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Paris Travel Wishlist – Follow your heart

Paris Travel Wishlist – Follow your heart

The city of love? The city of light? Does it really matter when it’s that pretty?

I thought I’d share more about myself today and tell you a little story. Maybe you’ll even learn a lesson along the way.

I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled quite a few places in my lifetime but have never been to Europe. If you check the widget I added in the sidebar, it’s been mostly to the Middle and Far East. However, since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamt about going to Paris. I don’t know if it was because of my love for Disney movies i.e. Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Aristocats, Ratatouille but it always captivated me.

Then alongside that, comes my love for architecture. When I was younger, I couldn’t draw portraits to save my life. Instead, I designed houses, buildings and other structures that would come to mind. When applying to varsity, I wanted to study architecture. I was told by so many people that it was a dying business and I wouldn’t earn a good salary. Then I applied for Civil Engineering with the hopes of specialising in town planning later down the line. I hated it. Hated the subjects I was doing, hated the lectures, the style of learning. My varsity days were spent sitting on the grass and eating Chip n Dip and Mini Melts. I eventually left because I was so fed up. I then got married, got a job at a bank, ended up in IT and the rest is history.

If I look at the industry today, some of the greatest architects are from South Africa. There is also a huge demand for non-white female architects which means the ones that there are, are being paid top dollar. I’ve considered going back but I cannot commit with having two kids. Both financially and with the little time I do have. Also, I think over the years my passion has dwindled. I now have different interests and hobbies even though it is something I regret not completing.

I guess this post is aimed at those of you who are young enough to still follow your dreams. Those of you who don’t have family and financial commitments. Those of you who feel depressed when you’re not doing what you love. It’s not fun going to a job which you have no passion for. In fact, it’s quite exhausting and depressing. This is me, after experiencing it first hand, telling you to go for it. Follow your dreams. Follow your passions. Follow your heart. Don’t listen to the negativity and discouragement. Because at the end of the day, it’s not how much you earn and it’s not about who you please. It’s about being happy and content with yourself, excited for the day ahead doing what you love. Once you have that in your heart and mind, you can conquer anything.

There’s something dreamy about Paris, about the lifestyle you always see in movies. I’m sure there is the hustle and bustle but the overall perception I get is just relaxed. I want to escape to a different world sometimes and this is probably the number one destination on my bucket list. Nothing would excite me more than to explore the hundreds of museums, palaces and basilica that Paris has to offer. I compiled a slideshow of the top places I’d love to visit when I’m in Paris. All the titles are clickable and will take you to the landmark’s website. Let me know if you’ve ever been to any of them in the comments below.


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