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Morphe Rose Gold Brushes & New LiveGlam Kiss Me Lipstick Subscription

Morphe Rose Gold Brushes & New LiveGlam Kiss Me Lipstick Subscription

Hiya bellas,

So over the last few months, I’ve been loving the brushes I’ve been receiving from the Morphe Me LiveGlam subscription. If you want to see my previous posts you can check them out here and here. Last month I decided to go ahead and join their fairly new Kiss Me Club subscription. It’s the same price as the Morphe Me subscription, but for $19.99 you receive 3 new liquid lipsticks every month. Sounds amazing right? Well, it is and it isn’t for different reasons. I’ll tell you why but first let me show you the brushes I received.

LiveGlam Morphe Me April Subscription

April’s brushes were the first I tried from the Morphe Rose Gold collection. They sent us 3 brushes and the theme was achieving the Coachella look. It consisted of the following:

Morphe Rose Gold Brushes & New LiveGlam Kiss Me Lipstick Subscription

R10 Deluxe Tapered Powder – $15

I’ve been using this brush to apply bronzer and contour and I absolutely love it. The tapered edge allows for a precise line while still being soft enough to blend out any harsh edges. It must be a favourite because it’s been sold out on the Morphe website for a while now.

R8 Pro Flat Contour – $12

I don’t know what it is about brands making contour brushes that are this dense. It doesn’t blend well and moves my foundation the minute I swipe it across my face. Maybe I’m not using it right but it’s the same issue I had with this contour brush here.

R40 Deluxe Pointed Blender – $6

Because you can never have enough blending brushes right? This one is perfect for applying a crease shade or blending out your transition. The head is slightly larger than the MAC 217 but the tapered bristles allow for precise work.

LiveGlam Morphe Me May Subscription

The actual May subscription consisted of brushes from the Gunmetal range which I wasn’t really digging. I opted to trade for the Morphe Me September 2016 set which was also from the Rose Gold collection. The theme for that month was “Goal Digger”.

Morphe Rose Gold Brushes & New LiveGlam Kiss Me Lipstick Subscription

R5 Pro Pointed Contour – $14

I haven’t been using this brush much since I already rotate between the R10 I mentioned above and the SwiitchBeauty Contour brush. It can also be used to swipe off any bakage or set the undereyes but I’ve been using this brush here. It’s a nice to have if you haven’t already found a favourite but it’s so pretty I’m glad I have it.

R37 Pointed Blender – $6 & R38 Round Blender – $6

Again more blending brushes. I can’t get enough of them so no comment.

R41 Pencil Crease – $5

I’ve been searching for a good pencil brush since forever. At one stage I gave up because the expensive MAC ones I decided to try were also sold out. I’ve been using angled eyebrow brushes to apply shadow below my eyes and it’s been working fairly fine. Now that I’ve finally experienced the difference using a pencil brush, there’s no going back.

I decided to pause my Morphe Me June subscription because I didn’t dig the month’s brushes nor was I excited for any of the trade in options. I’ll see what’s in store for next month before I decide to continue with it again.

LiveGlam Kiss Me Club Subscription

So now my thoughts on these gorgeous goodies. I’ve actually been asked by quite a few people already whether this subscription is actually worth it. In my opinion, it factors down to each individual and what their needs are. I’ll give you the pros and cons and you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth it.

Morphe Rose Gold Brushes & New LiveGlam Kiss Me Lipstick Subscription


Affordable. That’s one of the most important aspects for some people. You get 3 liquid lipsticks for just $19.99 which is about the price of an ABH or Huda liquid lipstick.
Great Quality. These liquid lipsticks blew me away. They are not cakey and well pigmented. They are super long-lasting and dry pretty fast. You do need to exfoliate if you have dry lips though.
Shade Selection. Each month you get three new shades and they make sure to never send you the same thing twice. They specify matte liquid lipsticks but they also threw in one with a metallic finish this month. The colours range from bright to bold and everything in between.
Packaging. All the liquid lipsticks are full size and come in a beautifully accented rose gold tube. Even when they ship they come in a cute red satin drawstring bag.
Scent. Just like most other brands these days, the KissMe liquid lipsticks have a sweet yummy scent that isn’t too overpowering.
Options. Don’t like this months picks? Just like the MorpheMe subscription you can either trade or pause your subscription with the option to cancel at anytime.


Brand. The KissMe liquid lipsticks are fairly new to the party and not many people have heard of them. Competitor ColourPop also has lippies for $6 a pop and everyone raves about those. In my opinion these mattes are better formula-wise.
Variety. If you are starting out with your liquid lipstick collection and only like mattes then you’ll love this. If you prefer having choice over your selected shade and finish then you might find this restrictive.

As you can see, the pros of these outweigh the cons. However, for me personally, I like trying different brands, shades, finishes and formulas in search of the perfect one. Since I’ve managed to get my hands on these babies, I’m going to decide on a month to month basis whether I’d like to receive the shades or not. They usually post a preview of the coming month’s picks around the 24th giving you enough time to decide before it ships out.

These were the picks for May and if you use my referral code below you get the shade Bestie free in your first bag.

Morphe Rose Gold Brushes & New LiveGlam Kiss Me Lipstick Subscription

If you are interested in any of these subscriptions, I’d appreciate it if you could use my referral links. For the MorpheMe subscription, I earn points and you get a free brush if you click here. And for the KissMe club you get a free lipstick if you sign up here.

Do you think the Liveglam subscriptions are worth it?

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