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It’s my 2nd Blogiversary!!!

It’s my 2nd Blogiversary!!!

Oh my word! Can you believe it? It almost slipped my mind. Here I was, relaxing with the kids and it hit me like lightning once I realised the date. It has been exactly two years since I started blogging. And what a long way we’ve come.

I remember my first post like it was yesterday. MAC Me Up was about the transformation I had undergone by just wearing makeup. It was the first time I had EVER worn foundation in my life (at the ripe old age of 27) and I decided to review the products I had picked up. Sadly, those two products aren’t ones I use anymore since my skin type has changed but my love for MAC has grown exponentially. I live for the limited edition collections like the ones I reviewed here, here and here. Their concealers and correctors have made a featured appearance here and I’ve even given some awesome holiday collection goodies away here. MAC products have made it on to many a wishlist here, here and here. Just today I added another baby to my collection. I picked up the MAC Select Cover Up Concealer by recommendation from my sister. I’ll be testing it out and regardless of the outcome, I’ll review it for you.

Over the years many a feature has come and gone. A few DIY’s, a few Question Times and a lot of Favourites. The most exciting for me to write are my Wishlists, days and dreams filled with new and amazing products launched on the market. I’ve hosted many Giveaways to share the love with my loyal followers and readers. Here’s to many more to come.

I’ve never really been focused on skincare as I have on cosmetics. It takes months to see results and I love trying new products so it’s very difficult to write reviews unless I am very strict on my regimen. That said, I shared my most tasking journey on Roaccutane here, here and here. It took months to complete but it cleared my skin and changed my life for the better.

In both the skincare and cosmetics departments, well even haircare, I got to try some amazing brands that we might not always be able to get our hands on here. You can see a few of the ones I’ve managed to list in the menu bar but there are loads and loads more I still want to share with you.


It has been an amazing and enthralling journey over the last 2 years and it’s all because of you. Your messages, emails and DM’s keep me going and keep me motivated to do and be the best. It’s been a slow journey, with my learning being a little slower than I’d like. You can see from some of the first pictures taken here, my images and picture taking/editing have grown quite a bit even though they are still not where I want them to be. My blog following, with having less than 10 readers for the first few months to now having over 4000 followers across all social media platforms warms my heart that there are at least a few more people reading my content.

I remember a year ago all I wanted was to reach 10 000 pageviews a month. That was my goal, my milestone, my marker. A year later and I’ve managed to double that thanks to you. It pushes me to keep creating new content and continue writing and reviewing products. It’s an absolute pleasure and joy because I love makeup and can’t think of any way better to spend my free time. I’ve made friends from all over the world and from all backgrounds that share the same passion as I do. Its what has brought us together, brought you here, and will keep us together. The way people have come to trust and put their faith in me makes me want to work even harder.

So thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart because this is for you. I appreciate every single one of you that take your time to read my thoughts, my chatter and sometimes even my word vomit. Recent events have shown me the consequences of that but that’s who I am. I am here to always be honest and open and completely transparent in everything I do. I want to continue to be the ‘naughty’ makeup influencer and the source of all information. It will take a while to get there but I’m happy to be doing it with you.


To say thank you in something other than words, I’ve got another exciting surprise for you. I have planned an EPIC giveaway coming up later this month to celebrate me and everything my blog represents. I’m gonna be sneaky and not giveaway any more information other than that it will be international but it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss.