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{RANT} Glamglow #GlitterMask – Not just a pretty face

{RANT} Glamglow #GlitterMask – Not just a pretty face

Hiya bellas,

I thought I’d drop in here today and talk about some more Glamglow products. Now, this is where some of you are like ‘Yayyy I’ve been waiting for a review to know if it’s worth it to purchase’ and the others are out here like ‘Oh gosh not another glowing PR review of a product she got sent’. I’m sure you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. Let me explain.

A week ago, social media influencer Aqeelah from Fashion Breed posted about whether or not she should even be considered a blogger if she hasn’t tried Glamglow products before.

Glamglow #GlitterMask -

I didn’t find her comment to be rude, silly, weird, sarcastic or trying to throw shade at other bloggers. She even commented afterwards…

Glamglow #GlitterMask -

My thoughts were ‘I’m sure you’d like the brand if you find something suited to your skin”. I’m sure many bloggers are yet to try the brand so it was nothing out of the ordinary. I do also think Glamglow is missing out on what Aqeelah has to offer. What did make me chuckle though, were the comments beneath it. In one word, SALTY. I sat reading the comments and was so amused because it brought to light a lot of the points I mentioned in this post.

It seems Glamglow is one of those brands that have found sending PR packages are far more fruitful and beneficial than other forms of advertising. It’s the way of successful brands in today’s time and anyone not doing it is living in the stone ages. I agree with this form of marketing because most of my purchases are based on reviews I’ve read or videos I’ve watched rather than advertisements I’ve seen. But the perception I got reading the comments, is that no one trusts bloggers that get PR from Glamglow. Heck, I even felt some of those comments were directed at me.

I’m not one to get offended easily. Hell, I’m not sure if I ever get offended at all. I’m what they would call dikvel (thick-skinned). But I’m also not one to not speak my mind. I enjoy addressing issues that other people hate talking about because the more people understand, the less negativity there is. And we all know the world needs less of that.

I started receiving PR from Glamglow earlier this year. Twice to be exact. And in that time, I’ve purchased (with my own money) products four times. If you’re a long time follower of my blog, or even if you are not, you’ll find my first Glamglow review here. More than two years ago. And then a more recent post featuring Glamglow products and hosting a giveaway all of which I purchased with my own money. To say I was a proud #Glambassador before they even reached out to me would be an understatement.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand your concerns. I see your point of view. I also wonder why certain bloggers get ‘chosen’ to be sent products when they themselves have never forked out a cent for the brand. It’s based only on their influence and following. But that’s their job, to promote things they love that brands send them.

What I find funny though, and slightly annoying, are those bloggers who throw shade at products they’ve never even tried. I will put my head on the block that those same salty bloggers would give an unnervingly positive review if they ever got sent a press drop from Glamglow. Or any other brand for that matter. I’m so over people bashing brands that they’ve never even tried. I take my hat off and applaud those who have enough cahoonas to test something and say ‘I don’t like it’ or ‘I wouldn’t recommend this’. I respect those that say nothing to keep the peace or if they feel intimidated. But those who chirp just to be part of the conversation, that’s just arrogant.

If you’re a blogger that has never tried Glamglow, says it’s crap and overhyped because of the reviews you’ve read, then why bother blogging if you’re going to let other people dictate your thoughts. Rather, say nothing or try the product yourself. If you’re not a blogger, then read lots of reviews, make your decision on whether or not you want to purchase something because I don’t want you to waste money. You know who’s opinion you trust. But never say something is sh#t unless you’ve tried it or there is a 98% consensus on a product, which is a story for another day. Ok, rant over. Let’s get into this review.


Glamglow #GlitterMask -

Hahaha you know I don’t roll like that.


The Glamglow #Glittermask is housed in a standard silver jar whilst the original GravityMud treatment is housed in a purple jar. It comes with a small applicator brush, similar to a flat foundation brush, which works well to apply the product to the skin without much wastage.

Glamglow #GlitterMask -


The Glamglow #Glittermask is a variation of the Gravitymud formula. They’ve previously released the limited edition Sonic and Power Rangers collections in different shades. The Glamglow #Glittermask is a transparent black gel suspending the glitter and stars within it. The glitter is cosmetic grade so it will not cut, tear or damage the skin. In fact, you don’t actually feel any of the particles as you apply it. The glitter has no medical or skincare benefits, it’s just there for aesthetics.

Glamglow #GlitterMask -

Does it Work?

So since I’ve been a long time acne-sufferer, my go-to Glamglow mask has been the Supermud treatment which is charcoal based to decongest pores. Now that my breakouts have cleared and my oil production is under control, I found myself reaching more and more for the #Glittermask and Gravitymud instead. The Licorice and Marshmallow extract, along with a few other ingredients, tighten the skin and presents a more youthful appearance. I notice the effects immediately when peeling the mask off and my skin looks extremely smoother. So yes, it definitely does work.

Glamglow #Glittermask or Original Gravitymud?

One of the previous things I mentioned about the Gravitymud is that I use a lot more product to get it to peel off the skin. I find with the Glamglow #Glittermask, I end up using less product because the thinner gel dries down better and is still able to peel off in one go. Plus I look and feel like a rockstar when I wear it so I would choose the #Glittermask again.

Glamglow #GlitterMask -

Price & Where to Buy

The Glamglow #Glittermask retails for R860 (yay for 1% VAT increase) and is available from the following retailers, both online and in store.

If you are out of South Africa, you can purchase Glamglow products directly from their website (15% off your first purchase when you sign up for their newsletter) or from Sephora online.

Glamglow has also just recently released the My Little Pony collection which is again, the Gravitymud with glitter in 3 different shades. Right now I’m leaning towards purchasing the pink one but it is so hard to decide.

Thanks for reading and let me know in comments whether you agree with me or think I’m overreacting about the blogger issue.

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