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Lip Monthly October Subscription Bag Impressions/Review

Lip Monthly October Subscription Bag Impressions/Review

Happy  Monday bellas,

Let me start off by profusely apologizing for this post in advance. I was excited to show you this new subscription service I had stumbled across but recent events have me limited. The Lip Monthly October bag was the first time I had ordered from them. I got it at a steal of only $5 including free international shipping. It is a recurring monthly subscription service that contains 4-5 full sized products in a cute little collectable bag.

I first heard about the Lip Monthly bag chatting to a fellow makeup junkie at the Pro Beauty Expo. She said she had received her first OFRA liquid lipstick in one of the bags and fell in love with the brand. (If you want to win some OFRA goodies don’t forget to enter my giveaway here.) I decided to check it out because most of the brands contained in the bags are not available in South Africa.

I purchased the Lip Monthly October bag and it shipped halfway through the month. It was delivered via USPS i.e. the postal service, which is experiencing delays so I only received my bag mid-November. Because the cost of the order was less than R400, I incurred no customs and it was delivered straight to my door.

It came packaged in this cute, deep red zip bag with gold leaves. These are meant to be seasonal and since it is fall/autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, it is fitting. I received 2 lipsticks from Hikari and Be a Bombshell respectively, a lip gloss from Cargo and a lip liner from a brand called Laritzy. I had not tried any of these brands before so for a total of R73 ($5*), I figured it was well worth it. I’ll give you a run down of each product but wait til you see how much the bag was valued at.

Hikari Lipstick in Romance – $13

This is probably my least favourite item in the bag. The lipstick is creamy and hydrating but it is very sheer. It’s more of a fair toned nude with a shiny finish. It’s not something I’d ever reach for so I’ll probably give it away or sell it.

Lip Monthly October Hikari Romance Lipstick - Lip Monthly October Hikari Romance Swatch -

Be a Bombshell in Charmed – $6

This is not typically the type of colour I would ever reach for. It’s a warm brown but it does have orange undertones when applied. I quite like the shade and have worn it quite a few times since receiving it. It is creamy with a satin finish as well so touch ups are required frequently.

Lip Monthly October - Lip Monthly October Be A Bombshell Charmed Lipstick -

Cargo Essential Lip Gloss in Rio – $16

I’ve wanted to try Cargo products for a while now and whilst I’m not a fan of lip glosses, this one surprised me. The glass-like tube feels very luxe and the colour is very pretty. It’s definitely more of a summer colour and the formula is amazing. It’s quite thin for a lip gloss, glides along easily on the lips, is very opaque and not sticky at all. It also lasts quite a while without any eating or drinking. Definitely one of the better lip gloss formulas that I have tried. I have to admit even better than the ABH lip gloss set I tried here.

Lip Monthly October Carho Rio Gloss - Lip Monthly October - Lip Monthly October Cargo Rio Swatch -

Laritzy Lip Liner in Jewel – $18

I have never heard of this brand before but I think they are Lacrazy with their prices. I mean $18 for a lip liner is even more than the likes of MAC and Kylie Cosmetics. Maybe it’s just me but I love my R30 lip liners from Essence and LA Girl. No doubt the deep plum shade is gorgeous and the creamy formula and intense pigmentation are winning factors. Add that this lip liner is enriched with powerful plant and fruit extracts and waxes to moisturize and protect your lips as well as being made in the USA could hike up the price as well.

Lip Monthly October Laritzy Jewel Lipliner - Lip Monthly October Laritzy Jewel Swatch -


The regular subscription to the Lip Monthly bag is $12.95 per month. You only get discount on your first bag if you use the code LIPLOVER at checkout and qualify for free shipping if you are in the United States.

The bad news

I received this in an email after my Lip Monthly October bag had been shipped.

“Hi Lip Lovers. 

We would like to first thank you for being a subscriber to Lip Monthly! We love sending your bags and curating your products. 

Due to an increase in international shipping rates, we’ll be implementing a monthly charge of $3.99 to international packages. This charge will also allow you to fully track your bag up to its arrival to your home. As usual, your payment is scheduled for the 1st of November. The new charge will be of $16.94 USD. 

Please note that we are currently only accepting new subscribers from the US, Canada, Australia, Spain and GB. If you’re from outside these countries and decide to unsubscribe, you won’t be able to join again. If you continue your subscription, we’ll be sending your bags permanently. 

Thank you so much,

Team Lip Monthly”

Bummer right???

Lip Monthly October Swatches -

Overall Thoughts

I’m still on the fence with this one. I paid $5 for my first bag which was valued at $53. Whilst I think the Lip Monthly October bag was worth it, I’d have to wait and see if I still think so after paying full price. I’ve been charged $16.94 (R264) for two months now, November and December, and I’m yet to receive my Lip Monthly November bag. In some ways I think it’s better to invest that money into lipsticks you’ve been coveting for a while but I like the thrill of not knowing and being surprised each month. I know I will always get my money’s worth and I’ve seen sneak peeks that an OFRA lip liner will be included in the November bag. Fingers crossed!

Lip Monthly October -