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MAC Shadescents Range – Velvet Teddy Perfume & Lipstick

MAC Shadescents Range – Velvet Teddy Perfume & Lipstick

Happy Monday bellas,

I hope you had an amazing weekend. Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently. I’m trying to introduce some new features into my blog posts that will benefit you very much. Just been struggling a bit to get it to work properly so this might be a slightly quieter week as well. However, before I completely desert you, I wanted to share my first fragrance post here on Belle Blushh.

It’s no secret that I’ve hit the big 3-0. Thirty years old and I’ve never purchased a perfume for myself EVER! I’ve always received perfumes and gift sets for my birthday, anniversary or whenever my aunt usually travels. I get around 4-5 bottles a year so I have plenty to choose between. For some reason I’ve never been obsessed with testing and buying different perfumes. That was my mum’s department and something I never took interest in.


MAC Shadescents Velvet Teddy -

When I saw the new MAC Shadescents range, it didn’t even phase me. I first saw it in a few YouTube videos and then all over social media. I didn’t pay any attention to the names or scent descriptions and went about my merry way. One day while browsing in Sandton with friends, we wandered into the MAC store. The MAC Shadescents range was on display, front and centre. They had little glass beakers of different coloured ribbons already sprayed with each scent. I picked up a few and they were, eh, just ok, some even bleh. And then I picked up the nude pink ribbon, sniffed it, and fell in love. I turned over the bottle – Velvet Teddy! Coincidentally also my favourite MAC lipstick shade of all time.

I was so surprised at the scent as I had never smelt anything like it before. For me, perfumes usually smell fresh, floral, earthy or sweet like fruit. The MAC Shadescent in Velvet Teddy smells sweet but reminds me of sitting in an oriental candy store. Sounds weird I know, but I’m weird like that.


The MAC Shadescents packaging is simple yet elegant. It is a stubby, rectangular-shaped, glass bottle propped upon a black base. The colour of the bottle and lid is matched to one of the iconic MAC lipsticks of the same name.

MAC Shadescents Velvet Teddy -

To celebrate and compliment the perfume launch, MAC have released the lipstick shades in limited edition packaging as well. Since Velvet Teddy is my number one nude lipstick of all time and I’m running low on my bullet, I decided to pick this one up as well. I wish all MAC lipstick bullets were so awesomely colour co-ordinated.

MAC Shadescents Velvet Teddy Lipstick -

Perfume Selection

The MAC Shadescents range consists of 6 fragrances. Creme D’Nude (amber musk), Velvet Teddy (oriental amber), Candy Yum Yum (fruity- floral), Lady Danger (woody floriental), Ruby Woo (woody-floral) and Heroine (woody leather).

MAC Shadescents Samples - MAC Shadescents Samples -


The MAC Shadescents range are Eau De Parfum. Not sure if you know the difference but this means it has a 10-20% concentration of aromatic oils. It’s the least diluted next to pure perfume and has stronger scents and longer staying power.

MAC Shadescents Velvet Teddy -

Velvet Teddy Notes

The MAC Shadescents in Velvet Teddy is described as an oriental amber scent with notes of wild honey, creamy musk, bright bergamot, ginger zest, tobacco flower, golden mimosa, vanilla orchid, papyrus root, and tonka bean. It’s very spicy, even overpowering for some, but once it’s settled, it smells heavenly.

Scent application & Longevity

Heat activates perfume so it’s recommended to apply it to the pulse points of your body. These are spots where your heart rate can be felt and the warmth of your blood will enhance the fragrance. Areas on your body include: behind your ear, at the bottom of your throat, on your wrist, inside your elbow, and behind your knee.

MAC Shadescents Velvet Teddy -

I spray on my neck and my wrists and whilst quite strong at first, it wafts away softly. What lingers is a sweet, cinnamon aroma that lasts for about 6-7 hours.

Price & Where to Buy

The MAC shadescents range is available in store and online. The perfumes range for R795 for 50ml and the lipsticks for R240 per bullet. If you enter the code COSMOxMAC at checkout, you will receive complimentary samples of all the scents with your order. I keep my mini Velvet Teddy in my handbag just in case.

MAC Shadescents Samples -

Overall Thoughts

I’ve seen a lot, and I mean a lot of people say they didn’t like any of the fragrances. I can agree because I’ve felt the same way when other bloggers hype up new fragrance launches all the time. This is definitely a range that will appeal to the minority and even so, just like me, you will only be drawn to a specific one. I also think that the price is quite reasonable because you only need a little bit. This is definitely a perfume I will continue to repurchase and if you know of anything similar that might tickle my fancy, let me know in the comments.

MAC Shadescents Velvet Teddy -

Thanks for reading!