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More Swiitch Beauty in my arsenal plus a bit of a RANT

More Swiitch Beauty in my arsenal plus a bit of a RANT

Hiya bellas,

I’ve had these Swiitch Beauty products in my collection for a while now and thought I’d do a roundup because I still get a lot of questions around them. I’ve also seen some negativity around the brand so I’m going to give you my honest opinion (as always) on why I continue to support them.

So let’s address the elephant in the room. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that Swiitch Beauty purchases the products from China and just slaps their logo on the products and puts their markup on them. One of their recent Instagram posts showed that the product was made in Europe. I’ve personally asked the owner questions regarding this and was given the answer that they have a lab, where they manufacture the products themselves. I’m not taking sides here and pointing fingers but I also cannot ignore the obvious as to why so many people think that the products are mass manufactured. However, this comes back to my values and experience over the years. I’ve bought tops at China Mall for R60 and then seen the exact same top in Edgars for R350. Same material, label and everything. Just the additional Edgars label over the other one. Who’s copying who? I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but it depends on how you look at it.

Because I have used many Swiitch Beauty products over the years, I know they are great quality and very affordable. For me, this takes the guesswork out of shopping from sites like eBay and Ali Express and not knowing what I am getting. Whether they get their products online or manufacture them themselves, I know that what I am purchasing is safe to use and will arrive in the best condition. Those of you who want to open your big mouths about being ripped off by Swiitch Beauty, I dare you to put your money where your mouth is purchase from one of those sites yourself. You cannot guarantee that your product will arrive in one piece or that it will even arrive at all. You cannot guarantee that your palette will be exactly as pictured or as pigmented as you’re used to. I bet you cannot guarantee that your brushes handles won’t fall off when you use it or the bristles won’t shed when you wash it. You cannot guarantee that the product you buy won’t give you an allergic reaction or a skin infection not because of your skin type but because of the crappy ingredients it contains. You have no guarantees whatsoever. If what comes by post is great, that’s by sheer luck and I say so because I’ve purchased from sites like though myself before and had to bin 3 eyeshadow palettes in one go.

I, on the other hand, can promise you that a lot of effort goes into the products at Swiitch Beauty. I’m not saying the brushes won’t shed and I’m not saying you might not have an allergic reaction. I’m saying that it can be addressed. See it the way I see it, if something goes wrong or the product is crap, we have someone to email to sort out the problem because I know people get broken or faulty products from any brand. If we buy from anywhere else, we’re throwing money away if it comes broken and then we have no one to complain to. This happened to me purchasing from Ali Express, so trust me I know. I’ve seen first hand the hard work that goes into promoting the products at Swiitch Beauty, selling the products and trying to make customers happy.

Disclaimer: I consider myself well acquainted with the owner but have not spoken to her in months. I do not receive any form of compensation promoting Swiitch Beauty products but I just feel that this was something that needed to be addressed. I spoke briefly in this post about brands that have dropped me because of my honesty regarding their products. Most beauty bloggers would then refuse to promote those brands or their products and content. I believe that I got where I am today because I don’t let things like that get to me. If I love a product, I’ll share it with you regardless because that’s how I started my blogging journey. Okay, I feel like I’m veering off topic so my last word of advice is to ask first, not immediately assume. Just promise me you’ll at least try to do that.

I’ve tried countless products from Swiitch Beauty, from their brushes, to the Holy Grail Flash case, to their skincare and a number of gadgets. I might not have loved it all, you can read my reviews to see so, but I cannot fault the quality nor affordability of all the items. With that being said, here are my thoughts on the products I want to show you today.

Swiitch Beauty GlowGasm Palette – R450

This palette contains 5 powders and 1 cream shade. The powders are soft and pigmented and the highlight can be built up blindingly. I feel this palette is kind of universal because light skinned babes can use the dark shades as eyeshadow and vice versa for darker beauties or you can mix and match at will. The cream product is mostly just glitter and I do not like it at all. The pans are huge so they will last a lifetime. I would definitely recommend you pick up this palette if you are a highlighter junkie.

Swiitch Beauty Slays For Days Palette – R350

Basically a dupe for the Morphe palettes but better. The warm-toned palette contains both mattes and shimmers. The shadows are long wearing and pigmented and I love playing with it to create an array of different looks. I usually reach for this over and above when I use a palette that doesn’t have any transition shades in it. The oranges and browns work well for my skin tone so I always know it’s gonna look good.

Swiitch Beauty Taupe Notch Palette – R350

Just a different variation of shades. I find I tend to use this palette less frequently except when I want to do a mauve/plum eyeshadow look. The shimmers in this palette are buttery and look great for evening looks just popped in the middle of the lid.

Swiitch Beauty Glo Up Drops

I’m not sure what the price for this was but it looks like it has been discontinued. It was supposed to be a dupe for the Farsali Rose Gold Elixir and it even contains the same gold flecks inside. I used this face oil a few times before I stopped. While it feels great on the skin and does give an extra dewiness, I could not get over the strong citrus smell it emits. It’s so overpowering that I just could not continue to use it.

Swiitch Beauty Metal Gloss Brush Set

I saw a lot of people complaining about these brush sets about the handles breaking off and the bristles shedding. I use about 6 of the brushes often and so far mine are all fine after washing it multiple times. The handles are sturdy, the bristles are super soft and they are so gorgeous I want to include them in all my Insta pics. It’s definitely not a must have set but it ticks all the boxes of what I would include for any beginner.

I saw that Swiitch Beauty has launched an array of new products and will be launching more over the next few months. Does it surprise you that I want to try them all?

Let me know in the comments if you’re a Swiitch Beauty lover or if I’m the one being delusional. Don’t worry it takes a lot to offend me so tell it like it is. Thanks for stopping by!

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