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Mii Cosmetics has landed in SA

Mii Cosmetics has landed in SA

The first time I saw Mii Cosmetics was at the Beauty Expo in August last year. They had a small stand with a few of their products on display and the gorgeous patterns caught my eye. I was able to swatch a few eyeshadows and highlighters and I immediately fell in love with the texture and pigmentation of it. When I enquired about where to buy the products I was told they were still looking at stockists and companies willing to help bring the brand to SA.

Then in December I was invited to the Mii Cosmetics launch at the Poise Brands offices in Bryanston. Their other clients include Mio Skincare and Juliette Armand. For their launch, they collaborated with Marlize from Kandy Kane Makeup to showcase different makeup looks using the products. The brand was made with makeup artists and skincare experts in mind to be targeted at salons as makeup with skincare benefits.

The Claim

Mii’s inspiration came about by the wants and wishes of beauty spa and salon goers, as well as a team of makeup artist and skincare experts. Combining the finest ingredients, unrivaled expertise and effortless application, Mii offers something for everyone. The skin loving formulas include five different foundations, a 100% pure mineral line and an enticing selection of wearable shades for eyes, lips, cheeks and complexion; all complemented by sixteen tailor-made brushes, each created to bring you the most from the Mii makeup.

After the presentation, we got to ask questions and play around with the rest of the makeup and received a very generous goodie bag on our way home. I’ll share my thoughts with you on the brand as a whole but let me show you what I got.

Mii Cosmetics Celestial Skin Shimmer – R580

This was the product that caught my eye. The pattern is so unique and reminds me of seashells you find at the ocean. The highlighter in Aurora has 6 different shades packed together in a compact. You can use each shade individually as eyeshadows or swirl your brush in to get your glow on. Depending on which shades you lean towards either lightens or darkens the colour that comes across. I swirl my brush equally across the compact for a subtle, peachy glow. The compact is sleek and sturdy, comes with a mirror and in my opinion will suit most skin tones.

Mii Cosmetics Review & Swatches -

The highlighter is also smooth and pigmented and lasts for hours before fading.

Mii Cosmetics Review & Swatches -

Mii Cosmetics Forever Eye Crayon – R360

I received the shade Rose Gold which is a deep copper with a purple tinge to it. The crayon is soft and easy to apply. Just one swipe across the lid delivers full, creamy pigment. It glides on effortlessly without tugging at the skin. It is very long lasting once it dries. It can only be taken off using an oil based makeup remover and does not smudge whatsoever during wear. It comes in 6 different shades that are all very wearable. This is the best eye crayon I have used thus far.

Mii Cosmetics Review & Swatches -

Mii Cosmetics Perfect Finish Brush – R550

I love collecting makeup brushes and I have to say, this one is pretty good. It is soft, fluffy and doesn’t scratch the skin. It’s perfect for any powder and makes the job easy as pie.

Mii Cosmetics Review & Swatches -

Where to Buy

Poise Brands is the exclusive distributor of Mii Cosmetics in South Africa. For more information, a stockist near you or to order directly from Poise Brands, please visit or contact Poise Brands on +27 11 033 0500.

Overall Thoughts

To be honest, I wish I could own all the products I got to try because they were amazing but I have a lot of reservations. Firstly, the face products, such as foundation and concealer shade selection is abysmal. I’m not sure if they only cater for the European market but 5 foundation shades ain’t gonna cut it here. I tried the darkest shade and it was still much too light for me and I’m an NC40 in MAC so I’m not considered ‘dark/deep skinned’ at all. (You can view a full list of my foundation shades here).  Secondly, the price point is crazy. I completely understand that there are skincare benefits and the ingredients are much sought after but now we’re venturing into the Bobbi Brown/Chanel price ranges and they are more well known brands. If I had to spend my own money, I’d purchase the highlighter and eye crayon myself but I feel the brushes and eyeshadows are a bit too pricey even for my liking. Even as a makeup artist, some items are worth the investment and sometimes you just gotta know what’s worth it. Lastly, variety. Sure there are a lot of shades as far as eyeshadows go and a selection of lip products, but they do not have a mattifying foundation or pore minimising primer or any matte lipsticks. Perhaps they’re still on their way but those are some things I look for in my favourite brands.

I also received this branded handbag holder which attaches to most tables like a hook. You can then hang your handbag on it and it doesn’t have to touch the dirty floor. Cute, right? That’s all from Mii!

Mii Cosmetics Review & Swatches -

* Products were given to me for review but all opinions are my own. Thank you so much to Mii Cosmetics for allowing me to try their amazing products. Please check out their Instagram page and give them a follow.