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Vera Mona Color Switch Duo

Vera Mona Color Switch Duo

If you love trying out different eyeshadow colours and are confident enough to strut bold shades but have to use 10 different eyeshadow brushes to achieve your look, then be prepared to be smitten.


The Vera Mona Color Switch is one of the best makeup inventions I have come across. It was designed for makeup artists that need to switch between colours effortlessly and efficiently. If you only have a few brushes or tend to use the same brush multiple times, like for blending, the Color Switch removes the pigment from the brush so it does not mix with the next colour you pick up.


The Colour Switch is basically a sponge in a tin. All you need to do is rub the brush that you want to remove pigment from in back and forth or circular motions on the sponge and that’s it.



You can see when the brush looks clear from residue and you’re ready to pick up the next colour. For instance, if you pick up black and then want to use white and don’t remove the pigment properly, you are going to be left with a greyish/off-white shade instead. I tried it using it on the darkest black eyeshadow I own (Noir from the Sleek palette) and I had to rub multiple times before I got the colour completely out. You can see on the right there is still a slight bit of shadow still transferred from the brush. So then I decided to keep a few brushes just for black eyeshadow application but I find it works great with every other shade.




The Color Switch Duo comes with an extra sponge in the centre. The sponge needs to be soaked in water so that when you pick up the eyeshadow, it is way more pigmented and vibrant. This can also be cleaned on the larger sponge before you pick up your next wet shade.






I love applying layers of eyeshadow to add dimension and I love certain brushes because of their softness and fluffiness so the Color Switch Duo has become an essential tool in my everyday makeup application. The Colour Switch does not clean the brush so you would still need to sanitize the brushes using a brush spray or cleaner. I clean the Colour Switch Duo weekly with my other makeup brushes and it’s super easy because each part is loose and can be washed separately. I use just a little bit of baby shampoo and squish it between my fingers to work out all the residue.




I purchased the Vera Mona Color Switch Duo from Muse.SA for R280 ($24) but you can easily make your own DIY Brush Cleaner for a fraction of that price. Stipple sponges are sold for R30 (#3) and you can basically use any container you like. Here’s a tutorial by DorotaMUA on how to make your own Color Switch dupe.

Until next time bellas…


Belle BluSHH <3

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