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Why YOU need the MorpheMe brush club subscription and how to get free brushes

Why YOU need the MorpheMe brush club subscription and how to get free brushes

Because firstly, you can never have enough brushes right?

I think I’ve racked up over 100 makeup brushes in the last two years. High end MAC, Sigma and Bobbi Brown. Drugstore Real Techniques, Revlon and Cala. eBay dupes Jessup and Zoeva. Unicorn brushes and no name brands. No one NEEDS that many but I believe the tools help with the trade. Have you seen the no brush makeup challenge on YouTube? Whilst Nikki and Manny can slay using only their fingers, I’d be a hot mess if I ever tried. Thus my pursuit to find brushes that get the job done and in some cases make it even easier. Cos who doesn’t want to slay everyday!

I mentioned in this post that I was cancelling my Lip Monthly subscription box because it just was not worth the money. Whilst searching for a new one, I stumbled across the LiveGlam MorpheMe Brush Club subscription. For just $19.99 each month, you receive brushes to the value of over $30. About a year ago, I purchased some Morphe brushes from a third party seller and paid over R150 for each of them. As expensive as it was, when people asked which Morphe brushes I wanted to sell, I just could not part with any of them. I didn’t want to spend too much money either so this seemed like a win win situation.

How does it work?

The way the MorpheMe subscription works is that they have a specific set of brushes for each month. You can view the brushes about 10 days before they ship. They include anywhere between 3-9 brushes depending on the type but it will always exceed $30. I love how flexible they are with regards to their subscription. If you see that you either don’t like, don’t want or already have the brushes in the set, you have a few options. You can skip the next month which means you don’t get charged. You can opt to trade the brushes for previous months brushes which you might have missed. Or if you’re out of cash and want to take a break, you can pause the subscription until you’re ready again. I have a recurring appointment in my calender on the 24th of each month to check whether I want to keep, trade or skip the next month. They also offer amazing rewards which you can find below.

How much does it cost? How long does it take? Do I have to pay customs?

As I mentioned, the subscription costs $19.99 for the brushes and they offer international shipping. On their F.A.Q. page they list the international shipping rate as $5 but I’ve confirmed with other people and it charges us a $7 flat rate. Still not bad considering the value of goods you’re getting. So I subscribed in December and it got shipped via UPS and straight to our post office. Big mistake. I only received my brushes towards the end of January when the February brushes were ready to ship out. Last minute I changed to using an Aramex address and qualified for free shipping for the MorpheMe brushes.

The February brushes shipped out on the 31st Jan and got delivered to my door in under two weeks. The March brushes have shipped, are already in Johannesburg and should be on my doorstep early next week. Because I bank with FNB, I also get a discounted rate on my shipping charges with Aramex. I pay around R120 instead of the usual R195 charge. That works out to around $9 for shipping and I get it much faster than if it came through the post. Also, because each of the orders are below R400, I haven’t been charged any customs yet. I know they say there is a yearly limit on imported goods but I haven’t been penalised on that yet.

What rewards are you talking about?

For each month you are subscribed to the MorpheMe brush subscription, you receive 100 points for each shipment sent out. Since I have paid for 3 months, I have 300 points. With these points you can swap them for other brushes or some amazing makeup. Just some of the items are Tarte blushes and mascara, Morphe palettes and Tartiest lip paints. The lowest items are around 200 points so I could swap them now if I wanted to. They also have a Give a Brush, Get a Brush reward where if you sign up using this link, you get a free brush of your choice during checkout. By using this link I also receive extra points so I can choose a brush too.

Okay so now that I have explained to you how everything works, let me show you the brushes I’ve already received.

