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Why you should get this Hijabi subscription box

Why you should get this Hijabi subscription box

So as you know I love trying out new subscription boxes. They are almost always worth the price and it’s like getting a gift. Sure you’re the one paying for it but you still feel anticipation and get a surprise when opening it. Enter The Scarf Box. Another new subscription service that launched it’s first box in August. I had just recently signed up for another box for the modest women which I reviewed here, but couldn’t resist and jumped on this bandwagon too.

Boy am I glad I did. Let me list the differences between the boxes for you first. The Scarf Box only contained 4 items whereas the other subscription box I ordered had 5 items. The Scarf Box had only items relating to the hijab whereas the other subscription box had makeup and skincare samples included. The Scarf Box is R230 once off and the other subscription box is R250 once off. In essence, if you take all those statements into consideration, it seems that the other subscription box is more value for money. I agree but let me tell you why I prefer The Scarf Box.

The Scarf Box Subscription Box - https://belleblushh.com


The Scarf Box contained a neutral jersey style scarf which can be paired with a numerous amount of colours. The material is very soft and luxurious and you can tell it’s great quality. It is one of those ‘no need for pins’ types scarves that do not slip while wearing it. I purchased one like this on special for R180 a year ago and its inclusion in this box had already paid for itself as far as I was concerned.

The Scarf Box Subscription Box - https://belleblushh.com


The second item included in The Scarf Box was a black, velvet turban. Now the turban has a very strange style to it. It has folds similar to pleats that join in the middle to form a rouged front. It looks great with your hair hanging loose around your shoulders like in the picture below.


For someone like me that covers my hair though, it doesn’t really work. It creates a hump on top of my head that looks completely out of place. The turban is quite comfortable to wear and I don’t have that painful squashing around my ears. The thing I like about it the most is the fact that it tapers into a triangle shape on the forehead which makes my face appear longer and slimmer.

The Scarf Box Subscription Box - https://belleblushh.com The Scarf Box Subscription Box - https://belleblushh.com

I own a few neck-pieces in different colours that fit like a tight burka til the shoulders. I initially bought them in order to start wearing turban-styles more often. This works perfectly with those because now I don’t have to spend time wrapping an actual scarf into a turban style.


Lastly I received two straight scarf pins to complement the scarf. One with a black bead and white pearl and another one with a gold bead and cream pearl. As I mentioned before, I don’t really use straight pins that often so these will just be sitting in the draw until a function comes around.

The Scarf Box Subscription Box - https://belleblushh.com

Overall I am absolutely stoked with my purchase purely because of the quality of items I received. I have been wearing the scarf non-stop because it’s easy to throw on with no hassles.

The Scarf Box Subscription Box - https://belleblushh.com

I’ve also placed my order for the limited edition Spring Box currently on offer. It’s on special for R350 and you get trio of pastels scarves perfect for the springtime. Each scarf is sold individually for R200 so it’s definitely worth it. So looking forward to receiving it.

The Scarf Box Subscription Box - https://belleblushh.com

To check out more on The Scarf Box or order one of their subscription boxes, you can check out their account on Instagram here.