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NYX Week – Eyeshadow, Bases, Lips & NYX Gloss

NYX Week – Eyeshadow, Bases, Lips & NYX Gloss

Today I’m bringing you a mixed bag of my NYX eye and lip products. Most of the lippies have been sitting unused in a drawer only ever been swatched. The eye products on the other hand, are so amazing because they have multiple uses to make any eye look pop. Here let me show you.


NYX Eyeshadow Base in White – R110 ($7*)

This has been my go to product when creating fun character and animal looks for the kids. From butterflies and lions to Captain America, this holds up better than any face paint I’ve ever used. It’s creamy, long lasting and dries completely matte, serving as the perfect base for anything placed on to it. I’m already halfway through my second pot and with my son’s birthday fast approaching, I might need to pick up another one.


NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk & Black Bean – R90 ($4.50*)

I absolutely love using these as eyeshadow bases whenever I don’t use neutral colours on the lid. They transform and deepen the shades and really make the pigment pop. I much prefer this than wetting my brush as it also holds the shadows for longer without creasing. The crayon makes application fuss free with no mess.


You can see in the swatches below just how intense the shades look when used over them.


NYX Hot Singles Eyeshadow – R99 ($4.50*)

After seeing these used in a YouTube tutorial, I decided to pick them up. The shadows are very pigmented and pick up well with a brush. They’re one swipe wonders and glam up any look. I use Gold Lust on the lid and Innocent on my brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

 NYX Eyeshadow - NYX Eyeshadow -

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss – R99 ($5*)

The shades Beige and Perfect were part of the free gift set. Beige is a baby pink shade so I’m not sure how they chose the name. The best thing about this NYX gloss is the scent of bubblegum. Other than that, it’s your typical, sticky gloss with not a lot of pigment.

NYX Gloss

NYX Pump it Up Lip Plumper – R99 ($5.50*)

I haven’t seen these in Clicks stores and they’re sold out online. I have Kim and Pamela and I’d really love to get some darker shades. I got these as part of the free gift set I mentioned here. The injection image on the front is pretty cool and it really does work. “Maxi-Lip is a special peptide that we have infused into our new and improved formula. Peptides are known to improve collagen synthesis which can lead to firmer fuller smoother looking lips.” It stings a bit when applied but nothing too uncomfortable, sort of like when you apply Vicks or Zambuk. Doesn’t have much pigment and not too sticky.

NYX Round Lip Gloss – R55 ($2*)

This NYX gloss has a strong citrus scent. Also your typical lip gloss formula so not my cup of tea. Ballerina Pink is a pretty shade but a bit too light for me.


NYX Xtreme Shine Lip Cream – R99 ($6*)

This, along with the butter glosses, were my go to formulas when I was on Roaccutane. Extreme dryness meant I needed lip products that would mask the flaking. Hybrid between a lipstick and a lip gloss, this formula is well pigmented and much longer lasting than any other gloss formula. Also has a delicious, sweet candy scent.

nyx-xtreme-shine-lip-cream nyx-xtreme-shine-lip-cream-swatches

NYX Butter Gloss – R110 ($5*)

A favourite amongst beauty bloggers and YouTubers alike. The lighter shades I received in the free gift set and because I liked this NYX gloss formula so much, I picked up more. These have medium coverage but are not as sticky as other glosses. They have a yummy cake batter scent but unfortunately don’t taste as good.

NYX Butter Gloss - nyx-butter-gloss-swatches

Overall thoughts

The NYX eye products I own are all hits for me. I did struggle with their eyeshadow palettes and brow products previously but I’ve since sent them on to better homes. The lip glosses are hit and miss for me depending on type and shade but I’d only recommend getting the Xtreme Shine or Butter glosses if you want to try them out.

NYX products are available at selected Clicks stores or on their website. If you are outside of South Africa, you can buy NYX products directly from their website here.

What are your favourite NYX eye and lip products?