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The Hayaa Box Subscription Box for the Modest Woman

The Hayaa Box Subscription Box for the Modest Woman

The Hayaa Box is another recently launched subscription service in South Africa, but this one is aimed at women looking to grow their scarf collection and use the exclusive accessories to incorporate it into their style.

The Hayaa (Arabic word for modest) Box is the dreamchild of Jowhara Mahomed Ismail who realized the frustration woman face when searching for scarves to wear everyday and for special occasions. The box is purchased on a month to month basis and will contain a scarf, matching accessories like a headband and scarf pins, as well 1-2 makeup, skincare or lifestyle products/samples to try out. I purchased the July Box (their first one) and I received the following:

The Hayaa Box July Subscription Box - https://belleblushh.com

  • A beige cotton scarf
  • A patterned head band
  • A scarf pin
  • A sample of Vintage Beauty Cream
  • A sample of Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara

The scarf is quite large (I roughly measured about 1.5m x 1.8m) so it can be used it a variety of different styles from a turban to being simply wrapped around the head and neck. The cotton material is very soft and comfortable and drapes beautifully. It can slip off depending on the style so the scarf pin can come in handy. I prefer safety pins though so I haven’t worn this one yet. I’ll perhaps pull it out for an occasion as an accessory.

The head band is a standard size and I don’t usually wear one, but when I did, this one started making my ears ache a bit. It’s not just this one though, it happens with every other headband I own. I guess it’s just not for me.

I’ve been meaning to try the cold cream from Vintage Beauty for a while now and when I tried it, I regretted not purchasing it sooner. The first night I applied it to my face like a moisturizer before bed and my face looked slightly oily and felt quite greasy but when I woke up my skin had drunk everything up and I had a plumpness and radiance like never before. I then applied it to the areas where I have eczema and the itching stopped immediately. I then used it as body and face cream for both my kids and their skin has never looked better. I apply a tiny bit every morning on my forehead and under eyes so I don’t flake during the day. The jar is almost empty and I want to purchase more but I’m waiting for their sale coming up soon. The sample sized jar (30ml) retails for R55.

The Hayaa Box July Subscription Box - https://belleblushh.com

Lastly, I have already tried the Benefit They’re Real Mascara and it’s not really my favourite since I need quite a bit of curling for my lashes. If I was anyone else though I’d be thrilled to receive one in my box since the sample size contained here retails for R145.

Overall I’m glad I subscribed to The Hayaa Box because I’m wearing the scarf and headband today and it pairs perfectly with almost everything I have in my cupboard. Another thing I like is the fact that they list what the next monthly box will contain down to the colour of the scarf. So if they have a red scarf coming up and you know it’s not your colour, you can choose not to purchase it instead of wasting money on something you won’t wear.

The Hayaa Box July Subscription Box - https://belleblushh.com

The August Box is currently available for purchase and contains a black scarf for the month. Since I have way too many black scarves already I won’t be purchasing the August Box but I’ll keep on checking until there is something that catches my eye.

The Hayaa Box retails for R249 and includes delivery to your door. It usually takes about a week to be delivered and there is a limited number available. You can purchase it directly from their website here.

What do you think about this subscription box? Would you purchase it too?