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Halal Nail Polish??? Tuesday in Love & Maya certified by ICSA

Halal Nail Polish??? Tuesday in Love & Maya certified by ICSA

Hiya bellas,

Ramadaan Mubarak to all my Muslim sisters. Wishing you a blessed and peaceful month ahead. Today I wanted to share with you a brand I stumbled upon a few weeks ago called Tuesday in Love. They are the official distributors of the Tuesday in Love and Maya halal nail polish ranges. The first to be certified as halal in SA after undergoing thorough and extensive testing. If you enjoy wearing nail polish but find it difficult to remove and reapply when performing wudhu, then you might want to keep on reading.

There have been many claims about halal nail polish over the years from brands around the world. One such claim coming from beauty giant Inglot which claimed their O2M nail polishes were ‘breathable’. Some people seemed to jump on that bandwagon but being the skeptic that I am, I let it ride on by. There were way too many mixed reviews and varying results from bloggers, customers, scholars and nail techs around the world.

Enter in Tuesday in Love, a Canadian based company and Maya, a US brand that developed the halal nail polish we’re chatting about today.

The Tuesday in Love claim

The product is manufactured based on revolutionary micro-pore technology, allowing water molecules to penetrate through the semi permeable color membrane. Our new Non-Peelable formula is 100% Water Permeable WITHOUT rubbing, and won’t peel off. Our nail polish does not contain any harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), camphorare or alcohol, and is never tested on animals. We are a socially conscious company and we believe that anyone can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. All proceeds donated to helping underprivileged girls all around the world.

When I found out about Tuesday in Love being certified by ICSA (Islamic Council of South Africa), I emailed them to find out more. Mariam Bedford, who heads up the South African distribution, kindly sent me two of their products to test out. One from the Tuesday in Love range and one from Maya. The bottles I was sent are sample sizes (4ml) so they do differ in packaging from the full sized bottles. I did my own testing on the products using the below steps as instructed and I’ll let you know what I found.

Halal Nail Polish??? Tuesday in Love & Maya - Halal Nail Polish??? Tuesday in Love & Maya -

Tuesday in Love Halal Nail Polish – R240 ($15*)

According to the claim above, the NEW NON-PEELABLE formula is permeable. I was sent one with the previous formula which chips easily and peels off like the pink Barbie nail polish I had as a kid. I really like the formula of the nail polish. It’s thin, easy to apply and I get full pigmentation in just 2 coats. I tried the test above using one, two and three coats of halal nail polish and in all instances, the bottom layer of paper towel did not get wet. Conclusion, this was not water permeable/breathable for me and cannot be used when I make wudhu. I rather just peel it off beforehand which takes less than a minute to do.

Halal Nail Polish??? Tuesday in Love & Maya -

However, I saw that they just recently loaded the non-peelable formulas on their website. There are 24 shades available and I purchased Midnight Dance to try out and redo the test.

Halal Nail Polish??? Tuesday in Love & Maya - Halal Nail Polish??? Tuesday in Love & Maya -

The Maya claim

MAYA is the brainchild of a brilliant team of young innovators. We wanted a high-quality, long lasting nail polish that would be safe to use, wudu-friendly, & promote nail health. MAYA was created with this philosophy in mind.

  • Air/water breathability – more oxygen reaches the nail surface resulting in better conditioned & stronger nails.
  • Fast Drying – dries within minutes.
  • Long Lasting – far more durable than water-based breathable nail polish.
  • Minimal Chip.
  • Vibrant colors including glossy top coat and matte top coat resulting in a variety of combinations.
  • Free of commonly-used harmful ingredients such as toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), and camphor.
  • Physician-Approved.
  • PETA-Certified.
  • Free of prohibited alcohol, animal derivatives and animal testing.
  • 100% Halal Certified.
  • 100% USA Made.

Maya Halal Nail Polish – R250 ($14*)

Okay so the instructions on how to use this differ from the Tuesday in Love range above.

Unlike other nail polishes in the market, there is no need to remove MAYA nail polish before making wudhu. You may keep MAYA on for however many days you wish. Simply follow the below directions to ensure your wudhu is preserved:

  1. Apply one layer of MAYA nail polish and/or a layer of MAYA top coat, as you would with any other nail polish.
  2. Let dry.
  3. Each time you perform wudhu, run nails under water and then rub gently for ten seconds.

I tested the Maya nail polish the same way as I did the other one but used a cotton bud to gently swirl around the water on the surface of the nail polish. Even though the cotton bud absorbed most of the water, the second paper towel still became wet beneath it. I tried it few times, using one, two and three coats of nail polish and as you can guess, it seeped through each time. Conclusion, this one is water permeable.

Halal Nail Polish??? Tuesday in Love & Maya -

The only thing I didn’t like about this nail polish was that it was much thicker in consistency. I’m not sure if it wasn’t closed tightly enough but it was gloopy when I applied it. It came out uneven and wasn’t a pretty sight. I ordered the shades Bittersweet, Tamarind and Gold Digger so I’m hoping the formula is better this time around. There are 24 shades available in this collection although the Matte Top Coat hasn’t yet made it’s way to SA.

Halal Nail Polish??? Tuesday in Love & Maya -

They’re having a sale

So as you can see above, the nail polishes usually retail for R240 and R250 respectively. They are currently having a sale with some of the products listed at R100. I’m not sure how long the sale is going to be for so if you want to grab anything, now’s the time to do it. Just one thing that I may ask of you is to enter in ‘belleblushh’ in the notes/comments section of your order so they know you’ve just come from here.

Where to Buy

If you are in South Africa, you can purchase the Tuesday in Love and Maya halal nail polish from the online site here. If you are anywhere else, you can purchase the Tuesday in Love here and the Maya nail polish here.

Before you go!!!

I just want to say something which I think is very important. I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding whether it is permissible or not to wear nail polish at any given time, let alone when making wudhu or performing Salah/Namaz. Always remember that it is your intention that counts. On the flipside, any form of doubt, causes it to already be bad for you. I’m not saying you should go out and buy this and it’s fine to use while performing prayers. I’m just sharing my experience with you and if you decide to get it, I suggest you perform the same tests to decide whether it’s something for you. So far I’ve worn it a couple of times but still remove it before making wudhu. I will test out the new ones I am getting and if I change my mind about these products or use them differently as to how I’ve stated above, I’ll keep you posted.

What are your thoughts on halal nail polish?

Thanks for reading. Hope you have an awesome weekend?

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