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Fabulous Lash Lift @ The Brow Studio

Fabulous Lash Lift @ The Brow Studio

It has been two whole weeks since I had my lash lift done and I am so pleased and amazed by the results I thought I’d share my full experience with you. It has been quite a while since I have wanted to have this procedure done but the lack of provision had me stumped. I inquired from at least 20 salons that said their technicians still had to receive training for the lash lift procedure. I had heard of one in the Hyde Park area which was a little bit cheaper than the one I went to but it was out of my way from both home and work. I decided to treat myself to this for my birthday and struck gold when I found The Brow Studio in Parktown North. You can book available time slots online using the My Appointment website which lists everything from hair salons to skincare clinics nationwide. I decided to be old fashioned and called to make my appointment as I had questions on how long the procedure would take and what preparations were required. Luckily, they were not fully booked and I managed to get an appointment within two days. I was informed it would take around 45 minutes and I did not have to do anything beforehand. It was a mere 10 minute drive from my work so I asked for a bit of an extended lunch that day.

Upon arrival, my lash and brow technician, Dudu, was pleasant and accommodating. I asked Sam, manager at The Brow Studio, if I was able to take pictures of the procedure while having it done. Since my eyes had to be closed completely for the duration of the treatment, she politely agreed and said she would take the pictures herself. I was ushered to my seat which reminded me of a barber chair which fully reclined. It wasn’t the most comfortable nor was it uncomfortable but I preferred lying on a massage bed like when I had my lash extensions done here.

Lash Lift and Tint @ The Brow Studio -

The lash lift treatment consists of different steps using 3 types of solutions. Once my eyes had been wiped down with wet cotton pads, I had to look up so that my bottom lashes could be taped down using protective covers. They reminded me of the shadow shields used to prevent fallout. Next the silicone pad was taped to my eyelid. These come in three sizes, small, medium and large, depending on the type of lift you want for your lashes. The smaller the bump, the higher the lift; the larger bump gives more curvature but less lift. Sam suggested the medium one for a more natural look since my lashes are not too short.

Lash Lift and Tint @ The Brow Studio - Lash Lift and Tint Silicone Pads @ The Brow Studio -

Once the silicone pad was secure, Dudu proceeded to glue my lashes on to it. First she applied the perm solution to the roots of the lashes. It smelt like Veet hair removal cream which isn’t the most pleasant smell in the world. Once it was on though I didn’t notice it any more. This is a bright pink solution so you can see exactly where it has been applied. After 10 minutes it was removed.

Lash Lift and Tint @ The Brow Studio -

Secondly a blue setting solution was applied to the lashes for 7 minutes. Once it was removed, a conditioning gel was applied for 2 minutes.


Lastly, the tint was applied for 10 minutes to make my lashes appear fuller. It is a blue-black dye and only got applied to my upper lashes. I would have liked my lower lashes to be tinted as well but they said they don’t do it when I asked. Once the tint was removed, the silicone pads came off as well and I was able to open my eyes.

Lash Lift and Tint @ The Brow Studio -

During the procedure no solution got in to my eye so I didn’t experience any burning, tingling or irregular sensations. The salon lights are also not set very brightly so it didn’t take my eyes long to adjust back to normal.

Lash Lift and Tint @ The Brow Studio Before and After- Lash Lift and Tint @ The Brow Studio Before and After-

At first I was a bit shocked at the results. The change was so drastic than I was normally used to. I could feel my lashes touching my eyelid and it kinda felt weird. There wasn’t any aftercare regime required except the suggestion to not use mascara within the first 24 hours. Once I left the salon, I did feel like I should have opted for the large silicone pad because my eyes looked so wide like I had been spooked. I got home and continued my normal cleansing routine of using micellar water and cotton pads to wipe my eyes down. This didn’t remove the curl and after a few days, it sloped a little bit more to look more natural. I’m completely used to it now and I love it. Most days I go without mascara and if I do wear it, I opt for the Rimmel Lash Accelarator Mascara which works as a treatment as well.

Lash Lift and Tint @ The Brow Studio with mascara -

The lash lift is meant to last up to 8 weeks with general care so I will update this blog post on my findings. So far it still looks good and is going strong. The treatment costs R550 at The Brow Studio which includes the lash tint. I find it quite reasonable in comparison to the costs of lash extensions which just don’t work for me. I ended up pulling them out with my fingers because it constantly felt like it was poking me in the eye. In turn I damaged my natural lashes as well. The lash lift doesn’t damage the lashes but because it is a perming solution it can make the hair brittle. This wasn’t recommended but I use a lash serum and castor oil on a disposable mascara wand to brush my lashes up at night. Not only does it promote growth, but it strengthens the hair follicles as well.

Lash Lift and Tint @ The Brow Studio -

Lash & brow technician, Dudu (left) and manager, Sam (right)

This is definitely a treatment I would recommend if you struggle with straight lashes and no amount of curling mascara seems to help. It doesn’t damage your natural lashes like lash extensions do and it doesn’t require maintenance or fills afterwards.

Have you heard of a lash lift before? Would you be willing to try it?