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SwiitchBeauty #Bubbleblush palette review

SwiitchBeauty #Bubbleblush palette review

Hiya bellas,

I’m sure by now you’ve seen that SwiitchBeauty has released their new #Belleblushh, I mean #Bubbleblush palette. I received it before the launch and I’ve been playing around with it to test it out. If you want to know my thoughts on it, please keep reading.

So before we properly get into this review, I just want to let you know a few things. Over the last few years, I’ve haven’t exactly been a fan of cream products. And I mean cream anything, foundation, contour, highlight, blush. You name it. If it was a cream product, you’d probably see me running in the other direction. Reason being, I sucked at it. Completely. Anytime I tried to apply a cream product to my face, it would result in me messing it up. I think the first cream product I bought was the Yardley Radiant Glo. I messed it up so many times as a highlighter, I ended up mixing it in my foundation instead.

Then I bought the Benefit Watt’s Up and Girl Meets Pearl highlighters. I preferred the Girl Meets Pearl because it was thinner in consistency and I could blend it out using my fingers. Over the years, as my technique has improved, I’ve become more accustomed to using cream products. I decided to review this blush palette for you because since dipping into it, I know what my likes and dislikes are about it.


The #Bubbleblush palette is really unique in that it opens from the middle. The white cardboard palette is really sturdy and while it may be light for travel, I wouldn’t risk packing the large palette in a suitcase. 

SwiitchBeauty #Bubbleblush -

At the back of the palette contains some information and the ingredients regarding the #Bubbleblush palette.

SwiitchBeauty #Bubbleblush -

The left inside of the palette contains vague instructions on how to use the palette.

SwiitchBeauty #Bubbleblush -

On the right-hand side is a large mirror which I think is a great addition to the palette.

SwiitchBeauty #Bubbleblush -


There are 6 shades in the #Bubbleblush palette ranging from browns to pinks, to nudes. The pans are huge but since there is no indication of the exact amount of product, I can’t compare it to other cream blushes currently on the market. I alternate between the shades on my cheeks, eyes and lips but I always use Bronze Goddess as a cheek and jaw contour with Brown Sugar as a nose contour shade.

SwiitchBeauty #Bubbleblush -


The consistency of the #Bubbleblush lives up to its claims. It’s soft, creamy and buildable. I did struggle a bit with blending when I left the product to sit for a bit and it dragged the foundation underneath it. Once applied to the skin, the product lasted the entire day and still looked good even with my foundation nearing its breaking point.

SwiitchBeauty #Bubbleblush -

How to Use

As I mentioned, the #Bubbleblush comes with vague instructions on how to use the product. I’ve seen a lot of people struggle by dabbing it on the skin with their fingers and trying to blend it out. I find it’s best to apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks by lightly dipping the Beauty Blender directly into the pan and applying it from there. That way you can reach for more to build it up and it creates less mess. For the eyes, I apply the cream using a fluffy Essence eyeshadow brush and blending it out. I reach for a more dense brush from Essence to create contour strokes on my nose and cheeks before pressing it into the skin with the Beauty Blender.

Price and Where to Buy

The #Bubbleblush palette will retail for R450 and can be purchased from the SwiitchBeauty website. Whilst I do think this is quite steep, I think back to my Glowgasm palette and realise it’s an investment for the amount of product you’re getting. If you want to get the palette, it’s on sale until the end of the month for R350. I would take advantage of that since you still need to pay for shipping. Click here for my SwiitchBeauty Discount code (or subscribe if you don’t have the password yet).

Overall Thoughts

Whilst I was hesitant using this product, I enjoyed playing around with it and trying new makeup looks. I find the #Bubbleblush palette creates a more seamless and natural look without any effort at all. This look was created using all the shades in the palette and I really love the way it turned out.

SwiitchBeauty #Bubbleblush - SwiitchBeauty #Bubbleblush - SwiitchBeauty #Bubbleblush -

I used Flush on my entire lid with Pink Dew to deepen the crease. Thereafter, I used Bronze Goddess to contour my cheeks and Brown Sugar to contour my nose. I used Sunset Blur on the cheeks and Havana on the lips. Whilst I don’t think this is a palette I’ll be reaching for every day, I see myself using some of the shades as blush quite often.

Will you be picking up the #Bubbleblush palette?

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