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Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix Review – Is it worth the hype?

Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix Review – Is it worth the hype?

Hiya bellas,

So today I wanted to review the Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix spray. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it since my Urban Decay PrepPrimeSet post went up so here’s what I think of it.

Who are Me & Youth?

Previously known as Beauty Fix for many years, the company got rebranded and Me & Youth was born. Reason for the change was that the Radiant Makeup Spray gained so much momentum in South Africa that they received an opportunity to take the brand overseas. Unfortunately, the name was already taken so they relaunched under a new one. Me & Youth is locally produced and a complete cruelty-free brand.

Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix -

Does the Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix really work?

The Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix claims to be an ‘all-rounder’. A primer, refiner and refresher. I’ve seen it on social media, read the amazing reviews but never got around to purchasing it. When they contacted me a few weeks back, I jumped at the opportunity to review the product. I’ve been testing it out thoroughly so let’s see if it really works.


The thing for me with certain priming sprays is that they cannot combat certain issues. For instance, the Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix, like the Smashbox Primer Water, don’t fill in my large pores, cover redness or smooth out the skin like silicon-based primers do. Smaller pores for me is the utmost important issue when priming my skin and creating a flawless base. This kind of priming spray is great for dry and dehydrated skin because it instantly add moisture. If you suffer from breakouts like I do, the rosewater, aloe vera and cucumber extracts soothe the inflammation and itching immediately. I spray the Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix before I apply moisturiser and once it settles in, I go in with a pore refining primer before adding foundation.

Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix -


So I’m assuming this step is referring to the Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix being used as a setting spray. Now I’m a firm believer in makeup setting sprays being like hairspray for the face. It holds everything in place with minimal movement and fading. I’ve tried using the Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix to set my makeup and it performed similar to MAC Fix+. If you apply too much powder or the makeup starts to look cakey or settle in fine lines, spraying this can save the look. It allows the makeup to look more airbrushed and blended. As for the holding part, that’s where it let go. My makeup lasted an average of 4-5 hours whereas using a setting spray from Essence or LA Girl lasted for 7-8 hours and the setting spray from Urban Decay lasted the entire day.

Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix -


So as a refreshing, hydrating spray, the Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix knocks it out of the park. I’ve used sprays like MAC Fix+ and the Woolworths Makeup Finishing Spray which also contains cucumber. However, the blend of ingredients and the light scent of rose, make this one my favourite thus far. It instantly cools the skin and the rosewater helps to contain the constant production of oils. Since the magic comes in a cute 50ml bottle, it’s easy to pop into my bag and spritz away as I need to.

Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix -

Price & Where to Buy

The Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix retails for R250 for 50ml and can be purchased from the Me & Youth website. They offer free shipping for orders within South Africa to your door.

Overall Thoughts

The reason I kept putting off this purchase was the claims and the price. So many people that raved about it were bloggers and makeup artists that the brand sent them for review. I’m a skeptic and at the end of the day, I feel like I’m not just reviewing the items for you, but for myself as a consumer. A 100ml bottle of Fix+ costs R300 whereas the Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix retails at R250 for half the amount of product. After using MAC Fix+ for years and just using this for a couple of months, if you had to ask me which one I’d repurchase, it would definitely be the Me & Youth Quick Makeup Fix. It’s knocked the Smashbox Primer Water out of the ride or die spot as best hydrating mist. Since it doesn’t help all my concerns and the mist is really fine, I’m using it sparingly and it should last me for many months to come.