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Get your pucker on – Dry Chapped Lips

Get your pucker on – Dry Chapped Lips

Winter is coming! Yes I’m a die-hard Game of Thrones gal and I just couldn’t resist. Apart from me not being able to feel my hands most mornings due to the chill, I don’t want my lips to feel dry and leathery like dragon scales. With the combination of cold and damp outside with the heat and dryness inside can cause skin issues for many individuals. Winter brings it’s fair share of skin ailments such as dry skin, chapped lips, scaly skin and many forms of irritation and itchiness. If you suffer from dry and dehydrated facial skin, you can read my post here on the products I reach for to combat them. I decided to tackle this post separately because it’s not only for the seasonal change that you need to have baby soft, smooth lips but for all of you matte lippie loving babes out there too. Oh and not forgetting your other half when you’re cozying up for cuddle time beside the fireplace. So if you want supple smackers then keep on reading.

The LUSH Lip Scrubs (R105) have become a staple in my skincare routine. Every second or third morning after I cleanse my face, I grab a pea sized amount, even a little less than that, and start rubbing it in circular motions over my top and bottom lip. The granules exfoliate off all the dry, dead skin cells and remove all traces of flakiness. The stimulation also plumps up the lips slightly for a beautiful pout. Regular sugar or a toothbrush can be used as well but the bubblegum and popcorn variations make it so much more yummy and exciting.


Once I’ve moisturised my face, I apply a lip balm to condition my lips. The two products I most reach for are BioNike’s Proxera Lipogel (R135) and Blistex’s  DCT Daily Conditioning Treatment (R55). The Proxera Lipogel is for dry to very skin and is described as ‘a monophase lipophilic product with a “booster” effect. The special waterless formula is particularly effective in restoring the skin’s hydrolipidic film and in keeping its physiological protective reserves unaltered, reducing the transepidermal water loss’. It feels like a mixture between lotion and vaseline but less greasy. It can be used on the entire body or to treat specific areas. I have a few sample size containers which I received at a BioNike luncheon I attended and it’s tiny so it’s great to throw in my purse. A little goes a long way so it’s lasted me for months. The DCT was recommend to me by a few previous Roaccutane users and it really does work. It contains Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E and Aloe to condition with an SPF20 to protect your lips. It requires constant application throughout the day and I find the tingling sensation from the Camphor and Menthol pleasantly enjoyable. Definitely one of the best remedies for chapped lips from the drugstore.


Now on to a more controversial product in my stash. This has been my saviour for many years now. I had very chapped lips during pregnancy and someone I suggested I use nipple cream instead. Nipple creams are meant to repair cracked and bleeding nipples during breastfeeding and they do wonders for the lips too. I’m a habitual lip biter so cracked, bleeding lips is not uncommon for me. If I’m having a really bad lip day then I apply a dollop of this like a lip mask before bed. In the morning I have perfectly, fresh lips to bite again *lol*. It is quite thick so I don’t use it during the day and layer lipstick over it or else it will slide all over the place. I use the Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Nipple Cream (R90) which is available from Dischem. I’ve tried the Bennett’s and Medela nipple cream variations but they don’t work half as well. If you have really dry lips then this will be a saviour, I promise.


And then lastly if I’m in the mood for some colour, I’ve found the Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stains (R58) to be the most hydrating and comfortable lip balms out there. Way better than the Maybelline Baby Lips although I quite like the Dr Rescue medicated versions. These are very pigmented and because it’s more of a stain than an actual lipstick, it fades leaving colour on the lips. They provide hours of hydration leaving my lips supple for the perfect pout.

dry-lips-04 dry-lips-05

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps some of you and let me know if there’s any products you swear by for dry, chapped lips.