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Garnier New Launches – First Impressions

Garnier New Launches – First Impressions

Hiya bellas,

A few weeks ago I attended the Garnier launch and we got introduced to a few of their new products. Some of them were great and and some of them not so much. I initially wanted to do a review on the Ultimate Blends range and the BB creams but I thought why not show you all of it.

Ultimate Blends The Delicate Soother Range

For the last year I’ve been using Tresemme Breakage Defense shampoo and conditioner. It hasn’t helped much in preventing my hair from breaking or falling out so much. Why I’ve stuck with it for so long and continue to repurchase is beyond me. I guess after trying so many different things from Retailbox Secret boxes, I somewhat gave up hope. However, one of the things I’ve noticed is my scalp has become itchy while using it. It hasn’t caused any dandruff (luckily) but it is kinda annoying. I purchased the Dr Miracles Follicle Healer Creme which smells like peppermint to soothe it but it’s adding in an extra step I don’t have time for.

So when I received the new Garnier Ultimate Blends The Delicate Soother Shampoo and Conditioner, I immediately put it to the test. The rice cream softens and protects while the oat milk soothes and comforts the scalp. From the first wash I had no itchiness and I was over the moon. There is a slight, sweet fragrance and it left my hair feeling fresh and bouncy. Definitely something I’ll continue to use and repurchase. This retails for R60 for 400ml and R40 for 200ml.

Ganier New Launches -

Garnier Ultimate Blends Ultra Nourishing Range

This range is formulated for very dry and damaged hair. I do have some frizziness and split ends but this was just too much for my scalp. The oil moisturiser is thinner in consistency and feels like applying lotion to my hair. I just use a tiny bit on my ends to tame the frizz because it weighs my hair down too much. The hair food is meant to be applied to the scalp but it’s just too thick, like semi-hard coconut oil. It made my scalp greasy and was a mission to wash out. This might work better for others but only if your hair is in some dire need of help. Both retail for R40.

Ganier New Launches -

Then on to the face.

Garnier Pure Active Intensive Range

I’ve used products from this range before and they’ve always impressed. I was excited to test out the Triple Action Care Moisturiser but I found it dried out certain parts of my face too much. I have combination skin so my forehead and lower cheek area is very dry. Using this under foundation caused it to cling to dry patches and suck the moisture out of the products so it disappeared halfway through the day. I’m now only using it in my t-zone and as a targeted treatment for spots. By the next day the zit is dried out and a memory of the past.

The Charcoal Anti-Blackhead is a 3-in-1 weapon. 

Wash: concentrated in active Salicylic Acid it purifies skin intensely and removes dirt and impurities.
Scrub: it contains natural exfoliating particles to unclog pores and visibly reduce resistant blackheads.
Mask: enriched in ultra-absorbing vegetal charcoal and blueberry extract to neutralize shine while leaving skin comfortable and smooth.

Most days when I wear a full face of makeup, then I use this as my first step in my double cleanse. The tiny granules unclog the pores and feel my face feeling fresh. I’ve used it as a mask as well but I prefer using this charcoal mask instead. This range is specifically targeted for the ages of 16-20 but it’s definitely helped with my occasional breakout. Definitely something I will continue to repurchase.

Ganier New Launches -

Garnier BB creams

I’ve purchased the Miracle Skin Perfector BB creams from Garnier before. I have to mix the medium (which is too light for me) and the dark (which is too dark for me) together to get it to match my complexion. It’s such a mission because the product snakes out of the tube the minute I open it. Coverage can be built using a beauty blender but even the ones formulated for oily skin needs to be set with powder because it doesn’t dry down completely. Regardless, I love how natural it looks perfect for the ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

The Skinactive 3-in-1 Daily Moisturiser is lightweight and natural looking on the skin. It does also need to be set with powder but the medium is just too light for my complexion. The limited shade range is a big problem even though it’s affordable enough to buy 2 and mix. When I’m rushed in the mornings, ain’t no one got time for that. If they came out with a shade for me that I didn’t need to mix I would be over the moon. These retail for R110 each.

Ganier New Launches -

Garnier Action Control Thermic 72h range

I’ve been using the roll-on every morning and it keeps me nice and dry the entire day. I don’t suffer with excessive sweating but I like this scent and will continue to repurchase. The deodorant on the other hand is not something I use because I prefer wearing perfume but if one day I start going to gym again I will pop it in my bag. Retail price between R15 and R30. I also received the men’s version of these which have already made it’s way into hubby’s gym bag hence it’s exclusion from the photo.

Ganier New Launches -

Lastly I received these 2 hair dyes which I would love to use. My hair was dyed purple for most of my high school career because it looks mostly black and the plum peeks through in the sunlight. Since I wear scarf now my hair is thinning and I don’t want to add colour to it until I can revive it. I can still dream about the purple and blond ombre balayage tinkling in the sunlight. Si? I might just give in because these are formulated with conditioners and oils that nourish the hair and help against dryness. Perhaps a change is exactly what I need.

Ganier New Launches -

Lastly, I just had to share this with you. Along with the huge box of goodies we received at the launch, we also got given a cute, very heavy, straw bag. Inside was a note from Garnier and everything you need to grow your own plant. I got the herb bush basil which to be completely honest I haven’t planted yet but the gift was super sweet and thoughtful.

Ganier New Launches -

Garnier products can be purchased from Dischem and Clicks stores nationwide or online.