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First Impressions – ColourPop Ultra Metallics

First Impressions – ColourPop Ultra Metallics

Hiya bellas,

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my impressions on some of the new ColourPop Ultra Metallics collection which launched over the last few months. I did add them to my wishlist here and after lot (and I mean a lot) of consideration, I decided to take the plunge and order them from ColourPop directly.

I must admit that I was so excited when I placed my order, I completely forgot to use the 5% discount code I had signed up for upon registration. Regardless, I did get free shipping because my order was over $30 and I used my US address provided by Aramex (Free shipping is only applicable in the US). I did have to pay an additional R175 ($12) for the Aramex shipping costs to South Africa but it is half of the $25 that ColourPop charges to ship internationally. Once my order was placed it took just under two weeks to arrive and I was absolutely gobsmacked that I didn’t get charged customs (I usually pay about 50% of my order value).

ColourPop Ultra Metallic Packaging -

The ColourPop Ultra Metallics are boxed and packaged exactly like the other ColourPop liquid lipsticks I reviewed here down to the clear tube, silver top and the name printed on the base.

ColourPop Ultra Metallic -

I chose one of each shade that was available at the time and since receiving it I’ve worn each shade at least once for the entire day. I did get some weird looks while wearing the lighter shades because it looked like I was ready for a party night out.

All the shades are very pigmented and applied opaque on the first swipe. It has the standard doe foot applicator but there were inconsistencies with the hairs on it. The lighter shades had hairs flayed out which had less product on and made application quite tricky. I am not sure if this is because it was manufactured in separate batches but it really annoyed me. I wanted to take the stray hairs on with a scissor but decided against it in case it didn’t pick up any product at all.

ColourPop Ultra Metallic Applicator -

I applied the lipstick before work, had breakfast, snacks and drinks multiple times during the day and the lipstick didn’t budge an inch for the first 5 hours. They dry completely upon application and did not transfer at all (found the answer to ‘my lipstick on the edge of my cup’ woes). The lipstick wore off slowly thereafter and I was left with just a ring line on the outer edge by the time I climbed back into my car around the 9 hour mark. It didn’t flake or look patchy, just a slight tint left behind with the base colour. It has honestly performed better than a lot of the long-wearing, matte or otherwise, lipsticks I own. Removal isn’t a pain with a makeup remover or micellar water but did take some arm work with just a tissue and plain water.

My favourite shades to wear are the ones launched in the first round, Zebra, Man Eater, Kween and 3-way while I find the other shades, Salt, Flitter, Lights Out and J.I.C (Just in Case), are great as lip toppers or as a shine placed in the middle of the lips for either an ombre or highlighted effect depending how wide you apply it.

ColourPop Ultra Metallic Swatches -

L-R: 3-way, Zebra, Kween, Flitter, Man Eater, Salt, Lights Out, J.I.C

I know some people might think wearing metallic lipstick is crazy for going to work but the ColourPop Ultra Metallics are stunning in it’s own right and aren’t too over the top crazy. I think yellow and blue lipsticks are just a no no in my opinion (although I am guilty of wearing MAC’s Matte Royal to work one day, bad idea!)

On the other hand, ordering directly from ColourPop using Aramex was a great idea because not only did a lot of local suppliers not have stock, but each ColourPop Ultra Metallics lippie worked out to R100 each. That’s not factoring in customs of course. That’s why I suggest if you are buying two or three items, rather opt for purchasing it from a reputable reseller first because it does work out cheaper (You can see the list of who I like to order from here).

ColourPop Ultra Metallic -

Since the second release of colours, they have launched an additional 3 shades to the ColourPop Ultra Metallics range. I placed an order for these with ColourPop along with a friend (we did use the 5% coupon code this time) so I will do an in depth review with comparison swatches once they’ve arrived.

What do you think of the ColourPop Ultra Metallics? Would you try them?