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Transform your skin in 10 minutes with the affordable L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Range

Transform your skin in 10 minutes with the affordable L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask Range

I’m a mask fanatic. I’m sure you can already tell by these posts here and here. So when a mask claims to transform your skin in 10 minutes, you know I’m going to put it to the test. The L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask range contains three different masks to target specific skin concerns.

L’Oreal says:

“Introducing the first ever face masks from L’Oréal Paris. Each contains a powerful blend of three pure clays and its own unique natural ingredient to unmask your most beautiful skin. Find your perfect Clay Mask or multi-mask your way to the ultimate bespoke skincare routine.”


The L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask is housed in a square glass jar with rounded edges. I prefer this as it makes storage quite easy. The lids are plastic with the L’Oreal logo strewn across the top. I’m not sure why the lids are two different shades (white and green) even though all the sides are like a sea green hue. The mouth of the jar is nice and wide so getting the product out is quite easy. It’s also great for when you’re almost done and trying to get the last little bit out.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask Review - L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask Review -


All the masks in the L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask range are built on the same base of ingredients.

Ghassoul – a mineral clay from Morocco to clarify the complexion
Kaolin – to gently absorb impurities and excess oil
Montmorillonite – to purify and re-balance the skin

Thereafter different amounts and additional ingredients are mixed together to target specific skin concerns.

Detox and Brighten

The L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask contains rice starch and charcoal powder to detoxify and illuminate the skin. As you know, charcoal acts like a magnet to clean out pores and draw-out and capture deep impurities (such as dirt, oil, and pollution). This detox mask was the least impressive because while my skin did look a bit brighter, it did nothing to tackle the blackheads and left my skin feeling a bit tight. It is a smooth consistency and dries down quite quickly. Whilst I do think this mask is not completely useless, I do prefer this charcoal mask instead.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask Review -

Purify and Mattify

The L’Oreal Pure Clay Purity Mask contains eucalyptus to transport you to a soothing and refreshing spa-experience. The mask removes shine and reduces oil production for a healthier and less greasy appearance. I use this mask on my t-zone twice a week and it has helped minimise the appearance of pores. I also use it before an event to keep my skin matte for longer. This one also has a smooth texture and only a single layer is required for the maximum effect.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask Review -

Exfoliate and Refine

The L’Oreal Pure Clay Glow Mask contains Red Algae Extract to exfoliate dead skin cells and smooth surface imperfections. It has a slightly grainier texture to deep clean and unclog pores whilst polishing the skin to minimise them as well. Once washed off, a brighter, clearer, more radiant complexion is revealed. I’ve used this mask the most thus far and it is my favourite from the range.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask Review -


If you have combination skin like I do, multi-masking is the best solution. I have a dry forehead, oily nose and chin and am pretty normal in the cheek area. I use the mask required for each specific area so I don’t unnecessarily dry out or moisturise any part of my face that doesn’t need it. The over-stimulation is usually the cause of bumps and breakouts. Rather take a few minutes to see exactly what your skin needs and take it from there. Here’s a guide to show you how multi-masking works and you can adapt it to suit your needs.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask Review -

Price and Where to Buy

I purchased these masks at Dischem while they were having a 3 for 2 special. Each mask retails for R150 for 50ml and is available from Clicks and Dischem, in store and online. If you are out of South Africa, you can purchase the L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask directly from the L’Oreal website or your nearest drugstore.

Overall Thoughts

These masks are great value for money and some of the best I’ve tried from the drugstore. I do prefer the glow and purity masks the most and those I will repurchase. The jar stipulates you can get around 10 applications which if you compare it to a sheet mask that retails between R40-R50, it works out much cheaper and in my opinion performs better than some of them. If you multi-mask it will last you even longer.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask Review -