MorpheMe December 2016

This was the set that caught my eye and made me want to subscribe. I signed up and only then read the fine print. If you sign up after the 23rd of the month, you will receive the next months brushes. I signed up on the 25th of December so I was going to miss out. I quickly logged on to live chat with one of the MorpheMe consultants to enquire what I was receiving. He advised that it would be the January brushes and I begged him to check how I could get the December brushes I wanted. He said it was no problem, he’d manually order it for me but I’d be charged double for that month. I said no problem and it was shipped along with the January brushes. Here’s what I received.

MorpheMe LiveGlam Brush Club Subscription Dec 2016 -

M502 Round Blender ($6) – This natural hair brush has long, slender bristles and a slightly tapered tip for easily blending crease colors and transition shades!
M560 Detail Crease ($3) – Use this synthetic pointed brush to add sharp drama along your crease or smudging out liner on your bottom lashline.
M512 Round Contour ($9) – This short, natural hair domed brush has dense bristles to place color and carve out the cheekbones to create a defined contour.
M562 Tiny Crease Blender ($4) – This mini synthetic blending brush is perfect for adding depth to your crease, under eye, or highlight.
M515 Detail Crease Liner ($4) – This pointed, natural brush has a firm shape to define and add depth around the eyes, perfect for detailed lines and cut crease looks.
M516 Angle Blender ($4) – This natural hair angled brush has a flat top and firm shape to carve out the crease or contour the nose while diffusing the edge.

MorpheMe LiveGlam Brush Club Subscription Dec 2016 -

So the total value of the MorpheMe brush collection for December was $30. I was super pleased with this one because I’ve been using each and every brush whenever I do my makeup and it helps so much with blending and layering colours in the crease.

MorpheMe January 2017

MorpheMe LiveGlam Brush Club Subscription Jan 2017 -

MB1 Deluxe Powder ($11) – This soft, domed fluffy brush is the perfect tool for a light dusting of finishing powder.
MB4 Angle Blush Contour ($10) – A large, angled brush to buff in blush and bronzer and create soft contours for a more natural look.
MB9 Foundation ($5) – This flat, dense synthetic foundation paint brush lays down creams and liquids for full, evenly applied coverage.
MB10 Concealer ($3) – Synthetic flat detail brush that lets you pat down concealer on the tiniest areas, blurring imperfections and blending seamlessly.
MB19 Oval Lip ($2) – Flat, synthetic, slender lip brush has longer bristles and a defined tip to softly trace the curves of the lips.

MorpheMe LiveGlam Brush Club Subscription Jan 2017 -

The powder brush is the largest I’ve ever seen. It towers over the huge RT brush so it’s a beast. It’s super fluffy so I love using it to bronze up the face and blend everything together. Apart from the powder brush, the others are okay but nothing amazing. Total value of the MorpheMe brush collection for January = $31

MorpheMe (February 2017) March 2016

So the February brushes were from the gunmetal collection and didn’t really float my boat. I traded them in for the March 2016 brushes of which I already had the M501 and M438. Instead of skipping the month, I decided to order it so I could gift them to a friend whom I knew would love them.

MorpheMe LiveGlam Brush Club Subscription -

M501 Pro Pointed Blender ($8) – Natural brush blends makeup into the corners of the face, providing a perfect complexion.
M527 Deluxe Pointed Powder ($16) – Natural brush with the perfect density to apply powder products with wonderful coverage.
M438 Pointed Contour ($10) – Natural brush with a tapered tip for a precise contour application.

MorpheMe LiveGlam Brush Club Subscription -

This month’s subscription was valued at $34. I enquired from a third party seller for the price of the M27 on it’s own and they told me R350. So for less than the price of one brush bought here I instead received three.

In my opinion this is one of the best subscription boxes I’ve ever tried. Sure it’s only brushes but the excitement hasn’t wavered since I’ve subscribed. I enjoy getting a great deal, getting quality products and still having the choice to opt out. There’s a reason there’s a waiting list and I’m glad I got in. I can’t wait to receive my March brushes. Eeeep!

As I said if you want to sign up and receive a free brush, please use my link here. You don’t have to but I’d really appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by!