Shop FAQ’s

How do I place an order?

Once you checkout from the store and you selected EFT as the payment option, your order will be placed on hold and you will be sent an email containing bank details. You will have 24 hours in which to make payment or the product will be released back in to the shop. Once proof of payment is received, your order will be processed.

Where do you ship to?

At the moment all prices are quoted in Rands and can be shipped within South Africa. If you would like to have it shipped elsewhere, please contact me as the rates will differ.

How much do you charge for shipping?

There are 3 shipping variations.
Local delivery (R50) for customers in and around the central Johannesburg area, this excludes areas such as Soweto, Lenasia and Pretoria.
Main centres (R70) for customers who stay within main city centres such as Durban, Cape Town and George. If you feel you live within a main centre and it is not calculating correctly, just pop me an email at so I can enquire for you.
Outlying areas (R90) for customers who reside in neither of the above locations.

When will my order be shipped?

If we have the item in stock, we will ship it out within 3-4 days. If the item is out of stock please allow 7-10 working days for the product to be made up and shipped to you. You will receive your order within 48 hours from shipment for main centres and 96 hours for outlying areas.

What are my payment options?

You can pay via credit card using the PayFast option or do an EFT. If you’re making a cash deposit, please add an extra R30 to account for bank fees. Internet banking does not incur additional charges.

Are your makeup products original?

All products I purchase are checked for authenticity. I am against the buying, selling and redistributing of fake makeup products. Please read the posts here, here and here to familiarize yourself with my opinion on the matter.

Cosmetic products featured in the blog sale have been used unless otherwise stated. I will indicate use and estimate of product remaining within the description of the product. All item’s have been well looked after and are in excellent condition. I have tried to capture the product use as best I can in the photo’s but please request if you need more. Also all products have been sanitized and disinfected using Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist. I am not looking to make profits off this sale, just to recoup some of the money I have spent on it.

All these products were purchased with my own money and they are 100% authentic. Some of the sources include MAC online, MAC counters, Sephora, Too Faced, Tarte, Urban Decay, RetailBox and the authorised makeup sellers I listed here. No samples or PR products will be included in the sale.

How do I change or cancel an order?

You can change or cancel your order at any time before payment has been made. Once payment is done I will not be issuing any refunds or exchanges.

What if my order arrives broken?

We do our best to package items well, but if your glitter holder is received damaged, please send a picture of the damage goods (with in 3 days) and we will replace the item for free.

I will do my utmost to ensure your package is secure and bubble-wrapped before it is sent off. In the unfortunate event that something makeup related does arrive broken, please email me immediately with pictures of the broken item and I will contact the courier to claim from their insurance. This can take between 6-8 weeks to process so in the meantime sit tight and follow these tutorials here.

Any orders placed will assume you have read this information and agree to all the terms as stipulated.

If you have any further questions or concerns you can email me at or Whatsapp me on 072 900 0549.