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Oh Holy it’s Tonymoly – Sheet Mask, Hand Cream & Panda Eye Review

Oh Holy it’s Tonymoly – Sheet Mask, Hand Cream & Panda Eye Review

Please excuse the corny title. I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted to say Holy Moly but then I craved for those little chocolate covered rings of awesomeness I had growing up (80’s babies you know what I’m talking about). Back on topic though, Korean skincare is still a big trend right now. From the pig nose blackhead remover to the egg white soaps for pores, there are some quirky products these brands have come up with. One of those brands is Tonymoly.


Tonymoly is a South Korean cosmetics brand established in 2006. They have stores around the world and have become a renowned name in the beauty world. I always thought the name was spelt as separate words with a space in the middle but in fact it’s just one word. The name Tonymoly means “putting style into packaging”.

The Claim

Everyone is beautiful. We deeply believe that. It is what drives what we do. Tonymoly is a leading global cosmetic brand with a mission to inspire and help you discover your inner beauty and confidence. We are all about youthful lifestyles resulting in healthy and joyful beauty that shines through renewed skin and radiant glow. We are committed to improving and perfecting the skin through tireless research and ethical skin care principles.

Tonymoly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick – R180 ($12*)

I was so intrigued by this product just because of it’s packaging. The cute little panda stick sits at the front of my makeup storage because it just looks so darn cute. I like that it has a flat base to stand upright unlike some other eye creams I’ve used in the past that annoyingly topple over. I’m not really invested in applying eye cream everyday because I’m lazy, even though I know prevention is  better than cure. I have really dry undereyes and recently the lack of sleep is making them puffy.

Tonymoly Sheet Mask, Hand Cream & Panda Eye Review -

The Panda’s Dream Eye Stick is a stiff gel, similar to The Body Shop Eyes Cube, but blue instead of pink. It has a very subtle, fresh scent and feels cool and refreshing when applied. It apparently helps for dark circles and has anti-ageing properties which I have yet to see. What is does do is depuff the eyes, making them look less tired and giving lots of hydration. I use it before I prime my face, then apply concealer and bake or set my undereyes. It applies easily in a few swipes and absorbs into the skin quickly. The Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick prevents the concealer from creasing and the powder from looking dry and cakey and settling in the fines lines. This is one I’d definitely recommend.

Tonymoly Sheet Mask, Hand Cream & Panda Eye Review -

Tonymoly Pureness 100 Collagen Sheet Mask – R80 ($2*)

As with any sheet mask, this instructs to apply to a dry face after cleansing and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Said to restore ‘elasticity’ to the skin, this mask comes in bright purple packaging. Because it is so slim, sheet masks are very travel friendly and great pick me ups for on the go. The sheet mask is well saturated with fluid and cut perfectly to size. After using it my skin felt soft and supple and looked full of moisture. The radiance and glow only lasted about a day after that at which point I started looking greasy again. Luckily it did not break me out and whilst I think it would do a great job for drier skin types, I’ll be trying out other variants more suited to my skin concerns.

Tonymoly Sheet Mask, Hand Cream & Panda Eye Review -

Tonymoly Peach Hand Cream – R140 ($12*)

This is my favourite hand cream to use. It is thick and nourishing without leaving behind a greasy feeling. It smells like a million sweet peaches without being too strong and overbearing. I’m sure there’s a million other hand creams that can do the exact same job, perhaps even better, but none of them can beat the smell. It lingers for hours after application and keeps my hands looking supple and firm. It also looks exactly like a peach so how cool is that?

Tonymoly Sheet Mask, Hand Cream & Panda Eye Review - Tonymoly Sheet Mask, Hand Cream & Panda Eye Review -

Where to Buy

I purchased and received all my Tonymoly products from Muse.SA. You can purchase these and many more Tonymoly products from the Muse Beauty website. If you are out of South Africa (*), you can purchase items directly from the Tonymoly website here. They do not ship internationally but you can use a freight forwarding service such as Aramex Global Shopper.

Overall Thoughts

I’m impressed with the Tonymoly products I have used and will definitely be purchasing more to try out. Korean skincare is a plethora of brands and products so I’m glad I got my foot in the door and now I have loads on my wishlist to try.