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I got The Balm in my palm!

I got The Balm in my palm!

Hey loves,

It’s almost weekend again.

I’m here today to tell you about a brand I have absolutely fallen in love with for not only it’s quality but for it’s quirkiness as well. I present to you *drumroll* The Balm Cosmetics. Heck I know I’m late on the bandwagon and you probably have their products lying in a draw that you purchased years ago but then that also means you know what I’m talking about.


All the products I’m featuring in today’s blog post is now available on the RetailBox website and I wished they had brought it in sooner so I didn’t have to pay all those custom fees. Not complaining too much though because now if I need anything from The Balm I know who’s site to click on.

My first order of The Balm Cosmetics was late last year from Kosmetik4less. I purchased the Cindy-Lou Manizer, Cabana Boy and Big Mama! when I was going through a ‘mostly-blush’ phase and just wanted a few more things to add to my collection. I didn’t really touch the blushes until last month, hence the lateness of this post, but I was like WHOA! The blushes are super pigmented and I just swiped once to achieve the colour in the swatches below. It’s really easy to go overboard with these babies. I must say even though they are very bright it is easy to blend because the powder is so soft. The is quite a bit fallout if you swipe instead of dab on the blush and I find that that’s very wasteful. I must say I prefer more solid blushes, like MAC’s baked Mineralize blushes but how gorgeous is the packaging though.



The Cabana Boy front cover has an ash-brown haired boy leaning down to kiss a blonde babe in a bikini…BOIINNGG! (Sorry couldn’t help myself) whilst serving her a cocktail by the poolside. The Balm explains: “Nothing is more satisfying than being indulged, and this dusty-rose blush will ensure that you have all the boys attending to you. Its subtle shimmer catches the eye while plum undertones provide a glow that is oh-so-natural whether you are pool-side, beach-side or bed-side.” This shade is my favourite of the two because it gives deeper skin tones a better wash of colour and if used correctly it does give the perfect flush.

So initially I was confused by the Big Mama! blush that I purchased. After receiving it I went on to The Balm’s website and I couldn’t find it. Then I thought it was limited edition or discontinued, until I noticed that the Hot Mama! blush had the same image on the front. A long-legged hot mama, maracas in hand, donning a sexy red bikini and heels to match. I won’t lie I bought this mainly for the packaging. After some intensive research, which I can’t seem to find now, I leant that the Big Mama! is just a repackaged version so all was well in the world again. The Big Mama! is a peach/apricot toned blush with a bit of shimmer. In some cases it can be used as a subtle highlighter but I much prefer rather using it on my lids.

The packaging of the blushes are cardboard and since I haven’t had much use out of it, opening and closing it often enough, I can’t say for sure that it won’t start tearing after a while.

Then on to two of my highlighter faves. The Mary-Lou Manizer and Cindy-lou Manizer. For a long while I felt like I was missing out, watching countless videos featuring these babies, and then I took the plunge. I decided to order the Mary-Lou Manizer from Vivadream Cosmetics in California, USA while the Cindy-Lou was still on it’s way from Kosmetik4less in Germany. The lengths South Africans have to go through to get their hands on makeup, YOH. Well let me tell you, it was worth it.

Two of the most gorgeous felons I have ever encountered. Cindy-Lou, the Escaped Con-Tour Artist and Mary-Lou, pretty and popular Luminizer. The image on the exterior of the highlighters are mug shots and the packaging is very sturdy. I have no qualms about tossing this in my handbag and not worrying about it. Cindy-Lou is a peachy-pink highlighter and Mary-Lou is more on the white gold side. They are not too glittery or shimmery but rather have a satin sheen that imbues the glow. Rumour has it that Mary-Lou is similar to Estee Lauder’s Heat Wave but not in my opinion. I’ll be posting swatches of the two on my Instagram page so keep a look out if you’re interested.

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer and Cindy-Lou Manizer

Cindy-Lou Manizer on the left and Mary-Lou Manizer on the right

Just one swipe of this finely-milled powder gives the highlighted areas of the face a pop and it looks just breathtaking on the inner corner of the eyes. There is quite a bit of product in the pan so it’s well worth the spend and it will last you a lifetime.

Now on to my main man, ahem.. MEN!!!

The Balm Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette https://belleblushh.com

This is by far the quirkiest palette I own or have ever come across. I was in search of a nude eyeshadow palette and The Balm’s Nude Dude is everything and more. I wanted to purchase the original Nude Tude, which is of half naked ladies instead of guys but RetailBox only stocks the repackaged version which has a bedroom background instead. The packaging was changed for being too sexist, you can read about it here if you want some more insight but heck, who gets offended by an eyeshadow palette 🙂

The outer packaging has a lady on the front and seems quite normal, but when you open the palette to reveal 12 half naked hunks, you’ll probably giggle as much as I did. It’s just not the same as looking at a picture. With names like Fit, Firm and Fiesty, this palette can make any woman swoon.

The Balm Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette https://belleblushh.com The Balm Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette https://belleblushh.com

I’d like to say it’s just like any other nude palette but it’s not. Yes the formulation of most of them are smooth, creamy, easy to blend, pigmented and long wearing but it’s the actual shades I fell in love with. “Fiesty” (matte) is my go to transition shade for most of my eye makeup looks. There’s just something about the mauve that brings warmth to the look. “Firm” (shimmer) and “Faithful” (shimmer) are great to brighten up the entire lid with “Fearless” (matte) on the browbone to complete the look. I find “Flawless”,“Friendly” and “Fine” to be more powdery and chalky so it’s less pigmented and more difficult to blend but I very seldom use those shades anyway. To be happy with only 9 out of 12 shades sounds not that great but as you can see from the product in the pans, I’ve dipped my brush into their hunky goodness many a times.

The Balm Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette Swatches https://belleblushh.com The Balm Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette Swatches https://belleblushh.com The Balm Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette Swatches https://belleblushh.com The Balm Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette Swatches https://belleblushh.com

As I mentioned all products in this post are now available for purchase on the RetailBox website along with a whole lot more from The Balm. They offer nationwide delivery and shipping is free for orders over R500.

So if anything has caught your eye, head on over to RetailBox and get clicking. HAPPY SHOPPING!

Have you tried any of The Balm products? Which one is your fave?


Nisa xoxox

Belle BluSHH