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I added more Urban Decay Vice lipsticks to my stash

I added more Urban Decay Vice lipsticks to my stash

If you saw my post on social media a few weeks ago, you’ll know that there was a sale on the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks. For just 3 days (Fri-Sun) they were giving 20% off all purchases in celebration of Valentine’s day. If you read my post here, you’ll know how much I love the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks and planned to add some more to my collection. I logged on immediately just so that I could purchase the bright red Mega Matte in shade 714. “Out of Online Stock”!

Why me????

What a bummer. I went back and forth trying to pick shades and oh what a dilemma that was. I eventually gave up and decided not to purchase it. Then every other blogger started posting about it and I was on the Foschini site at least 10 times. I didn’t want to miss out so Sunday night I finally went for it. To qualify for free shipping I had to spend over R500 so 3 Urban Decay Vice lipsticks were added to cart. Bad Blood, Hitch Hike & 1993. I searched around and found a Foschini discount code that took an additional R50 off my total. It was fate.

Urban Decay Lipstick Swatches - Urban Decay Lipstick Bad Blood Swatches - Urban Decay Lipstick Hitch Hike Swatches - Urban Decay Lipstick 1993 Swatches -

Monday morning I arrived at work to find a press drop from Urban Decay. Inside was another lipstick, Rapture, and the Naked lipgloss in Beso. Shortly thereafter, my order arrived. Valentine’s had come early.

Urban Decay Lipgloss Beso - Urban Decay Lipstick Rapture Swatches - Urban Decay Lipstick Swatches -

I’m glad I took advantage of the special because it worked out to just R167 per lipstick instead of the usual R230. I am in love with all the shades but I’m not a fan of the lipgloss. All Urban Decay Vice lipsticks can be purchased online at Foschini for Beauty or the stores in Sandton and Eastgate. If you’re out of South Africa the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks ($17) can be purchased directly from their website or at

Urban Decay Lipstick Swatches -