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The Body Shop Matte Clay Foundation is great for acne-prone skin

The Body Shop Matte Clay Foundation is great for acne-prone skin

Happy Monday bellas,

A few weeks ago I did a mini review of The Body Shop Matte Clay Foundation over on my Instagram. Since returning to work this year, I find myself wanting to do my makeup more often. One of the main reasons is due to the foundation. I’ve been doing my makeup at least four times a week which is a big leap from the once a week I was doing last year. I thought I’d pop on here today and just give some more info since I’ve been receiving so many questions (and compliments) regarding my base.

The Body Shop Matte Clay Foundation – R150

There are three significant reasons why I love this foundation so much. Firstly, it’s not only a perfect match for my skin colour but also an exact match to my undertone. Over the years I have tried hundreds of foundations. It sounds like a lot but that’s including the samples I get at beauty counters as well as the mini pots I purchased from Camera Ready Cosmetics. Some are either too light or too dark. Those that match well are either too pink and possibly ashy or it’s way too yellow/orange and I end up looking like an Oompa Loompa.

Even though I have an olive skin tone, my undertone is more peach. This brings me to the border of neutral and warm. Since I wear a scarf every day, I can get away with making most foundations work for me. There’s no having to worry about whether it matches my neck or ears. And nope, I’ve never tried to pass for African or Caucasian for those of you who are wondering. Having a neutral undertone has proved very difficult in finding a foundation that is a 100%. However, since discovering this foundation, I can make up certain sections of my face that are bothering me without it looking strange.

The Body Shop Matte Clay Foundation - https://belleblushh.com

Secondly, the finish of the foundation is truly as matte as it claims. I’ve tried everything from the drugstore L’Oreal Infallible to the expensive AF Estee Lauder Double Wear. While I do still love my other matte foundations, The Body Shop one just inches out at the top. Usually by lunchtime, even if I’m indoors, I’m a greasy mess. I get oily around my nose but the worst is on top of and below my lips. Not sure why but let me tell you it’s not pretty. I tend to either blot or powder if I can or reach for a tissue when I’m in dire need. With The Body Shop foundation, I’ve stopped powdering completely unless I wear undereye concealer. Some of the shine does still peek through later in the day but I can leave it and still feel comfortable about not looking like a hot mess.

Coverage of the foundation is medium-buildable but definitely not full even with two layers. It’s very natural and covers some of my imperfections and dark circles. For the days that I want full coverage or more glam, I go in with my concealer first over the blemishes and under my eyes. I then apply the foundation over my entire face and it dries completely matte so I don’t need to powder. It’s lightweight so I don’t even notice it on my skin.

Thirdly, and probably the best part about this foundation, is that it fights acne. Yes, you read that right. When I bought this foundation for the first time, I already knew it contained tea tree oil. I’ve used tea tree products from The Body Shop before but it hasn’t impressed me as much as this. The first few weeks of using this foundation, I used a pore-minimising primer underneath it. I honestly believe you should never wear foundation without applying primer first. Until now. I wondered how the tea tree would help my skin if I was applying a barrier beneath it. Over the last week, I’ve been using a primer on my nose just to minimise the pores and going in straight with the foundation over the rest of my face. My skin has been breaking out less, I’m not getting any new pimples and my skin is able to breathe regardless of the number of hours I have the foundation on for.

The main downside to this foundation is the shade range. Consisting of a meagre 10 shades, there isn’t going to be a shade for at least 70% of South Africans. I wear the second darkest shade and I’m only an NC42/43. I don’t think any brand, especially an international one, has any excuse not to produce more shades for women of colour. It’s pathetic and indefensible. It’s a problem across all the foundation ranges in The Body Shop, not just this one.

Then, what I thought was a con, was actually just me being silly. I assumed that because the tube was so small, I’d run out of it super fast. Only recently did I find out it contains the standard 30ml of product and even after using it every day, it still feels quite full. I purchased 3 tubes already so I guess I have enough foundation to last a couple years right?

And then the most annoying thing for me about the foundation is the actual tube. I know it’s great when you want to squeeze out the last amount of product or snip off the top to get just one more face done. It has proved to be a b*tch, especially in this heat. I don’t know what pressure things happen to this tube because I never struggled like this with the L’Oreal foundations. It snakes out and makes a mess all over the place. Now I have to remember to knock it on the counter upside down (whilst silently praying) before opening it every morning. Anyone know where I can find empty glass foundation bottles with a pump?

Overall Thoughts

This foundation is definitely my new holy grail because it works absolute wonders for me. I’ve heard countless times from both my hubby and my dad about how the makeup I wear is giving me acne. Each time I have to defend and say ‘but the dermatologist said it was ok’, ‘I wash it off’, etc. Now I can confidently say ‘the makeup is making my skin better’. At the price point of only R150, it’s also an inexpensive option that allows me to wear my favourite foundation every single day.

Thanks for stopping by bellas. Wishing you a great week ahead.

Have you tried acne fighting foundation before? What’s your holy grail foundation?

Shop The Body Shop Matte Clay Foundation

The Body Shop Matte Clay Foundation

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