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It’s finally here! Belle Blushh Glitter Glass Holders

It’s finally here! Belle Blushh Glitter Glass Holders

Hiya bellas,

The time has finally come where I can reveal to you the secret project I was working on. These gorgeous glitter glass holders perfect for any vanity.

Now you’re probably thinking ‘But this isn’t a new thing’ and you’re right. So let me tell you why I chose to produce and sell these here.

I had seen these on Instagram almost two years back and I fell in love. How badly I wanted these to display on my vanity to hold my makeup brushes and gussy up my workspace. Fast forward a year later and everyone began selling them on various Etsy shops. They were insanely priced at $30 each and after factoring customs and shipping, I was looking at paying over R600 for just one item. And so I left it.

Earlier this year, I found someone selling it on Etsy for $13 and I was so elated, I immediately added it to cart. Shipping was only $10 so I didn’t really mind. I waited just over a month for my order to arrive since it was sent with the post office and I didn’t expect much customs. It was R96 which wasn’t too bad but after totalling it all I paid just over R400. If you’re looking at just getting one and you really love the concept, then the price isn’t too unreasonable. If you’re crazy like me, you’d want every single style and every single colour. And so began my search to find it in South Africa but no one was selling them. And so I decided to create them myself.

It took me months to find someone to turn my dream into a reality without costing an arm and a leg. God answered my prayers and the wheels began to turn. I designed the artwork, picked up a couple of resources and we got to work. One month later and I finally get to provide you with top quality workmanship at a fraction at the cost. This endeavour is not to make money but to share this joy with all of my fellow makeup junkies out there. I know it’s something small but I’m so excited that my dream has turned into a reality.

We’ve only produced a limited amount in a few different designs so get your hands on one before they sell out. As a launch special, the first 30 customers will receive free shipping on your order regardless of where you reside in South Africa. Once your order has been paid for, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours to know whether you qualified. We’re also offering free shipping for all orders over R700.

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*Thank you so much to everyone that has assisted in this journey, I could not have done it without you. To everyone that’s reading this, I hope you love them so much you add all of them to your vanity.