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The Original Beauty Blender – To DUPE or not to DUPE? Storing it and cleaning it!

The Original Beauty Blender – To DUPE or not to DUPE? Storing it and cleaning it!

Hiya loves,

So today we’re chatting about a very grey area in the beauty community. Why use a beauty sponge? Does it need to be an original beauty blender? Do cheaper ones work the same? Why is it so expensive? What are your options?

I’m here to give you my honest opinion on the matter. You might not like it but I’ve tried enough ‘dupes’ to compare. First and foremost, there is no exact dupe for the original Beauty Blender. Full Stop. Period. End of story. Anyone that tells you otherwise either doesn’t know what a dupe is or they have never tried the original Beauty Blender. Here’s my story as well as a recommendation of how to get your hands on them at the end.

I bought my first original Beauty Blender from 27Pinkx in April 2015. They had stock of the Double Beauty Blender and cleanser set for R630. If you consider the similar price range of the items in the pack, you can practically say I paid R210 for each item. I also received free shipping because my order was over R500. Great deal or what? The minute I received my parcel I checked that it was the original Beauty Blender. You can use this Google search and check the posts like I did. Always make sure you have purchased an original Beauty Blender or else it won’t feel the same. One of the Beauty Blenders I used for myself and the other one I used on clients.

I noticed the more I washed it, the quicker it would lose it’s bright colour and start to crack. Sometimes I would press too hard while washing it but I hated seeing stains on it. I also watched a crazy scary video of a woman who had bugs living in her Beauty Blender because she didn’t store it properly. UGH! Then I read that Beauty Blenders need to be replaced every 3 months so I decided to buy another one. After that I felt it was becoming just too expensive so I washed my Beauty Blender very carefully and hoped it didn’t start to fall apart. Needless to say, it was stained beyond measure but I continued to use it.

Beauty Blender Pro on the Go Black Tie Kit -

What ‘dupes’ are there?

Over the last two years, I’ve tried finding a dupe for the original Beauty Blender. Dupe in the makeup world usually means the same shade and finish. In this case, the same texture, application and result. Here’s a list of some of the brands whose beauty sponges I have tried.

Real Techniques
Morphe Brushes
Swiitch Beauty
Cala (Dischem)
UBU (Clicks)
QVS (Woolworths)

I’ve listed them in terms of best to worst. That could mean anything from the way it applies to the hardness of the sponge. Regardless, none of them come close to the original Beauty Blender. The Beauty Blender is in a league of it’s own. Sure it has it’s cons like sucking up product and tearing a few months down the line but it is UNTOUCHABLE. Whenever I need to get rid of streaks or build up coverage, then the Beauty Blender is the way to go. I have had instances where the Beauty Blender pulls off foundation on my nose if it sets too quickly. I’ve learnt how to work with it and when best it works for me. Sometimes I still use a brush to mix up the finish and coverage I’m going for but it’s the number one go to for blending out concealer under my eyes. Don’t forget you need to dampen your beauty sponge before you use it. Here’s a full pictorial and how to by Pink Peonies.

If you prefer a mini sponge for concealer, then the Swiitch Beauty one works really well too. As you can see it swells up almost as much as the original.

Beauty Blender Pro on the Go Black Tie Kit -

How I store my beauty sponges

Since beauty sponges are meant to be used wet, once you’re done with them you need to store them correctly. They need air to dry properly because damp can in turn cause mold. I picked up this plastic egg tray holder from Mr P Home for just R30. I leave my beauty sponges to air dry for a few hours then clip it closed to store it away. This way it also doesn’t collect dust out in the open.

Beauty Blender Pro on the Go Black Tie Kit -

How I got my Beauty Blender spotless and free of stains

Somebody shared in a Facebook group how she cleans her Beauty Blender and I decided to try it out. As I mentioned I used the original Beauty Blender cleanser liquid and it still didn’t clean it 100%. Then I tried baby shampoo, dishwashing liquid, microwaving it for 2 minutes, my BLVD cleansers, Dove soap, etc. You name it, I’ve tried it. So it didn’t hurt to try one more. She mentioned she uses Bioscrub cleanser which is the stuff they use in hospitals at all the wash basins. It’s available at Dischem for just R70 for a 500ml bottle. To say it has changed my life is an understatement.

Beauty Blender Pro on the Go Black Tie Kit -

I’ve begun washing my Beauty Blender every single day. Because I suffer with occasional breakouts, I thought why touch my face with a dirty beauty sponge. The Bioscrub is so quick and easy to use. I pour about a teaspoon on my Beauty Blender and massage it through with my fingers under running water. Because it doesn’t leave residue and works immediately, you don’t need to be wasting water. For tougher stains, you can leave it to soak overnight but the results are the same. A clean, stain-free, Beauty Blender.

But the price of it is crazy!

Now I know what you’re thinking. What does it help when the damn thing is so darn expensive? To be honest. I say make the investment, you won’t regret it. Don’t follow the 3 month rule though. I’ve been keeping my Beauty Blenders for up to a year and if you look after them, they’ll last. To really score on saving big bucks, then wait for specials and sets that get released throughout the year. Let me show you.

Beauty Blender Pro on the Go Black Tie Kit -

Beauty Blender Pro on the Go Black Tie Kit

The set retails for $40 and was initially exclusive to Macy’s. I picked this set up from Camera Ready Cosmetics in December because everywhere else was sold out. You get $64 worth of products without having to purchase the standard double sets 0f the blotterazzi and mini sponges. That’s a bargain. I also picked up a few sample foundations so my order came to $53. They also offer great rates on international shipping so I only paid around $5. Since it was around the holiday period, I did wait about a month for my order to arrive. Even though my order converted to around R840, I didn’t have to pay any customs. Shocking I know but I ain’t complaining. I’m still testing out the Blotterazzi and haven’t opened the solid cleanser yet but I think this set is great value for money. Trust me, it’s worth the investment.

Beauty Blender Pro on the Go Black Tie Kit - Beauty Blender Pro on the Go Black Tie Kit - Beauty Blender Pro on the Go Black Tie Kit -

Have you tried the original Beauty Blender yet? What’s your favourite beauty sponge/tool to use?

If you have questions, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment down below. Thanks for reading!