Do you need these weird beauty gadgets from YesStyle?

Do you need these weird beauty gadgets from YesStyle?

After seeing a post by Huda beauty on beauty gadgets she picked up from YesStyle, I decided to try them out for myself. Their store boasts thousands of items from all around Asia. They have everything from KBeauty, JBeauty, fashion, accessories and loads more. All their beauty products are 100% authentic but I can’t comment on the quality of their clothing. I hopped on to the YesStyle website and perused for hours before selecting these few products. I noticed they constantly have sales so if you have your eye on something, I’m sure it will be on sale soon. They had a massive sale when I purchased so I’ve added in the original price as well as the price I paid for it. If you want to know which ones are worth it, then keep on reading.

Lazy Corner Face Lifting Roller – $21.90 paid $3.52

I had to use my Tony Moly peach hand cream to hold this device open for you to see. It definitely looks weird and it feels weird on the face too. The concept is to roll this on your face to increase blood circulation which helps prevent wrinkles and ageing. I used this a few times after I cleansed my face but I got annoyed while trying to clean the actual device. Since it has small crevices, dirt can get trapped in it and can cause more breakouts on the skin. I would rather purchase the face rollers that have metal balls because not only is it cooling on the skin, but it is also easier to keep clean.

Do you need these weird beauty gadgets? -

Shu Uemura S Curler – $27.90 paid $10.81

I have the straightest lashes out there. I usually refer to them as cow lashes. Sadly, I haven’t been for a lash lift in ages and I have to rely on my lash curler and mascara to get it to look somewhat decent. Because I have Asian eyes, regular lash curlers don’t always grab the lashes on the outer edges. I figured this would be a great way to lift those pesky little ones just a little bit. As you can see (middle curler), it’s half the size of a regular lash curler and it does really work. I don’t reach for it every day but when I need that extra cat-eye look, this gadget definitely comes in handy. It’s also great for pinching falsies closer to the lash line during application.

Do you need these weird beauty gadgets? -

Lazy Corner Eyelash Curler – $3.90 paid $2.95

This one is even tinier and probably a quarter the size of a regular lash curler. I wanted this one to lift the lashes on the inner corner of my eyes to make them look more wide awake when applying mascara. Although it does work, I still haven’t mastered the technique correctly cos I poke myself in my eye every single time. I need way more practice before I can say this is something I need in my makeup routine.

Seoul Young Eyelash Tool – $2.90 paid $2.34

I prefer mascaras that have a slightly wetter formula because I am able to build my lashes up much better. Somehow though I always end up smudging it onto my lid and the entire eyeshadow look gets messed up. I know I need one of these awesome beauty gadgets in my life but it just doesn’t work as well as I’d like. While it does protect the mascara from transferring on to the lid, the angle makes it impossible to curl the lashes upwards whilst applying. I find a business card or teaspoon works much better. Also, this needs to be cleaned after every use and it’s such a mission to get the mascara out of the little grooves.

Do you need these weird beauty gadgets? -

Etude House My Lash Serum – $10.90 paid $4.59

Again something for my cow lashes. My eyelashes are a decent length but who doesn’t want lashes that touch their brows #lashgoals. I added this serum on a whim to qualify for free shipping. I then used it daily for a few weeks and didn’t notice any difference in my lashes. When I delved deeper and searched for the ingredients, I realised this serum is great for conditioning and strengthening lashes and not so much for growth.

Skinfood Beauty in a Food Mask Sheet – $5.90 paid $1.93

I chose the Propolis and Bee Venom mask. It’s meant to promote healthy looking skin. I haven’t yet tried it but I’ll let you know how it goes when I do.

Do you need these weird beauty gadgets? -

Litfly Reusable Silicone Mask Cover – $3.90 paid $2.95

I use a lot of sheet masks and most of the time there is extra serum at the bottom of the sachet. Instead of throwing it away, I’ve been decanting it into a little tub and rubbing it on my face every now and again. When I saw this reusable silicone mask, I knew it would be a perfect way to mask with the serum. It feels like good quality and even has earpieces to hold the mask in place. I was sorely disappointed when I applied it and the mask was so small, it literally didn’t cover half my face. I guess it’s fine for Asian ladies with tiny heads but it just didn’t work for my big one.

Laneige Sleeping Care Kit – $15.90 paid $3.77

I’ve been eyeing the Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask for a while but could never justify spending R375 on a full sized one. When I saw this was marked down I got super excited. This is basically sample sized products, it’s too tiny to even be considered travel size. The water sleeping mask is a gel formula that feels like water when applied to the skin. It’s cooling, fast absorbing and doesn’t leave a greasy film behind. It definitely makes a difference in plumping up and hydrating the skin overnight. You can get around 5-6 uses from this tiny jar and this is something I would definitely repurchase.

Do you need these weird beauty gadgets? -

The lip sleeping mask is really gloopy in consistency but sits well on the lips without being too sticky. It does absorb a bit over time which makes it more comfortable. Whilst it does hydrate the lips it isn’t the best lip mask I have ever used. I’d rather stick to my Glamglow Poutmud, Elizabeth Arden Repair Lip Balm or Lansinoh nipple cream.

Do you need these weird beauty gadgets? -

Seoul Young Cat-Ear Hair Band – $9.90 paid $1.94

I always wear a headband when wearing a mask so I thought this would be cute. It’s a bit tight for me #bighead, but I still wear it hoping it will stretch out soon.

Do you need these weird beauty gadgets? -

Magic Beauty Eyelash – $10.90 paid $1.91

In this case, I definitely got what I paid for. I don’t wear false lashes but I wanted these to use in my pics for some different styling. These lashes are absolute crap, look cheap and are super straight I can’t even style them to look good. A waste of money for sure.

Overall Thoughts

The Laniege duo and hair band are the only things I am happy with in this entire haul. I feel like I won’t reach for the other products at all. The YesStyle website has so many gimmicky weird and cool beauty gadgets but I’ll stick to purchasing skincare from them. They ship internationally so if you’re interested in picking anything up, have fun. It’s free shipping to SA with purchases over $35. I paid R407 in total for my order and luckily did not incur any customs fees.

Would you try any of these beauty gadgets?

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